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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 85
April 24, 2013
Intel Announces 'XDK' HTML5 Development Environment Intel's new HTML5 Development Environment is available at no cost and promises to make it easy to develop, test and deploy to all major platforms from a single code base.
Netflix Plans Its Move From Silverlight to HTML5 Video The role of DRM in HTML5 remains a touchy subject, and now Netflix, one of the main proponents of the Encrypted Media Extensions spec, is taking another step by discussing their plans for using HTML5 video in a shift away from Silverlight.
RuneScape Dumps Java for HTML5 A popular massively multiplayer role playing game with 200 million accounts is switching from Java to HTML5 and related technologies (including WebGL).
NCSA Mosaic 1.0 Released 20 Years Ago Just a bit of history. Mosaic was the browser which caught early Internet users' imaginations and really made the Web popular at the time especially as it introduced the 'img' tag.
Addition of 'main' Tag to HTML5 Spec Due This Week
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The Concepts of WebGL Over on Mozilla Hacks, an introduction to the concepts of WebGL, the OpenGL ES-based 3D rendering environment for Web browsers, specifically for Web developers.
Mozilla Hacks
Building A HTML5 Game With Phaser Phaser is a new TypeScript/JavaScript HTML5 game framework heavily based on Flixel, a popular game framework among Flash developers. Microsoft's Jesse Freeman demonstrates how to get started with it.
List of Pseudo-Elements to Style Form Controls Styling form elements can be tricky but browsers are offering various pseudo-elements which provide developers the ability to tweak certain things, such as checkbox coloring, borders, padding and placeholder text.
Make Your UI More Responsive with HTML5 Web Workers Web Workers are an HTML5 feature that allow a JavaScript developer to create additional threads of execution which can be used to execute long running code in the background. John Robinson shows us how to get started.
CSS Overflow Module Level 3 The CSS Working Group has published a first public Working Draft of the CSS Overflow Module Level 3. It covers new mechanisms of overflow handling including across multiple regions of a page.
How We Built a Photoshop Extension with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
(Chrome) DevTools Can Do THAT? Some excellent slides from Google's Ilya Grigorik.
Why LinkedIn Dumped HTML5 and Went Native for Its Mobile Apps In a move previously seen from Facebook, LinkedIn's new mobile apps have gone from being predominantly web-based to fully native. VentureBeat asked LinkedIn's senior director for mobile engineering why.
StageXL Moves You Easily From ActionScript 3 to HTML5 What's the best way for ActionScript (Flash) game developers to move to HTML5? This article explains why Dart and StageXL might be the solution.
Automating CSSCSS using Grunt Peter Keating shows how to automate testing for redundant CSS declarations using his new CSSCSS plugin for Grunt.
Flippin' Awesome
Testing for Asynchronous Loading of Inapplicable CSS Stylesheets Scott Jehl tested to see if browsers would cleverly ignore irrelevant stylesheets (or at least load them in the background). Unfortunately, for some browsers the results were rather poor.
From Zero to The App Store: Blueprints for An HTML5 Game A new e-book that walks through the process of building and releasing an HTML5 based game using EaselJS, CocoonJS and/or PhoneGap Build. Suitable for both beginners and expert developers new to game development. (Note: It's a paid product and we have no connection to it.)
62 Podcasts for Web Developers, Designers, and Managers Smashing Magazine has put together an epic list of podcasts and video series covering various areas of the Web platform, Web design, management, and user experience.
code and tools
Howler.js v1.1.0: Web Audio API Library with HTML5 Audio Fallback Now supports 3D positioning for sounds.
LayoutIt: Interface Builder for Bootstrap A drag and drop interface builder using the Bootstrap project.
mdv: A Polyfill for Model Driven Views A way to write dynamic HTML using HTML which, the author hopes, could become a standard implemented natively by browsers.
traceGL: A WebGL-Powered JavaScript Codeflow Visualizer Claiming to be 'like an oscilloscope, for code', traceGL is an interesting looking tool for JavaScript developers with an interesting browser based WebGL visualization angle. There's a screencast to show it off but it's not open source.
Front End Developer – Havas Lynx Europe (Manchester, UK) LYNX is seeking an experienced front-end developer to produce amazing user experiences on varied, highly innovative projects. You should have exceptional HTML5, CSS and jQuery skills and be confident in venturing ideas to ensure projects stand out. For more information and to apply, visit our careers site.
Opera Dragonfly / JavaScript developers Interested in working from beautiful Oslo? Opera Software's Desktop team is looking for passionate JavaScript developers to be involved in working on its Opera Dragonfly developer tools and other challenges.
Software Developer at Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Use your software development skills to provide tools and support to the volunteers and members of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Join our small team in Missoula, Montana in the development and maintenance of website, custom applications, and databases.
Find out how to post a job in the next issue of HTML5 Weekly
quick links
Feature Detection and Styling For The HTML5 'details' Element
Dudley Storey
Preventing the Performance Hit from Custom Fonts
CSS Tricks
Gizmox: Enterprise HTML5 Platform for Native-Quality User Interfaces
DOMLint: Test Suite Against HTML/DOM Conflicts
Juriy Zaytsev
Package Managers: An Introductory Guide For The Front-End Developer
Cody Lindley
Grunt: A Build Tool for Front-End Projects
Frederic Hemberger
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