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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 80
March 20, 2013
Interview with Steve Faulkner: HTML5 Editor and New 'HTML5 Doctor'
Bruce Lawson interviews Steve Faulkner, a co-editor of the HTML5 spec at the W3C. The questions are mostly about practical things like getting new features added to HTML, WHATWG/W3C spec divergence, and the 'hgroup' tag.
Developing A Responsive, Retina-Friendly Site (Part 2) The follow up to an extremely popular article by Paul Stamatiou. This time he looks at the issues behind responsive and Retina-friendly images.
Mozilla Shows Off Powerful New Developer Tools for Firefox Webmonkey summarizes the work, including a link to a great post by Mozilla's Paul Rouget.
Front-End Conf 2013: St Petersburg, Florida (June 21-22) Capped at 250 attendees with 48 tickets remaining as of now.
CanvasMark 2013: An HTML5 Canvas 2D Rendering and JavaScript Benchmark
from our sponsor
Accelerated Rendering in Chrome: The Layer Model This HTML5 Rocks article by Tom Wiltzius explains the basic model that underpins hardware accelerated rendering of web content in Chrome.
How I Built the Paint 4 Kids Windows Store App Using Only HTML5 and SVG Pietro Brambati demonstrates how he build a simple coloring app now available on the Windows Store using modern Web technologies and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics).
Touch And Mouse: Together Again For The First Time Over on HTML5 Rocks, Chris Wilson and Paul Kinlan look at how how touch capabilities are built into the browser, how you can integrate this new interface mechanism into your existing apps and how touch can play nicely with mouse input.
Shadow DOM 201: CSS and Styling Google's Eric Bidelman looks at some of the things you can do with Shadow DOM.
code and tools
Chart.js: HTML5 Charts for Your Website Easy, object oriented client side graphs for designers and developers. Built around HTML5 Canvas. Certainly looks very attractive.
Capturing: Improving Performance of the Adaptive Web Capturing is a new client-side API that gives developers full control over the DOM before any resources have started to load. This provides more control over performance to developers on the front-end.
SIML: A New Markup Language to Try Out James Padolsey has created SIML, a new markup language that provides a 'dead simple alternative to HTML' and was inspired by Sass and Haml. The main link above is to a demo of SIML but you can read about his motivations here.
BromBone: 'Headless Browser As A Service', Built On PhantomJS A no-install, third party service for testing pages, performing tests, etc. Not cheap but an interesting idea.
Sublime Web Inspector: Debug Javascript Right in The Sublime Text Editor
ModernWeb: A Widget That Encourages Users to Upgrade Their Browsers A widget that encourages users to improve their web experience by updating their browsers to an HTML5/CSS3 capable one.
Quintus: A Easy-to-use JavaScript and HTML5 Game Engine A Directory of Tools for the 'Web Platform'
Senior Software Engineer (Front End) at (San Francisco) Gigwalk is reinventing what it means to find work in a mobile world. We are looking for talented folks who want to be a part of building a great company. Must have HTML/5, CSS/3, Javascript (jQuery, but not only jQuery), and a love for API's.
Front-End Brainiac at VividCortex Your mission: build visualization/analysis UI for a monitoring and analysis system. You'll use Angular, D3, Testacular, and CSS/HTML5. It's complex, real-time, and you'll handle 3.5 trillion data points per day. Is that enough of a challenge for you?
Javascript Guru (San Francisco, CA) If you like hard problems, enjoy working with cutting-edge technologies, and have a good sense of usability, adventure and humor, Krux could offer you your dream job.
Webflow CSS3 Playground: Design Responsive Websites Visually
An early preview of some interesting CSS styling tools. Only works in Chrome for now but cross browser support is promised.
Microsoft's Minesweeper Benchmark / Demo A 'Test Drive' demo built on open Web technologies including HTML5, CSS3, WOFF, touch, animations, transitions, audio, video, canvas, transforms, and power efficiency patterns.
Make A Silent Movie by Talking to Chrome A clever idea built around the new Web Speech API as supported by Chrome. Narrate silent movies on the fly and then share the results.
quick links
How Pointer Events Will Make Cross-Browser Touch Support Easy
David Rousset
CSS Fragmentation In WebKit
Adobe Web Platform Blog
Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse with HTML5 and SVG
MSDN Script Junkie
CSS Animations Off The UI Thread in Chrome for Android
Stoyan Stefanov
Frame Rate HUD on Chrome for Android
Ariya Hidayat
The DOM Isn't Slow, You Are
Kory Nunn
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