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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 96
July 10, 2013
Lea Verou on the Latest Developments at the W3C (May/June 2013) Lea looks at CSS Selectors, the 'main' element, SVG text wrapping, flexible box layout, 'hgroup', Raw Sockets API, CSS Shapes, and the Messaging API.
.net magazine
JS Crossword 2: HTML5 Features You Can Use Now An in-browser crossword puzzle all about HTML5 and other browser technologies. One for your lunch break.
Chrome 28 Released: Powered by Blink Also includes a new 'notifications center' but only on Windows.
The Next Web
The Web Audio API Comes to Firefox
Mozilla Hacks
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5 Reasons Why You Should Quote Attribute Values in HTML5 With HTML5, you don’t have to quote attribute values. Until you do. John looks at those cases and why you might as well just use quotes to start with.
John Allsopp
Using CSS Fallback Properties for Better Cross-Browser Compatibility Afshin Mehrabani shows how to use CSS fallback properties as a better means of providing support for missing CSS3 features in legacy browsers.
Flippin' Awesome
Animated WebP Graphics Support No Shoo-in for Chrome Google WebP engineers are encountering resistance from Google Chrome engineers about whether it's worth supporting the animated version of the image format.
Indexed Database API Becomes W3C Candidate Recommendation APIs for a database of records holding simple values and hierarchical objects. Already supported in Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE 10 (but no support in Safari).
Solving the Problem of @font-face Inside Media Queries Aurelio De Rosa examines potential solutions for supporting custom fonts within media queries that fall back to standard fonts for slower mobile connections.
An Introduction to CSS Custom Filters Custom Filters let you warp HTML elements into shapes that are otherwise impossible. A very quick look at the technology.
Developing Google Chrome Extensions The basics to creating your own Google Chrome extension using mostly JavaScript and some JSON.
Audio Recording (window.MediaRecorder) Added to Firefox Nightly
Group and Conquer: Timing Groups for Your CSS Animation Synchronization Woes
Brian Birtles
CSS Filters, GIFs, and Performance A clever performance trick for blurring fullscreen animated GIFs to use as the background for a presentation.
Glen Maddern
Getting Started with CSS Sourcemaps and in-Browser Sass Editing
Tim Lucas
5 HTML5 and ARIA Design Patterns Takes five HTML5 and ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) design patterns and explains why they make good design choices for improving the accessibility of your site/app.
.net magazine
Debunking Some Myths About Native And HTML5 Hybrid Apps
The Vision Behind Opera 15 and Beyond
Bruce Lawson
CSS Balls: All About Making Spheres in CSS
Donovan Hutchinson
The Future of CSS Selectors A 30 talk from jQuery Conference Portland 2013.
Timmy Willison
code and tools
Manifesto - An HTML5 Offline Application Cache Verification Bookmarklet Provides a quick and easy way to make sure your HTML5 manifest file is valid and working on your page.
Eric DeLabar
TimerX3: A Cooking Timer for The Modern Web A short and sweet concept project designed to use and show off numerous Web technologies in one small app, including HTML5 offline app support, HTML5 audio, SVG, Push API, Web Notifications, Web Storage, Vibration API, and touch events.
Thanos Lefteris
DevTools Snippets: A Collection of Helpful Snippets to Use Inside of Browser Devtools
Frontend Designer at Ubiquiti (San Francisco) The goal of our Special Projects team is to think big and move the company in new directions. We're looking for someone who can complement our technical and branding skills with expertise in web design and development.
Senior Front End Developer for the National Hockey League (New York, NY) The NHL is looking for quality front end engineers to play a key role in designing and building the next generation of NHL broadband and mobile sites. No knowledge of hockey necessary, but solid experience developing with HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery is a must.
Front End Developer for National Geographic Society
Loaders and Spinners - A Collection A fine collection of CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript powered loading/spinning animations from various developers.
Pure CSS Animated 3D Molecules
GED VIZ: An HTML5 Data Visualization Tool
last but not least..
Tricky CSS Selectors Quiz A fun 15 part quiz where you're shown some code and a selector and you have to select the elements that would be matched. Trickier than it sounds.
Milan Landaverde
BohConf 2013 - July 19 - Baltimore, MD
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