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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 98
July 24, 2013
WebGL2: New, Experimental WebGL Implementation Built on OpenGL ES 3.0 Mozilla is introducing the idea of an officially specified WebGL 2.0 API that's built on top of OpenGL ES 3.0. Very early days but this could become important in future.
Adobe PhoneGap 3.0 Released The popular open source mobile app development framework gets a new plugin architecture, supports more platforms (Firefox OS coming soon), new APIs, and better tooling. Brian LeRoux answers some questions about the release.
Implementing HTML5 Components with HTML5 APIs and Open Source Polyfills David Geary shows how to implement HTML5 components using the nascent HTML5 component specifications, with assistance from the Polymer and Mozilla X-Tags projects.
IBM DeveloperWorks
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From Microphone to .WAV with: getUserMedia and Web Audio A quick and practical walk through the steps involved.
WebRTC and the Ocean of Acronyms Descriptions and definitions of a variety of technologies associated with WebRTC including ICE, STUN, NAT, TURN, and SDP.
Mozilla Hacks
Vibration API Becomes W3C Candidate Recommendation This specification defines an API that provides access to the vibration mechanism of the hosting device.
Simple Responsive Images With CSS Background Images A look at an easy, straightforward way to deliver responsive images that’s supported by all of today’s Web browsers: CSS background images.
Smashing Magazine
Intent to Deprecate and Remove XSLT Support from Blink XSLT is a mechanism for applying an XSL transform to XML documents to produce a DOM. It's popular in some domains but hasn't taken off in the browser.
MS Open Tech Contributes to Open Source 'dash.js' MPEG-DASH Player MPEG-DASH is the latest ISO standard for Internet video streaming and Microsoft is helping develop a JavaScript-based reference player for the standard.
Preliminary Prerender and Prefetch Support in IE11
Pure: What, Why, and How? An introduction to Pure, a CSS library made of small modules that can help you in writing completely responsive layouts.
Does Flexbox Have a Performance Problem?
Chris Coyier
DOM Traversal and Manipulation with Voyeur Brian Rinaldi details how to use the Voyeur.js library for an alternative syntax for DOM traversal and manipulation.
Flippin' Awesome
CSS-Guidelines: High-level Guidelines From Writing Manageable, Maintainable CSS
On Mobile, Data URIs are 6x Slower than Source Linking (New Research)
Flipping The Image When Accessing The Laptop Camera with getUserMedia
Christian Heilmann
Replicating the DOOM Screen Melt Effect with JavaScript and Canvas
David Walsh
Creating Interactive Graphs with SVG
Roemer Vlasveld
Building Next Generation Widgets with Web Components
Hyperaudio: Making Audio a First Class Citizen of the Web A talk from ScotlandJS that touches on the Web Audio API standard, WebRTC, live-streaming and mobile audio.
Mark Boas
HTML5 and Beyond: Shiny New Toys and Tools to Use Them Chris Heilmann of Mozilla looks at the current state of open web technologies, what's around the corner, and how blessed we are with millions of new users coming to the web very soon and what we need to concentrate on.
Hello Polymer: Video of Q&A On Google’s New Web Framework Polymer is a framework that is both based on Web Components and has been created to fully figure out their design. Last Tuesday, the Polymer team held an online Q&A on the framework. The event has been recorded as a video. You can also read a summary of the video by Axel Rauschmayer.
code and tools
Try Sass A simple site to let you try out Sass, the stylesheet language, directly in the browser. Just put your Sass in one box and see the compiled CSS in the other.
RTWorldReader: JavaScript Library for Importing .rtw Files Into WebGL Applications Useful for 3D games as it lets you avoid having to build a custom level editor.
Video.js Video Player Skin Designer Video.js is a popular open source HTML5 video player and they've just unveiled a new online 'skin designer' to make it as easy as possible to create your own custom designs for players.
Effeckt.css: Performant CSS Transitions and Animations
IE8: Some DOM Fixes for Internet Explorer 8's Deficiencies
Andrea Giammarchi
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Senior Frontend Developer WizeHive is hacking on an AngularJS frontend with a plugin architecture. Our mission? Empower business users to get customized business apps up and running in under an hour. Join our team and help us make it a reality!
UI Engineer at Yahoo!
last but not least..
The HTML5 Track at Apps World in London, October 22-23
Now in its 4th year, Apps World has grown to be the leading global multi-platform event in the mobile industry with over 250 exhibitors and over 8000+ attendees. An HTML5 workshop track complete with panels and talks is taking place on October 23 and includes luminaries from companies like the BBC, Vodafone, the Financial Times, and The New York Times. (Disclaimer: We are a media partner of the conference.)
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