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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 79
March 13, 2013
New Book: 'Web Audio API' by Boris Smus, Published by O'Reilly
Google engineer Boris Smus has got together with O'Reilly to work on a book all about the Web Audio API, as currently used on Chrome, Safari, and Mobile Safari. It's out this month in both print and DRM-free e-book formats.
Browser Diet: A Practical Look At Losing Weight (In The Browser)
An attractive piece of open source documentation put together by a cadre of front-end performance experts that runs through 27 simple front-end performance points. Hopefully more people can contribute to this and really make it definitive.
Browserhacks: Browser Specific CSS and JS Hacks An extensive list of browser specific CSS and JavaScript hacks.
First Rough Draft of the 'Web Components' Spec Released Web Components are a way to include and reuse HTML documents in other HTML documents.
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HTML5DevConf Deadlines
If you have not already registered for the HTML5DevConf, now is a good time before another price tier goes up. It's the largest Javascript and HTML5 mobile web developer conference in the world. Join the technical trendsetting tradition. Use code HTML5WEEKLY-10 for 10% off.
The Good and Bad of Level 4 Media Queries Stu Cox looks at the bleeding edge developments of media queries, including using different styles based on JavaScript availability, ambient light, touch screen support, and different sizes of pointer.
Using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) in the Browser A handy code-rich primer by Chris Coyier.
Chrome Developer Tools: Using the Console Chrome's JavaScript console is used for two main purposes. For logging information via the Console API and for interactively executing JavaScript code in the context of the currently running web application. There's also a second feature about doing mobile emulation with the Chrome developer tools.
A N00b's Look At HTML5 Game Development Christopher Bennage is working on a series of posts covering his progress in building his first HTML5 Canvas based game.
Font Inspector and 'time' and 'data' Elements – Firefox Development Highlights Firefox Nightly gets a new Font Inspector and support for the 'time' and 'data' elements.
The Media Fragments Module Media Fragments provides a syntax for extending the URLs of media files so that only specifically chosen portions are made available to the user (e.g. a selected portion of an image or song).
Writing Your First Firefox OS App Rob Lauer shows how you can build a native application for the new Firefox OS using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Five Challenges for Publishers Adopting HTML5
Inter-window Messaging using localStorage
WebRTC and Google's Impressive Milestones Last Week
The Story of the Teapot in HTML Erik Meijer and Brian Beckman give an entertaining talk looking at how they rendered a 3D teapot with just HTML and CSS. It goes a lot further than that though..
A Faster, Smaller and More Beautiful Web with the 'WebP' Image Format WebP is a new image format that provides both lossless and lossy compression with significant file size losses versus other common formats. Google hosted an online developer meeting where they walked through the format, why it's useful, and how to deploy it for yourself.
The WebGL Podcast: Episode 3 - Mr Doob
code and tools
Pixi.js: A Fast HTML 5 2D Rendering Engine That Uses WebGL with Canvas Fallback The aim of this project is to provide a fast lightweight 2D library that works across all devices. It leans on WebGL for performance but requires no prior knowledge of it. There's a blog post that explains more and a demo game to enjoy.
Stitches: An HTML5 Sprite Sheet Generator A handy online tool that lets you drag on the images you want and will then produce a sprite sheet ready for you to use.
grunt-spritesmith: Grunt Library for Creating Spritesheets and Their Coordinates
FieldState: Minimise Your DOM Logic for Form Field Control A powerful, mini, HTML5 attributes-based API for responsively controlling the required/available states of form fields.
ZURB Foundation 4 Released: The Advanced Responsive Front-end Framework
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Experiment No 8: Responding to Voice Commands If you're using a recent version of Chrome, try out this Web Speech API demo that lets you control a page using speech alone. It kept thinking I was saying 'make the page Dhaka' so the technology might have a way to go yet.
Zephyros Anemos A rather technical 3D landscape and navigation demo based around WebGL.
last but not least..
Upcoming Web Design Events (March-October 2013) Smashing Magazine has put together a mammoth list of Web design and development related events for over the next several months.
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