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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 82
April 3, 2013
Mozilla and Samsung Collaborate on Next Generation Web Browser Engine Brendan Eich has announced that Mozilla and Samsung are bringing both Mozilla's 'Rust' programming language and the Rust-based prototype browser engine 'Servo' to the Android platform.
Firefox 20: Improved Private Browsing and More WebRTC And HTML5 Features Includes a new JavaScript Profiler tool, HTML5 canvas now supports globalCompositeOperation blend modes, and HTML5 video now supports playbackRate. WebRTC's getUserMedia has also been implemented for access to the user's camera and microphone.
'Futures' Added to the DOM Standard
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'hgroup' Removed From The HTML5 Specification Ian Devlin notes that the 'hgroup' tag, used to group header tags together (such as if you had a main header followed by a tagline subheader), has been removed from the HTML5 specification after no-one stepped forward to present a reasonable use case for it.
Easy High DPI Images Over at HTML5 Rocks, Google's Boris Smus looks at several techniques used on the Web for dealing with images on both standard and high resolution displays.
Mouse Path Smoothing A demo, explanation, and some code for 'smoothing' out the process of drawing with a mouse onto an HTML5 canvas.
Building Faster Mobile Websites Some superb slides from a presentation by Ilya Grigorik that covered 'the nuts and bolts of hitting the 1000 millisecond "time to glass" target.' Digs down into HTML5 parsing, the rendering path, and JavaScript parsing.
Web Font Loading Detection, Without Timers
Add Offline Documentation in 15 Minutes using HTML5 GameClosure demonstrates how you can implement simple offline documentation for your project using an HTML5 cache manifest.
3D-ifying Documents Using CSS Transforms
Behind the Scenes of the IE10 Thief of Thieves Experience Thief of Thieves is a Web-based comic book experience built alongside Microsoft's IE team to show off IE10's standards support. This document, however, goes through what went into building the experience and how it works.
The Web is the Game Platform Following last week's news about Mozilla and Epic teaming up to bring Unreal Engine 3 to the Web, Brendan Eich shares some links and thoughts on the browser becoming a key venue for game developers.
Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with HTML5 and SVG, Part 2: Text, Paths and Basic Animation
CSS Color Module Level 4, Editor's Draft of April 1st
The State of Favicons Chris Coyier presents a short screencast about favicons, how they work, and the current browser support for various types of favicon.
code and tools
Nintendo Web Framework (HTML5, JavaScript + CSS) Announced for the Wii U A Nintendo Wii U development environment based on WebKit technologies, HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS. It supports the Wii U GamePad controller, Wii Remote controllers, and extensions such as video playback. More analysis here.
mqa.js: Simple Media Query Library A small library for managing media queries programmatically.
Retina.js: Retina Graphics for Your Site An open source script that makes it easy to serve high-resolution images to devices with retina displays
Pithy: An Internal DSL for Generating HTML in JavaScript
SVG Patterns Gallery
Frontend Developer (VHX) VHX needs a talented frontend developer experienced with Javascript/jQuery, Mustache, Jasmine, HTML5, CSS/SASS, Ruby on Rails, GitHub who works autonomously and thrives with clients. We are a growing startup committed to helping filmmakers make what they love.
AngularJS / Ruby on Rails Developer at cloudControl (Germany, Berlin) Y u no apply?
Visual Designer - 6Minutes Media GmbH Your knowledge about UI, website/screen/responsive design is strong and you can prove it with several projects from your portfolio? You are obsessed with that sweet spot between beauty and functionality? Perfect!
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Webcam Swiper: Swipe to Change Pages in a Book Point your webcam at yourself and swipe your hand left or right to turn the pages of the book. Uses getUserMedia().
MultiSlix: Simple Top Down Racer on HTML5 Canvas Use the arrow keys to accelerate and steer.
WebRTC Copy For transferring files between browsers using WebRTC technologies.
last but not least..
Preview 'border-corner-shape' Prior to Implementation Lea Verou has put together a handy interactive tool for playing with the border-corner-shape CSS property coming in the Backgrounds & Borders Level 4 spec.
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