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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 88
May 15, 2013
Firefox 21 Released: Firefox Health Report, Scoped Stylesheets, and HTML5's 'main' Element
Firefox 21 went to the release channel yesterday and climbs from 394 (Firefox 20) to 399 points on HTML5 Test. It includes the new Firefox Health Report, a performance-profiling system, extra provider support for Social API, improvements to the Do Not Track UI, and support for HTML5's 'main' element and scoped stylesheets.
Perspectives on 'Encrypted Media Extension' Reaching First Public Working Draft The Free Software Foundation and other parties have been petitioning W3C not to publish the draft of the Encrypted Media Extension (EME), a mechanism that could bring DRM to open Web technologies. In this post, the W3C informs the community that they welcome feedback but intend to continue to work on content protection and publish the draft.
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Watch a free lesson where Ben demonstrates making an existing website responsive by updating's CSS proporties on the fly.
Avoiding Unnecessary Paints Over on HTML5 Rocks, Paul Lewis looks at the expense of 'painting' page elements, what triggers repaints, and how you can prevent unnecessary paints from taking place.
HTML Media Capture Spec Becomes W3C Candidate Recommendation The HTML Media Capture specification defines an HTML form extension that facilitates user access to a device's media capture mechanism, such as a camera, or microphone, from within a file upload control.
'Pointer Events' Spec Becomes W3C Candidate Recommendation
Behind The Scenes of Microsoft's A look behind the scenes of a concept site that lets users use touch gestures to mix audio files to create an original sound track. Includes code and a look at SVG vs Canvas.
Automatic Figure Numbering with CSS Counters Avoid giving your figures numbers manually (e.g. "Fig 1", "Fig 2") and let CSS do the hard work.
HTML5 Game Development for the Mobile Web [PDF Slidedeck] Richard Davey of Photon Storm shares his Adobe Max slides that dig into the realities of HTML5 game development for mobile devices. A few useful bits and pieces in here.
Using Web Workers to Improve Performance of Image Manipulation This dates from last year but is an interesting look at using Web Workers to perform key image manipulation work in the background. Also includes source code for once it was converted to a Windows 8 app.
Building Efficient Chrome Apps and Extensions with Push Messaging A look at using Google Cloud Messaging for Chrome, a Chrome-only mechanism for pushing messages to pages or apps being rendered in Chrome.
DRM in HTML5 Is A Victory for The Open Web, Not A Defeat Controversial.
Ars Technica
Creating Image Galleries with Clipped Images Using CSS Pointer Events and SVG Zoltan Hawryluk demonstrates how to create image galleries that sit behind a clipped image and work across browsers.
No, HTML5 Does Not Have A Performance Issue. Paul Bakaus, the creator of jQuery UI, riffs on the idea that the 'performance of HTML5' is poor.
Keeping The Big 'picture' Small — How To Avoid Duplicate Downloads In Responsive Images
Smashing Mobile
Mixing / Rendering HTML Pages Inside Your WebGL
Building HTML5 Apps with Yeoman and Backbone
Improving Your 2013 Productivity With The Chrome DevTools Chrome's 'DevTools' have evolved over the past year to offer a number of features that can enrich your development workflow. Addy Osmani introduces you to some of these features, including Workspaces - a convenient way to create and edit new applications.
Pitfalls & Triumphs of the Cross-Screen Experience by Cameron Moll A video presentation from Breaking Development Orlando 2013 where Cameron Moll walks through what's required to present a consistent Web experience to users regardless of where the experience begins, continues, and ends.
3D Physics for DOMies Can you do physics at 60 frames per second controlling DOM elements on a mobile device? Steve Newcomb, founder and CEO of, is here to tell you "yes, you can." A 50 minute presentation from HTML5DevConf.
code and tools
Video.js 4.0 The open source HTML5 video player. 4.0 brings responsive design and Retina display support. It's also moved to a 100% JS dev toolset including Grunt and, of course, more.
Autoprefixer: Parses CSS and Adds Needed Prefixed Properties and Values A clever tool that can be used in a Ruby, Node, Grunt or browser runtime to 'auto prefix' the parts of your CSS that require it. Uses the current info from 'Can I Use' to make its judgments.
Intel's HTML5 Playground Provides developers with a web based code editor, a live application preview window, and a library of sample code and snippets to use as starting points.
fartscroll.js: For Farting Noises As You Scroll
Draggabilly: Makes Elements Draggable. Supports Multi-touch and IE8+.
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Senior Frontend/UI Developer at Holler (Sydney, Australia) Create world-class interactive HTML5 experiences with modern technologies in a friendly, innovative agency environment.
Front End Developer at in Amsterdam Are you interested in building the best accommodation website used by millions of customers? Do you have solid experience developing with HTML/CSS/JS? is looking for an experienced Front End Developer. Learn more about us in this video.
Software Developers (JavaScript or Java) – R&D Positions in Vienna, Austria
FreeCiv: An Open Source 'Civilization' Game, on HTML5
A Canvas-based 'Gauntlet' Game
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20% Off for O'Reilly Fluent 2013, May 28-30 in San Francisco
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