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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 90
May 29, 2013
from the editor
Welcome to issue 90 of HTML5 Weekly. A shorter than usual issue today as I'm pounding the floors of O'Reilly Fluent this week. If you'd like to see our keynotes live (including Brendan Eich, Irene Ros, Paul Irish, Lea Verou..) you can watch them here at 8am Pacific, 12pm Eastern - about an hour after this e-mail is sent :-)
Paul Irish On Awesomeness: An Interview with .net Magazine Frontend expert Paul Irish is on a mission to make the web as compelling as possible. Martin Cooper talks to Google’s Chrome developer advocate about maintaining motivation, the interaction paradigm and the shape of the web industry.
Microsoft Teases Internet Explorer 11 WebGL Support on Vine
The Verge
Canvas Blending Is Now in Chrome Canary, WebKit Nightly and Firefox
from our sponsor
Building a Rackspace Private Cloud … In My Garage
Challenge accepted. Ryan Geyer of RightScale built a Rackspace Cloud Server in his garage. “If I can do it in my garage, it should be a breeze for an enterprise to get up and running quickly.” Read about Geyer’s experience and get started on your mission today. Where will you spin up your server?
Tiny Platformer Tutorial Jake Gordon demonstrates how to create a simple and elegant 'tiny platformer' game. He uses HTML5 Canvas, event listeners, requestAnimationFrame, and an open source map editor. A perfectly proportioned tutorial.
6 Considerations and Tips for Creating HTML5 Apps Some quick points from David Walsh.
Designing CSS Layouts With Flexbox Is As Easy As Pie A look at using the Flexible Box Layout system for doing vertical and horizontal centering plus a look at the current syntax.
Smashing Magazine
5 HTML5 Features You Need to Know Includes DNS and link prefetching, the 'download' attribute, regex validations, and the 'datalist' element.
Adnane Belmadiaf
The Playground Vector Animation Process A case study of how a design team approached creating elaborate SVG animations for their site.
Intent to Deprecate -webkit prefixed support for CSS Variables in Blink It looks like Google's Blink engine (the recent WebKit fork) could be unprefixing CSS Variables support soon.
Capturing Camera/Picture Data Without PhoneGap
What's New in Chrome 27
Responsive Images: An Interim Report From Bruce Lawson
Bruce Lawson
A More Awesome Web: Features You've Always Wanted A session from Google I/O 2013 where Eric Bidelman covered a variety of bleeding-edge HTML5 and browser technology features. A fun 30 minutes.
Google I/O
code and tools
WTCSS: CSS Rule Visualizer Tool Enter a URL and see how the CSS for that page interacts with the elements, visually. Clever idea.
Montage: An HTML5 Framework for Building Modern Web Apps Includes components, HTML templates, 2 way data binding, serialization, and event management.
jQuery 1.10.0 and 2.0.1 Released
Official jQuery Blog
Pure: A Set of Small, Responsive CSS Modules
Topcoat: CSS for Clean and Fast Web Apps
WideArea: For Elegant, Expandable 'textarea's
No more IE9 and down! Front-end JavaScript developer for Ember.js JavaScript and San Francisco. What's not to love? Come help us build the most awesome Ember.js web app the world has ever seen. We like open source. We have a lot of fun (beers) on the team. Work on an exciting modern app and show off your skills!
Junior Software Engineer at Thinkful
We’re building the tools to deliver curricula, expertise, and live help so anyone can advance their career. As an engineer at Thinkful you’ll be working directly with both the founders to architect, build and grow our technology and our team. You'll learn new skills and apply them to help others do the same. Talent and curiosity matter more than raw skill. Experience is valued, but not as much as potential.
Frontend CoffeeScripter We're Poll Everywhere, the worlds largest real-time polling platform. We're looking for a CoffeeScripter with a strong sense of user interaction design who can help build new features in our mobile app, HTML5 visualizations, and pretty much everything else.
UX Designer / Developer for Saxo Bank A/S (Copenhagen, Denmark)
FaceKat: A Webcam-Controlled Game A game where you direct the course of action with your face (using a webcam). If your webcam doesn't work or your browser doesn't support getUserMedia, you get to see a pre-recorded demo.
Top 10 Realtime Web Apps Phil Legetter explains and links up ten top examples of real-time Web apps.
Pearl Boy: A WebGL-powered Game
last but not least..
How to Keep Up to Date On Front-End Technologies A very well presented guide to blogs, podcasts, e-mail newsletters (naturally!) you can use to stay on top, along with how some established names keep up with things.
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