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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 99
July 31, 2013
Bootstrap 3 RC1 Released The first release candidate for a significant new version of the popular front-end framework. Elsewhere, Antonin Januska looks at some of the best new features.
Intel and HTML5 Developers Launch the 'HTML5 Hub'
A community project being driven by numerous HTML5 developers and Intel as a place for articles and ideas relating to HTML5. There's not a lot there so far but we'll be linking to the best articles found there over time.
Creating a 3D Game with Three.js and WebGL Nikhil Suresh presents a practical introduction to creating a 3D scene in the browser using WebGL through the popular Three.js library. He then adds some simple bat and ball gameplay.
Build New Games
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Your mobile website shouldn't look like an 8th grade HTML5 project.
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How Developers Can Contribute to The HTML5 Specification Ian Devlin explains how you can get involved in contributing to the next version of the HTML specification which outlines HTML 5.1.
Working with Shadow DOM An introduction to Shadow DOM, one of the four key building blocks that make up Web Components, a set of specs for working with encapsulating widgets for interfaces on Web pages. This section in Modern Web Observer explains the relationship between the Web Components specs, if you're not yet familiar with them.
requestAnimationFrame for Better Performance HTML5′s requestAnimationFrame API gives the browser control over how many frames it renders in a more consistent fashion than leaning on setTimeout.
Jon Raasch
How to Create a CSS Cube A post which provides just the basic detail needed to create a CSS cube.
David Walsh
How You Can Draw Regular Polygons with the HTML5 Canvas API
John Robinson
Firefox DevTools (@FirefoxDevTools) on Twitter If you're interested in what the Firefox DevTools have to offer, consider following their new, official Twitter account.
Mozilla / Twitter
On Mobile, Data URIs are 6x Slower than Source Linking (New Research)
Working with CSS Preprocessors in Chrome DevTools
Google Developers Documentation
Setting Subheads with CSS
Start Testing With First Implementation of IETF HTTP/2.0 Draft
MS Open Tech
Optimizing the Critical Rendering Path for Instant Mobile Websites Users expect a fast and optimized experience regardless of whether they’re on a mobile or desktop browser. In a 40 minute talk at O’Reilly Velocity, Google’s Ilya Grigorik dove into the technical design and optimization criteria to meet this expectation.
Ilya Grigorik
code and tools
Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview for Windows 7 Released IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7 now gives a large audience a chance to try out the next generation Web browser. The in-browser ‘developer tools’ have had a rehaul too and in Debugging and Tuning Web Sites and Apps with F12 Developer Tools you can get a feel for how to use them.
Microsoft Framework for Building Realtime Single Page HTML5 Apps Lets you build realtime HTML5 apps using websockets to deliver 'hot' data to the browser. This enables you to easily construct rich, highly responsive user interfaces.
Introducing Minion: An Automated Security Testing Platform from Mozilla A highly extensible platform developed by the Security Automation team at Mozilla to enable integration and adoption of automated security testing.
Mozilla Security Blog
formFive: HTML5 Form Support for Legacy Browsers
Etienne Talbot Frictionless Browser Package Management A browser module loader that will load any module format (ES6 / AMD / CJS) locally or even directly from NPM and Github utilising SPDY push.
Koala: GUI App for Less, Sass, Compass and CoffeeScript Compilation Supports Windows, Linux and OS X.
Fresh Tilled Soil Video Conference: WebRTC Demo with Embed + jQuery Plug-in A WebRTC demo that allows you to specify a 'channel' name and video chat with someone else. It also supports embedding and there's a jQuery plugin if you want to use it on your own site.
Fresh Tilled Soil
Transit: Smooth CSS Transitions and Transformations for jQuery
Script Collider: JS & CSS Minifier That Simplifies The Merging and Minifying Process
Chrome Web Store
play-audio: Lightweight Wrapper For HTML5 Audio API
Front-end Web Developer at TBG (Full-time and Freelance) (Baltimore, MD) The Berndt Group needs skilled Front-end Web Developers to join our team, one of the oldest, most respected web firms in the country. We are looking for those who are on top of shifting trends in the industry, and can work well with team members and clients.
Software Engineer - Product at Coursera Coursera is looking for JavaScript/HTML5 experts to build high quality web applications that bring online courses to our students. As part of our small and agile team of software engineers, you will be responsible for architecting and implementing the front-end designs, and working with other members on the team to integrate the the application into our platform.
The Bifter: An HTML5, CSS3, and SVG Powered Comic
An SVG-based comic by Jonathan Ingram that uses HTML5, CSS3 and RDFa while remaining screen-reader friendly. This is quite impressive stuff and it'd be great to see other comics follow suit.
SVGeneration: A Showcase of SVG-based Background Patterns
last but not least..
Build Bootstrap 3 Apps Visually with Divshot Prototype your front end with our drag-and-drop interface using Bootstrap 3 (or 2.3.2, or Foundation, or Ratchet) that exports to clean, production-quality HTML/CSS/JS. Try it for free or use the code HTML5WEEKLY for 10% off any plan.
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