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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 81
March 27, 2013
Scott Hanselman and Paul Irish Talk HTML5, JavaScript and Chrome Microsoft’s Scott Hanselman has a chat with Google Chrome Developer Advocate Paul Irish about HTML5, JavaScript, Chrome and the Web in general. As always, a lot to enjoy here from Paul. (Approximately 30 minutes - audio.)
Fluent Online Conference: Fluent 2013 Preview On April 4th at 10am Pacific, O'Reilly will be running a free online conference featuring four talks on JavaScript and HTML5. In particular, Wes Bos will be speaking about 'Hardware Access and Device APIs with JavaScript and HTML5', so sign up now.
Chrome 26 Released: Spell Check Improvements, Multi-User Desktop Shortcuts On Windows, and More A relatively minor upgrade with several security improvements and the typical updates of V8 and underlying WebKit technologies. In new features, async DNS lookups are now also supported on OS X and Linux and WebRTC's RTCDataChannel is now available.
The Next Web
asm.js in Firefox Nightly OdinMonkey, an asm.js optimization module for Firefox’s JavaScript engine, is now in Nightly builds and will ship with Firefox 22 in June. In certain scenarios, this offers the promise of near native performance for languages compiled down to the low-level JavaScript subset.
Mozilla and Epic Games Bringing Unreal Engine 3 to the Web
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Working with Flexbox: The New Specification Stephen Bradley goes into detail on how to use the new flexbox specification to create flexible layouts.
Adobe Developer Connection
WebRTC Data Channels for Great Multiplayer A look at how WebRTC data channels are being used in the WebGL-powered BananaBread 3D game to support peer-to-peer multiplayer.
Making HTML5 Audio Actually Work On Mobile Compared to HTML5's graphics support, HTML5 audio is still a way behind in terms of working predictably across mobile clients. In this post, Matteo Bicocchi looks at the problems he faced and the solution he built to get his game's audio working well on iOS 6+ and Android 4+.
Internet Explorer 11 to Support WebGL and Standardized Flexbox? I wouldn't bill the WebGL part as much higher than a rumor for now but this is exciting nonetheless. Let's cross our fingers..
Hands-on with Mozilla’s Web-based “Firefox OS” for Smartphones Ars Technica takes a high level look at Mozilla's new all-HTML5 and open Web technology based operating system for mobile devices.
Profiling Mobile HTML5 Apps With Chrome DevTools Over at HTML5 Rocks, John McCutchan demonstrates how to optimize your site for mobile browsers using Chrome's DevTools and an Android device.
Introduction to Custom Filters (aka CSS Shaders) A recorded presentation plus article by Paul Lewis that offers a comprehensive tour of CSS shaders (now known as 'Custom Filters'). They enable you to use the power of WebGL's shaders on regular DOM content.
Browser Versions Are Dead At HTML5.tx, Kyle Simpson gave a talk about how we should stop spending our time paying attention to browser versions and hacking around browser short falls.
code and tools
Local.js: Run User Applications on the Page using Web Workers An HTTP abstraction over the Web Worker 'postMessage' API. It allows local servers to run in browser threads, where they host HTML and act as proxies to remote services.
CSSDB: A Database Of CSS Libraries A curated collection of great CSS, Sass, LESS and Stylus libraries.
ScreenCheck: A Responsive Design Testing Tool Quickly check your website at different screen resolutions.
Icenium: A New Cloud-Based Hybrid Mobile Development Environment Promises to let you build mobile apps for iOS and Android devices if you're comfortable with HTML5 and JavaScript.
Visual Designer - 6Minutes Media GmbH Your knowledge about UI, website/screen/responsive design is strong and you can prove it with several projects from your portfolio? You are obsessed with that sweet spot between beauty and functionality? Perfect!
Senior Frontend Developer at Podio Looking for a fantastic job in Copenhagen? Look no further. We’re looking for an expert in browser technologies, who wants to put their skills to work building a world-class user experience for a product you’ll get to deploy everyday.
Front-End JavaScript Software Developer Build something great. Make an impact on how the world uses energy. Pulse Energy is looking for software developers who are passionate about building awesome web-based user interfaces.
Chrome World Wide Maze: The Latest Chrome Experiment Turn web sites into a 3D maze game, powered by WebGL. Reminds me of Super Monkey Ball. Requires Chrome.
The Star Wars Intro in Pure CSS3 Thanks to 3D Transform and Animations
Pure CSS 'Peeling a Sticky Label' Effect
Tear-able Cloth: A Physics + Canvas Experiment on Codepen
quick links
Code School and Google Launch 'Discover DevTools' Course
Code School
What's the CSS :scope pseudo-class for?
HTML5 Rocks
Paul Irish's TechCab Confessions
YouTube / Kendo UI
Vertical Text with CSS 3 Writing Modes
David Storey
WebRTC DataChannels Now in Chrome Stable (26)
'Build New Games' Birthday Party (Boston, March 30th)
Build New Games / Bocoup
Fixing Appcache: A Proposal to Get Us Started
3D WebRTC: 3D Visual Communication in A Browser
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