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5 HTML5 APIs to check out, HTML 5.1 Working Draft Read this issue on the Web
HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 91
June 5, 2013
5 HTML5 JavaScript APIs to Keep An Eye On Includes the Battery Status API, Gamepad API, Device Orientation API, Geolocation API, and the Page Visibility API.
W3C Releases Updated Working Draft of HTML 5.1 Still a work in progress, of course.
Google Will Soon Launch Google Web Designer, A Free HTML5 Development Tool
EFF Makes Formal Objection to DRM in HTML5
Electronic Frontier Foundation
from our sponsor
text-align: justify and Responsive Web Design An explanation of a very clever trick for using text-align: justify to elegantly spread inline-block elements across a page. This is certainly thinking outside the box.
Patrick Kunka
Mozilla Producing Near-Native Performance On The Web An interesting summary (and benchmarking) of Mozilla's work on asm.js and Emscripten in the race to bring near-native performance to the Web.
Ars Technica
Content Security Policy 1.0 lands in Firefox Aurora CSP is a security mechanism that aims to protect a website against content injection attacks by providing a whitelist of known-good domain names to accept JavaScript (and other content) from.
Mozilla Hacks
Why Pandora Wants to Grow Its Presence On Connected TVs with A New HTML5 App Streaming music company Pandora has released a new HTML5-based web application for TVs with the hope of providing a unified experience across devices.
The 'subline' Element: A Proposed HTML Element A proposed extension to the HTML 5.1 specification that defines an element to be used for the identification of single or multiple subheadings, subtitles, taglines or bylines. Some discussion on the public W3C list showed some initial positive reactions to the idea.
Opera Features and the New Opera Release Cycle The Opera browser is moving to a new system of releases including a 'Developer', 'Open', and regular stable release, somewhat similar to what Chrome and Firefox do.
Opera Desktop Team
Is Generated Content Actually Content? The CSS2.1 specification summarizes generated content as “[rendered] content that does not come from the document tree” — in other words, text and images defined in CSS, rather than in markup.
Using HTML5 Prerendering to Speed Up A Multi-Page Registration Process
Optimizing Your JavaScript Game for Firefox OS
Mozilla Hacks
HowTo: A Natural Language Form with Custom Input Elements
Redefining Console Games With HTML5 Microsoft gaming evangelist Jesse Freeman gave an opening keynote at O'Reilly Fluent last week where he looked at the promise (and existing reality) of using HTML5-based platforms for game development. Here he shares the keynote video itself plus some extra insights.
Paul Irish Gets Electric Shock Therapy from a Chrome App and the Web Speech API Take a Chrome App, add the USB API, the Web Speech speech recognition API and.. we get Paul Irish getting a nasty shock all in two minutes of video.
How Christian Heilmann Created a Canvas Game A quick 10 minute tour of the concepts involved.
code and tools
Platformer Game Starter Kit for Windows 8 Don't start from scratch. This Platformer Game Starter Kit for Windows 8 gets you going with full code and free game art and includes 2 HTML5-based examples.
html5-php: An HTML5 Parser and Serializer for PHP
ImageOptim-CLI: Make Lossless Optimization of Images Part of Your Build Process
Frontend Web Development Mentor at Thinkful (Part-time or full-time)
We’re hiring mentors to work with our students as they learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Thinkful mentors may work remotely or from our office, and may apply for full-time or part-time positions. Email for more information.
Javascript Developer at Six to Start (London, UK) We're the creators of Zombies, Run! and we're experts in making highly innovative games for new platforms including wearable devices. We want you to help us develop games for the web, and push the boundaries of what's possible with the web on smartphones.
Javascript Frontend Consultant @ Backbase (Portal Software) #amsterdam As a Senior JS Frontend Developer you will collaborate with strategic clients in the design, development and evolution of mission critical web applications. You will be part of a highly skilled international team doing great JS projects. Come join Backbase!
Kosmos: Explore the Universe from your Browser A striking use of WebGL. Even if your browser doesn't support it, there are lots of screenshots to enjoy here.
'Portal' Orientation Video made with HTML and CSS Portal fan? Check this one out.
Sharefest: Web Based P2P File Sharing Built On WebRTC Data Channels API
last but not least..
Creating 'Roll It' A case study of one of the latest Chrome Experiments, a multi-device ball rolling game.
HTML5 Rocks
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