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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 8
October 12, 2011
Welcome to issue 8 of HTML5 Weekly. Let's get straight on to the links :-)
News and Latest Developments
Firefox for (Android) Tablets Now Available for Download Firefox has had an Android tablet-focused version in the pipeline for a while now and an early release is now available to download in the Aurora channel. It supports many popular Android devices but not, notably, the Android SDK emulator.
The Pusher Challenge: A Small Realtime Web Challenge Pusher is a popular WebSockets based service for adding realtime functionality to your webapps. They've launched a contest (ending this Sunday) where you just need to use Pusher to add some realtime functionality to your existing webapp and you could win a MacBook Air.
PhoneGap to Become an Apache Project as Adobe Acquires Nitobi
Dart Weekly: My Forthcoming Newsletter about Google's New Dart Language
Articles and Tutorials
HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) and You To dodge the cookie sniffers, using HTTPS has become popular even on traditionally non-critical Web sites. But many users still type in 'http' to access them initially. HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) is designed to solve this problem and it's already available in Firefox and Chrome.
A Masterclass in CSS3 Animations In a bumper packed article for .Net magazine, Estelle Weyl takes you through the world of CSS animations, going from simple size changes up to movement and bouncing.
Old School Palette Color Cycling Effect with HTML5
'Color cycling' was a common technique in old 8 bit video games to achieve either a psychedelic effect or the effect of movement by changing color palette entries rather than changing graphics directly.
Apple AirPlay for HTML5 Videos Through x-webkit-airplay Attribute A link to Apple's iOS 4.3 documentation showing that HTML5 video elements can have a x-webkit-airplay attribute set in order to allow users to display the video over an AirPlay link.
Simplifying the Web Audio API with Audia Matt Hackett of Lost Decade Games talks about the Web Audio API currently available in Chrome and shows off Audia, an HTML5 library for simplifying sound playback through said API.
Current and Future Enhancements for HTML5 Videos in Firefox
Fast Animation with iOS's WebKit Joe Hewitt looks at some of the tricks behind making animations within iOS's Webkit browser as smooth and stutter-free as they are in native iOS apps.
Microsoft's Golden Ticket: Internet Explorer 10
The 25 Best New Web Performance Links of Q3 2011
Report on the Workshop on for Games
The HTML5 Element Index A handy glossary of HTML elements that are new or have been redefined in HTML5. For each element there's a short description, a link to the specification, and a code example.
Manifested: Tool to Generate Manifests from Web Sites If you want to do HTML5 offline file caching for your site, you'll need to create a manifest file, and Manifested will help you do just that for any page you care to tell it about.
Code and Libraries
Kerning.js: CSS, Meet Kerning (and other type tweaks) Kerning.js is a simple JavaScript library that adds extra functionality to your CSS to adjust the kerning of your text, individual letter sizing, arbitrary obliques, and word colors. I love this.
Sticky: Simple Key/Value Browser Storage using HTML5 Tech Sticky is a simple key/value browser-storage cache using HTML5 storage APIs, including indexedDB, webSQL and localStorage. Sticky persists to memory, indexedDB, webSQL, localStorage, globalStorage and cookies.
LimeJS: A 'Native-Experience' HTML5 Game Framework LimeJS is an HTML5 game framework for building fast, native-experience games for all modern touch screen devices and desktop browsers.
Playn: Cross Platform Game Lib Taking Java to HTML5 PlayN is an open-source cross-platform abstraction layer that uses Google's GWT compiler to take one code base written in Java and compile it into targets that run it as HTML5, Flash, Java, or as a native Android application.
Lawnchair: Simple JSON Storage for HTML5 Mobile Apps
Laker Compendium – Designing Digital Publications in HTML5
Kern Type: A Type Kerning Game
Kern Type is a simple but effective HTML5-powered game where you have to 'kern' (manipulate the spacing between) letters rendered in various fonts. It's very well done (and not as easy as it looks).
Team Fortress 2 Levels Rendered with WebGL: Video + Source
Plink: Chrome and Web Audio API Experiment for Collaborative Music
Last but not least..
The Web Ahead - Weekly Podcast on Web Technologies (and HTML5)
The Web Ahead is a fresh new podcast from the 5by5 stable by Jen Simmons. It's all about Web technologies and the future of the Web. Episode topics so far have included HTML5, Firefox 7, and responsive design.
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