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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 87
May 8, 2013
Two.js: Renderer-Agnostic 2D Drawing API for Modern Browsers A new, two-dimensional drawing API geared towards modern web browsers. It's renderer agnostic meaning the same API can be used against multiple contexts including SVG, Canvas, and WebGL. (As an aside, this is an excellent example of a project homepage.)
Turbulenz Engine Goes Open Source The powerful and formerly commercial 'Turbulenz' HTML5 game development engine is now open source. If you're intrigued as to what it can do, check out this example of a 3D environment populated with Quake 4 art assets.
The CSS Zen Garden Turns 10 Years Old and Reopens The CSS Zen Garden was a popular experiment in offering a single, well written HTML page and inviting Web designers to submit CSS files to render it in creative new ways. It's now back again and creator Dave Shea invites you to throw all of your latest CSS3 and open Web standards knowledge at it.
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What's Hot in Web Standards: March/April 2013 Lea Verou of the W3C presents a summary of the latest developments in Web standards including things like CSS Grid Layout, SVG 2, and native lazy loading support.
Today I Saw The Future: Video Codecs Built on Web Technologies JavaScript creator Brendan Eich looks at the promise behind an exciting, new downloadable HD video codec built on JavaScript and WebGL. He speculates a high quality video stream backed by such a codec could enable many new cloud based applications (using a sort of thin client approach).
How to Mark Up Subheadings, Subtitles, Alternative Titles and Taglines From HTML5 Doctor comes a handy roundup of the best HTML5-oriented approaches to marking up subheading and subtitles with several examples on show.
HTML5 Doctor
In Defense of HTML5 Canvas Adrian Holovaty responds to a complaint that HTML5 canvases are slow by sharing some tips on how to ensure a smooth, high performance outcome when working with them.
C++ On The Web: Run Your Big 3D Game in The Browser A handy slide deck that summarizes the concepts involved in porting large C++ codebases to the Web, via JavaScript.
Andre Weissflog
About Web Animations The Web Animations spec defines APIs for synchronizing several of the web's animation models to produce complex, scriptable animations.
The CSS :empty Selector An interesting but not commonly used CSS selector that can be used to select and style empty table cells.
Is This Thing On? (Part 1) The first of a series exploring the tools and techniques available to detect and manage online/offline connectivity in webapps.
HTML5 Datalists: What They Are and When to Use Them
Quick and Easy Local and Device Web App Testing Brian Rinaldi shows how to quickly fire up customizable local web servers for testing locally and on devices using Edge Inspect.
Flippin' Awesome
How You Can Build an HTML5 Photobooth App
Quirks and Issues When Working with CSS3 Transitions Over at Smashing Magazine, Rodney Rehm looks at a variety of pitfalls and stumbling points when working with CSS3 transitions.
A Minor Update on Web Audio API Implementation Progress for Firefox
Embedding WebRTC Video Chat Right Into Your Website
Mozilla Hacks
code and tools
Breakouts: 'Breakout' Implemented in Several JS/HTML5 Game Engines A sort of gaming equivalent of the popular TodoMVC project, Breakouts presents several implementations of the same bat and ball game as a way to help you choose or compare engines. You're encouraged to contribute fresh implementations of your own too.
The Chromium Embedded Framework The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) is an open source project that allows developers to easily display HTML content in their desktop applications using Chromium and the V8 JavaScript VM.
FROONT: Drag and Drop Responsive Web Design Design responsive sites directly in the browser with a simple drag and drop interface.
Tools to Package Your HTML5 App for Mobile Devices
Firefox OS Simulator 3.0 Released
Mozilla Hacks
CSS Modal: Modals Built Out of Pure CSS
Android and Backbone.js Developers for Gigwalk (San Francisco) Gigwalk is a mobile work marketplace (think oDesk on top of mobile) here in SOMA. We’re looking for startup minded front end and Android developers who love APIs and want to join us in building something huge.
User Interface Developer at Red Badger (London, UK) We’re looking for experienced user interface developers with exceptional JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 to join our lean, fast growing, tech-loving, passionate & dynamic team. The projects we are working on are all innovative with amazing frontend design and UX.
iOS Software Engineer at Coursera Coursera is seeking iOS developers to build the future of mobile education. Working in a small team of engineers and designers, you will bring a compelling classroom experience to the touchscreen. You will be responsible for the design and architecture of mobile applications from the ground up.
DevOps Hipster aka Infrastructure Engineer at Jimdo (Hamburg, Germany)
A Striking Hyperspace Animation
A hyperspace / Star Trek animation reproduced using a single photograph of some stars and some rather clever CSS3 animations and transformations. Definitely check out the code on this.
Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 'Citadel' Demo
From cooperation between Epic Games and Mozilla comes an impressive Web-based demo of the Unreal Engine 3 3D gaming engine running direct in the browser using JavaScript and HTML5 technologies. A very up to date version of Firefox is recommended to try this (i.e. Aurora or Nightly).
Minefield: An HTML5-based Massively Multiplayer Online Minesweeper Game
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