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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 9
October 19, 2011
Welcome to issue 9 of HTML5 Weekly. This week sees more development in the HTML5 world with Facebook launching an HTML5 developers site, Salesforce previewing a forthcoming HTML5 app for their platform, and Google Maps adopting WebGL for extra visual flair.
3D Web Hits The Big Time: Google Maps on WebGL All that work to build 3D graphics into the Web using WebGL technology has born fruit on one of the Internet's most useful and widely used sites: Google Maps. It's offered as a "MapsGL" option.
Facebook Launches HTML5 Developers' Resource Center Facebook has rolled out some sites aimed at HTML5 developers including an HTML5 blog and HTML5 Developer Group. It's all a bit new still but you can access the resources through this link.
Safari on iOS 5: An HTML5 Evolution for the iPhone and iPad
The latest version of iOS, the operating system on the iPhone and iPad, was released last week and Maximiliano Firtman presents an overview of what's new in the HTML5 and Web technology departments. Highlights include Web Workers, new input types, inline SVG, and hardware acceleration for canvas elements.
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Articles and Tutorials
The Developer's Guide to Browser Adoption Rates As new platform versions get released more and more quickly, are users keeping up? Zeh Fernando, a senior developer at Firstborn, looks at current adoption rates and points to some intriguing trends for .Net magazine.
An Introduction to WebGL from Opera Luz Caballero presents a from-scratch introduction and guide to WebGL (the 3D graphics API) on the Opera browser's development blog. It times in well with Opera's latest alpha release newly getting WebGL support.
A Cheat Sheet For Designing Web Forms Smashing Magazine shares a cheat sheet of HTML form design best practices, created by Joe Leech.
HTML Component Model & The Shadow DOM
CSS Spec Terms (For Future Reference) Tab Atkins Jr explains several technical CSS terms that you're likely to see mentioned in references to the CSS specs.
HTML5 Games with by Ben Savage [Video] At the recent HTML5 Developer Conference, Ben Savage spoke on the state of mobile gaming and how you can use to create high performance, resizable, cross-platform 2D games. Be careful, it's an auto-playing video.
The appMobi PhoneGap XDK Released PhoneGap is an open source SDK for building native mobile apps using Web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript. This week, appMobi has released its PhoneGap XDK, a free cross-platform IDE and toolkit (including device simulation and debugging) for building PhoneGap-powered apps.
CSSLoad: A Flexible CSS Spinner and Loading Bars Generator
CoderDeck: Create Interactive Live-Coding Presentations for the Web
Code and Libraries
Google+ UI Buttons (Using CSS3) Like the straightforward buttons used in the HTML5-powered UI for Google+? Here's an attempt at replicating their look and feel using CSS3. It's available to use under the Creative Commons Attribution license.
noVNC: HTML5 Powered VNC Client noVNC is a VNC client using HTML5 technologies (WebSockets and Canvas, mostly) that runs well in any modern browser (even including iPhone/iPad). If you want to bring up a remote desktop in the browser, it looks a great way to go.
Alice.js: Lightweight JS-Powered CSS Engine Alice.js (A Lightweight Independent CSS Engine) is a micro JavaScript library focused on using hardware-accelerated capabilities (in particular CSS3 features) in modern browsers for generating high-quality, high-end visual effects.
Isogenic Engine: A Modern Web-based MMO Game Engine Isogenic Engine is a Web-based MMO game engine focused on rapid development of games. It uses HTML5 and uses Node.js behind the scenes to deliver MMO functionality in real-time persistent worlds.
GateOne: HTML5-based Terminal Emulator and SSH Client Gate One is an HTML5 Web-based terminal emulator and SSH client. It can even be embedded into other applications so you could add a terminal into your existing webapp.
Duck Hunt via HTML5 and JavaScript
Remember the Duck Hunt game on the Nintendo in the 1980s? It's back, on the Web, all thanks to JavaScript and HTML5. All it's missing is the NES Zapper gun attachment but it's still reasonably tricky even with the mouse.
Neonflames: An Intriguing HTML5 Drawing Tool
55 Years of the Fortune 500, Visualized with JavaScript and Canvas
Last but not least..
Mobile First: A Book by Luke Wroblewski
Mobile First is an e-book and paperback published by Jeffrey Zeldman's A Book Apart that's a complete, strategic guide to mobile Web design. It's by former Yahoo! design architect Luke Wroblewski. A Book Apart tends to put out good work so check it out if mobile if your thing.
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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