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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 84
April 17, 2013
A Webcast Tonight: Game Jamming With HTML5
At 1PM Pacific Time today (Wednesday, April 17), Microsoft's Jesse Freeman will be giving an hour long talk about HTML5 game development, including a look at why HTML5 is the best platform for game jams. (1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern, 8pm GMT, 9pm London, 10pm Central Europe)
What Does The Web Platform Need Next? Opera's Bruce Lawson has been musing on what’s still missing from the web platform to make it more attractive to developers.
Netflix Plans Its Move From Microsoft Silverlight to HTML5 Video
from our sponsor
Frontend Masters: New Web Performance Course by Kyle Simpson
With the rise of mobile internet and lower powered devices, now more than ever we need to be focused on making our websites fast. Despite this, Steve Souders just reported that the top 1000 websites have gotten 24% heavier year over year! Learn how to slim your page weight, load resources faster and make your JavaScript faster in Kyle's new web performance workshop from Frontend Masters.

Try out a free lesson now from Kyle on why you should be using a script loader and why document.write is considered harmful.
Advanced Cross-browser Flexbox A look at an advanced flexible box layout (a.k.a. Flexbox) example along with using Modernizr to serve different styles to browsers with differing levels of flexbox support, providing the best level of cross browser support currently available.
Remote Controlling a Car with a Phone + WebSockets + Raspberry Pi A fun look at the technology behind a remote control car experiment, centered around the Raspberry Pi and an HTML5 remote control system.
Proposal: A Feature to Make 'img' Elements Not Load Until Needed A lot of discussion is underway surrounding having a 'defer' attribute for images that would cause them to not be loaded until scrolled into view.
Introduction to WebSockets WebSocket provides full-duplex communications channels over a single TCP connection. In this tutorial, Jesse Craven, explores the basics of the protocol and how to use it for some simple realtime communications.
Firefox 22 Developer Tools Update A look at some of the new developer-related features that have landed in Firefox Aurora recently.
Taming The Unicorn: Easing JavaScript Memory Profiling In Chrome DevTools Chrome has two developer tools called Heap Profiler and Timeline Memory View that help with finding memory leaks on both the desktop and mobile devices (via remote debugging). This article by Addy Osmani explains how to use them.
Creating Windows-8-like 3D Animations with CSS3 and jQuery Sara Soueidan recreates a Windows 8’s home screen including many of the animations and visualizations using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
CSS Paint Times and Page Render Weight from HTML5 Rocks
How to Create An Advanced HTML5 Placeholder Polyfill Aurelio De Rosa demonstrates how he built a polyfill for the HTML’s new placeholder functionality as a jQuery plugin.
5 Techniques for Smooth Infinite Scrolling in HTML5 from LinkedIn Engineering
HTML5GameDevs: The HTML5 Game Developers' Forum
The SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Grand Tour An excellent step-by-step walkthrough of using SVG and its various features to produce a pair of animated eyeballs.
Introducing HTML's New Template Element
How To Benefit From CSS Generated Content and Counters
StageXL Moves You Easily From ActionScript 3 to HTML5
A Look at HTML5 Video Preload Behavior
The 6 Minute Impact Starter Kit For Windows 8 & Web Jesse Freeman helps you get started with ImpactJS, a popular, commercial HTML5 game engine.
Breaking the 1000ms Time to Glass Mobile Barrier Ilya Grigorik goes in-depth on mobile performance
code and tools
Codo Player: A High Quality HTML5 and Flash Video Player Supports playlists, fullscreen, fluid layouts, and presents a unified API across Flash and HTML5 versions (ideal for full device support).
Datalist Experiment 8 tiny in-page demos (with code) of HTML5's 'datalist' element and how it works in various contexts.
store: A better way to use localStorage and sessionStorage
BrowserStack Screenshots: Rapidly Test A Page Across 200+ Browsers
Front End Developer at is the world’s leading accommodation website. We serve millions of customers all over the world from our headquarters in the center of Amsterdam where we’re looking for User Experience experts to join our front-end team.
Find out how to post a job in the next issue of HTML5 Weekly
BandFu, an Experimental Audio Playground Works with the Web Audio API.
Multi Column Experiment: Code and Demo for CSS3 Columns
last but not least..
HybridConf (Cardiff, UK - Aug 14-16) Schedule Unveiled HybridConf is a new conference that explores the relationship between design and development on the modern Web. The schedule has now been unveiled. I'll be there representing HTML5 Weekly too.
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