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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 92
June 12, 2013
HTML5 ScummVM: Play LucasArts Adventure Games in the Browser A JavaScript compile (via Emscripten) of the ScummVM, the virtual machine behind LucasArts' classic adventure games (including Monkey Island, Sam and Max, Loom, and Maniac Mansion.)
The Proximity API The Proximity API, which is also a W3C Working Draft, allows you to detect how close a device is to another device. Cutting edge mobile stuff.
Mozilla Hacks
Ladda: Form Buttons with Built-in Loading Indicators. These are beautifully done. Be sure to check out the demo page.
Hakim El Hattab
from our sponsor
Frontend Masters: New Lean Front-End Engineering Course by Bill Scott
Bill Scott leverages his experience as Director of UI Engineering at Netflix and now Sr. Director at PayPal to teach us concepts behind delivering great experiences in the interfaces we build. He applies lean startup principles to UI engineering in order to teach us how to develop an effective process, team and tech stack to acheive rapid experimentation and learning in the products we build.

Watch a free lesson where Bill talks about how open source is being used at PayPal.
Gone In 60 Frames Per Second: A Pinterest Paint Performance Case Study An in-depth look at how to improve the paint performance of your sites and Web apps by Addy Osmani.
Smashing Magazine
DRM and HTML5: It's Now or Never for The Open Web
The Guardian
Deep Dive Into The Murky Waters of Script Loading Jake Archibald looks at the intricacies of loading JavaScript in the browser and how new features in HTML5 and JavaScript can help with this.
HTML5 Rocks
A Guide to the New HTML5 Form Input Types
Six Revisions
Loading Images on Demand with Pure CSS Pavlo Pidlypenskyi experiments to see if it is possible to lazy-load images with just pure CSS.
Flippin' Awesome
Building an HTML5 Web Sockets Server with Node.js
Dan Wahlin
Using requestAnimationFrame There used to be just one way to do a timed loop in JavaScript: setInterval(). Now, of course, there's an alternative..
CSS Tricks
s/Future/Promise/g There’s a long history of 'promises', 'deferreds', and various other promise-ish things in JavaScript and now it's coming to the DOM too (originally under the name of 'Future' but now 'Promise').
Alex Russell
display: grid – The Future of Responsive Grid Layouts
Jonathan Sampson
Effectively Managing Memory At Gmail Scale JavaScript provides automatic memory management but it's not a substitute for effective memory management within applications. This article looks at how the Gmail team used Chrome DevTools to identify, isolate, and fix their memory problems.
HTML5 Rocks
What Are You Using? Rey Bango got in touch with several cutting edge front-end developers and asked them what tools they use for their work.
IE10: The Most Energy-Efficient Browser? If everybody switched from Chrome and Firefox to IE 10 on Windows 8, we could save enough energy to power 10,000 U.S. households, a new study claims.
Rendering Apple's '7' in CSS3 Using a variety of CSS3 features to create a rich facsimile of Apple's iOS 7 banner in just 2KB of CSS.
Drawing and Animating with Two.js and Illustrator Brian Rinaldi demonstrates how to use Two.js with SVG exported from Illustrator to draw and animate using JavaScript.
Flippin' Awesome
Building A Tetris-like Game Using CSS Grid Layout & Blend 5
HTML Goodies
Two Videos from MAX: 'Cutting-Edge HTML' and 'Debugging Your Web Apps' Adobe's Raymond Camden gave two Web development talks at the recent Adobe MAX event and has shared them here.
Raymond Camden
Yeoman Generators: Ignite Your Workflow 5 minute Ignite talk from #FluentConf
code and tools
Secrets of the Browser Developer Tools A repository of tips for gettuing the most of your developer tools in Chrome, Firebug, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. You can also submit your own tips via GitHub.
ansi-canvas: Render a 'canvas' Node to Your Terminal
This module provides a 'canvas' object backed by node-canvas, with its width and height properties automatically set to the proper size of the terminal window. The result is that you can use the HTML Canvas API to render directly to your terminal.
Web Developer Checklist: The Chrome App Analyzes any web page for violations of best practices. Aimed at developers who want to make sure they follow best practices.
Listify: Turn A Group of Lines Into An HTML List
CSS Skills Euler Diagrams
Sergey Lukin
Web Developer - Roadtrippers (Backbone.js / Rails) Want to help make road travel planning enjoyable for thousands of people every day? Roadtrippers is solving the fragmented problems of road travel planning. Make it happen with Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB and more!
Frontend Web Development Mentor at Thinkful (Part-time or full-time)
We’re hiring mentors to work with our students as they learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Thinkful mentors may work remotely or from our office, and may apply for full-time or part-time positions. Email for more information.
WLTM Full-stack JavaScript Developers You: Node, JavaScript MV*, APIs, Grunt, Travis, GitHub, Open Source. Us: Open Source, 10% time, flexible working, benefits, good pay. Can we get along?
Play 'Cube Slam' Face-to-face Against Your Friends A video game that you can play face-to-face against your friends. It’s a Chrome Experiment built using WebRTC.
last but not least..
Request Quest: A Fun HTML5 Quiz A game/quiz where you look at some code and decide whether it would trigger an HTTP request in the latest stable release of several browsers. (Careful, this is intensive so one for the desktop, ideally.)
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