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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 97
July 17, 2013
ELIZA Talking An ELIZA-bot (chat bot that responds to what you type/say) implemented using HTML5, web-fonts, the Web Speech API (if you want to talk directly) and other Web technologies.
SassConf - A Modern Front-end Development Conference in New York City Taking place across October 12-13, SassConf will bring the inventor of Sass and Haml, their current maintainer, and several other high quality speakers from the world of front-end development.
onGameStart - HTML5 Gaming Conference in Warsaw, September 18-20
Michal Budzynski
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Essential Audio and Video Events for HTML5 HTML5's 'video' and 'audio' elements provide a range of events. While some are straightforward, like the self-explanatory 'play' event, others can be trickier to understand, especially the 'progress' event. James Edwards explains.
The Making of 'Face to GIF' Face to GIF is a simple webapp that lets you record yourself and makes an animated GIF of the result. In this post, the creator explains how it works.
Mozilla Hacks
What's New in IE 11's Developer Tools While IE11 won’t appear for a few months, the latest F12 Developer Tools have been completely overhauled. They look great and have some genuinely innovative features which could surpass the alternatives, says Craig Buckler.
List of Chromium / Chrome Command Line Switches An absolute huge and automatically updated reference. Almost any option you should care for is here.
Peter Beverloo
5 HTML5 and ARIA Design Patterns Takes five HTML5 and ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) design patterns and explains why they make good design choices for improving the accessibility of your site/app.
.net magazine
From 0 to Skype in 9 Months (with WebRTC) Chris Matthieu, founder of Twelephone, explains how startups can leverage WebRTC in no time to build modern communication services.
Tsahi Levent-Levi
'Do Not Track' Standards Group Shoots Down Advertiser Proposal A W3C working group will proceed with its existing draft standard for governing how browsers tell advertisers that people don't want their online behavior tracked.
Smartphone Browser localStorage is up to 5x Faster than Native Cache
PeerSquared – One-On-One Online Teaching with WebRTC
Mozilla Hacks
What's New in Custom Elements Dominic Cooney gives an update on the Custom Element features he's been landing in Blink.
An Introduction to Encrypted Media Extensions
Google Developers
code and tools
SlimerJS: Scriptable Gecko-based Browser for Web Developers Allows you to manipulate a web page with a JavaScript script. Useful to do functional tests, page automaton, network monitoring, screen capture, etc. Similar to PhantomJS, except it uses Gecko, the browser engine behind Firefox, rather than WebKit.
SlimerJS A Home for Web Audio Components The Web Audio API is becoming increasingly popular so the idea of 'components' that allow reuse of audio effects, tools, synthesizers and DSP algorithms has taken hold. This is a home for those components.
The Chromium Team Has Started to Work On Remote Debugging Over Raw USB It means we will be able to use the DevTools to inspect and debug web pages on mobile devices without having to install ADB. It's possible to test out already but it only works for Linux and Chrome OS for now.
François Beaufort
DiagnostiCSS: Visually Detect Any Potentially Invalid or Inaccessible HTML Markup Based around a bookmarklet.
Clara: Next-Generation Web-Based 3D Creation Tool A 'next-generation' 3D content creation tool that runs within the browser and uses common open Web technologies (JavaScript, HTML5 and WebGL.) Currently only available in a beta program.
responsImg: Responsive Images with Retina Support An easy to install, easy to use jQuery plugin that turns your 'img' tags into responsive images with high DPI alternatives.
jquery-enhancedfileinput: A Better HTML Input for Files, Allowing Custom Styling and Initial Values
Elegantly Styled 'Switches' Based on Checkbox 'input' Elements
S Gallery: A Responsive jQuery Gallery Plugin with CSS3 Animations
UI Engineer at Yahoo! In this role, you will have the chance to grow and play a key technical role in building the world's most advanced online media sales and campaign management systems, analytics products with advanced visualization, cross-device application for report visualization and building ads .
Senior JS Frontend Developer at Backbase (Portal Software), Amsterdam, NL Backbase is an internationally fast growing portal software vendor with headquarters in Amsterdam, NL. We're currently looking for a Senior Frontend Web Developer for our Amsterdam R&D team. Are you an expert in JavaScript, CSS, HTML- come join Backbase!
Front End Developer for National Geographic Society
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly
9 Mind-Blowing WebGL Demos
David Walsh
SpaceBullet: Simple HTML5 Space Gravity Game
25 Interactive HTML5 / CSS3 Websites That Look Like Flash
Animated Books with CSS 3D Transforms
last but not least..
DevDocs: All-In-One API Documentation Reader Provides access to the following API documentations: HTML, CSS, DOM, DOM Events, JavaScript and jQuery. The material comes from the usual places (Mozilla Developer Network et al.), but has been consistently and pleasantly styled and provides a slick search user interface. Upcoming feature: offline capability.
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