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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 78
March 6, 2013
WebKit for Developers Paul Irish gives an excellent explanation of what WebKit (the open source browser engine, as used in Chrome and Safari) is, isn't, and why browsers vary in their support if they're using the same engine. A truly useful walkthrough.
W3C's Extension Spec How To Want to write an extension specification to propose a new HTML feature? This new 'how to' on the W3C wiki explains how to go about it.
Opera Releases Beta Version of New WebKit-powered Android Browser Paul Irish had the best quote about this: 'Opera 14 beta is not only hugely capable, but delivers the Chrome 25 featureset (roughly) to the older Android 2.3! Buh-bye Android Browser.'
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Frontend Masters: New JavaScript Course by Douglas Crockford
Douglas claims JavaScript has, “some of the best parts of any programming language ever created”. He explains what these “good parts” are and then expands the audience's knowledge with JavaScript challenges.

Take Crockford's mind-expanding JavaScript challenges in this new course from Frontend Masters!
Myth-busting the HTML5 Performance of transform:translate vs. top/left Jonathan Deutsch, one of the folks behind Tumult Hype, looks at the common 'use CSS transforms instead of position and top/left to move elements' performance advice to see if it's really a good idea.
HTML5 Form Input Types Richard Clark looks at the HTML5 form input types like search, email, url, range, datetime, and color.
The Problem Of CSS Form Elements The CSS 2 specification did not address the problem of how form elements should be presented to users. Gabriele Romanato looks at some of the issues caused and how to work around some of them.
Fill Up Your Hard Disk with Just A Single Click Using HTML5 localStorage The HTML5 Web Storage API lets webapps and web pages store data within your browser at larger sizes than cookies will allow. The most popular browsers limit usage to between 2.5 and 10 megabytes per 'origin' but subdomains don't count. Feross Aboukhadijeh has come up with the tongue in cheek HTML5 'Hard Disk Filler' API to show off an interesting abuse of the system.
Book Excerpt: The Definitive Guide to HTML5 WebSocket In this excerpt, the authors explain how to layer protocols with WebSocket and decision points in building a higher-level protocol over WebSocket.
The Web Ahead #49: Discussing CSS Layouts with Rachel Andrew New CSS technologies, such as flexbox, grid layout, and CSS regions promise for an interesting future with Web page layouts. Rachel Andrew and Jen Simmons get together to discuss the developments.
An Introduction to The Crafty Game Engine A walkthrough on Build New Games of creating a simple game using JavaScript and the open source Crafty library.
Submitting an Internet Explorer Bug to Microsoft Rey Bango walks through the steps involved.
HTML5 Snake Source Code Walkthrough Jason Straughan walks through the code to his first HTML5 game.
Build a Street Fighter Demo with CSS Animations and JavaScript
Design From the Inside Out With CSS Min-Content
code and tools
A Bookmarklet That Can Open URLs In Any Of 53 Different Android Browsers Manymo is a service that runs fast, cloud based Android emulators and their new 'Open In Android' bookmarklet shows the browser's current page in any of 53 different Android OS and screen size combinations.
Introducing SimpleWebRTC.js and A library for building WebRTC apps more simply, although it does depend on a specific server. is an example video chat app for up to 6 people that uses SimpleWebRTC.js.
Resemble.js: Image Analysis and Comparison on HTLM5 Canvas
DOM4: New, Fully Tested Polyfill for New DOM Level 4 Entries
Senior UI and JavaScript Engineer at Orbitz Worldwide (Chicago) This position is with our UI Component Team, responsible for maintaining and improving the frameworks for the UI and Web layers of our Global Platform.
Senior Javascript Developer at Go Daddy This position can be based in AZ, Denver or Sunnyvale. Write low maintenance, high reliability code to be used in a highly trafficked 24/7 environment. Work closely with the UX design team and build front-end interfaces
JavaScript Engineer @ Tastemaker Interested in interior home design? We're looking for a talented front-end engineer with the ability to hand code rich interactive front end designs for web apps with JavaScript. Help us push the limits of what can be done in web browsers and mobile devices.
Shadertoy: Build and Share WebGL Shaders Lots of cool 3D demos here along with a live editor experience for building and tweaking WebGL shaders.
Scriptless Slides A clever slideshow/presentation prototype that uses CSS along with no JavaScript to do its work.
Shiny Happy WebAudio MIDI-fied Drum Machine
mk.js: Canvas-based Mortal Kombat Game/Demo
last but not least's HTML5 Game Development Competition for Students (Only) Sponsored by GitHub, Mozilla, ImpactJS and others.
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