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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 95
July 3, 2013
Introducing Internet Explorer 11 (Preview) Microsoft has formally introduced Internet Explorer 11 as a preview included in the latest Windows 8.1 Preview. It further develops on IE 10's strong Web standards support and, notably, introduces previously teased WebGL support.
With Firefox OS, Mozilla Takes On The 'Closed' Internet (Again)
Mozilla has launched Firefox OS, its Linux based open source mobile operating system built around modern Web technologies (particularly HTML5). The first two Firefox OS based phones launch soon.
Opera 15 (Now Based on Chromium/Blink) Released for Windows and Mac
Opera Desktop Team
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Frontend Masters: New Fall 2013 Live Workshop Series
Dramatically upgrade your skills with our upcoming workshop series featuring experts on Backbone.JS, Angular.JS, D3.js (Interactive Data Visualization), Web Animation, Tooling (Yeoman, Dev Tools, etc) and HTML5 Media APIs.

Attend LIVE online in full HD! Or In-Person (Minnesota residents only). Event details here.
The Launch of Firefox OS – My Thoughts and Some History Robert Nyman shares some insights and background on Firefox OS including what it means for the Web.
Robert Nyman
Mastering CSS Layout with Flexbox An extensive sample chapter from a forthcoming 'Sketching with CSS' book that digs into what the flexible box model is all about, including screencasts.
Sean Fioritto
JavaScript: One Language To Rule Them All Describes HTML5 APIs that you can use in modern browsers and demonstrates them in a sample app: Canvas, FileReader, Drag and Drop, LocalStorage.
Chrome 27, Firefox 22, IE10, And Opera Next, Benchmarked Tom's Hardware has put four major desktop browsers through their paces. The benchmarking techniques have been criticized on various sites including Hacker News but the short story is.. Firefox is in the lead.
Tom's Hardware
Making a 60fps Mobile App HTML5 canvas performance tips and more.
Paul Lewis
Initial Web MIDI support in Chrome Canary Chris Wilson notes that there's an initial round of support for the Web MIDI API in Chrome Canary.
Chris Wilson
Add Rules to Stylesheets with JavaScript Dynamically add and remove styles directly to a stylesheet with JavaScript.
David Walsh
Internet Explorer 11: “Don’t call me IE” Nicholas Zakas looks at some of the changes in IE11 that mean detecting IE and aiming code specifically at it will require new approaches in future, although ultimately it may be standards-compliant enough to not require this anymore.
Nicholas C Zakas
An Intro to Hitch.js and the Extensible Web Hitch gives you jQuery-style selector plugins right in CSS itself.
Improved SVG Text Support in Firefox Nightly
Cameron McCormack
Building Apps For Firefox OS, Chrome OS And The Web Addy Osmani looks at the basics of what was involved in building a simple Firefox OS app and then making it work on Chrome OS and the Web too.
Enabling Landmark-based Keyboard Navigation in Firefox
The Paciello Group Blog
Standards for Web Applications On Mobile: Current State and Roadmap
CSS Shredder: Making a Shredding Machine with CSS3
code and tools
HTML Inspector: An HTML Code Quality Tool A code quality tool to help you and your team write better markup. It's written in JavaScript and runs in the browser, so testing your HTML has never been easier.
Babylon.js: A Framework for Building 3D Games with HTML 5 and WebGL
David Catuhe
Loading Effects for Grid Items with CSS Animations
dart-webgl: Learn WebGL with Dart John McDole has re-written in Dart the series of lessons published on A great introduction to graphics in Dart.
CSS Regions JavaScript Polyfill
Adobe Web Platform
Height Equals Width with Pure CSS A look at a clever technique to maintain aspect rations on elements.
Marc Hinse
console.snapshot: Snapshots A Canvas Context to The Chrome Console
Alertify.js - Browser Dialogs Never Looked So Good
timechart: HTML5 Canvas Time-Based Chart Library
3D CSS Tester
Front End Developer for National Geographic Society Want to help create the next engaging phase of digital storytelling? Are you JavaScript, HTML, and CSS centric? We're looking for people who are versed in our industry and are excited to keep learning. Django experience a plus!
WANTED: Backbone Experts for Boston, NYC & Charlotte Are you committed to advancing the open web at an enterprise level? We are. We are looking for developers at all levels. Strong HTML5/CSS3 & core JavaScript skills are required. Backbone and/or other MVC experience is a serious plus.
JavaScript Developer at Modit, a Next-Gen Web IDE and App Portal (Boston/remote) Modit is transforming app users into app creators by creating a web-based platform that enables users of all backgrounds to modify the HTML5 games/apps they play and instantly share those creations with the world. If you share our ambition, join our team!
Native Form Elements A single page demo containing every HTML5 form element so you can see how it looks on your current browser. Includes enabled and disabled variants.
RTC Roulette: WebRTC's Answer to Chat Roulette
last but not least..
DreamFactory - REST and JSON Services for HTML5 and JavaScript Developers DreamFactory is an open source backend as a service platform that runs on any cloud. We provide APIs for SQL data, NoSQL data, BLOB storage, user management, user roles, external integration, and app hosting. Get the Free Edition at our website!
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