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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 77
February 27, 2013
IE10 for Windows 7 Globally Available for Consumers and Businesses First available in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10's market share looks set to leap with a full release on Windows 7. IE9 users will pick it up as a background update in coming weeks. IE10 promises more speed and a '60% increase in supported modern Web standards.'
15 Talks from W3Conf Available to Watch Now W3C's W3Conf took place in San Francisco last week and videos of the sessions are now being shared. Enjoy Lea Verou talking about CSS secrets, Ariya Hidayat on fluid UIs, and Tomomi Imura looking at real life examples of HTML5 on mobile devices.
Google Releases Chrome 25 Includes voice recognition support through the Web Speech API, the ability for developers to emulate multiple media types in the Developer Tools, and the blocking of silent extension installation.
Intel Acquires AppMobi's HTML5 Developer Tools And Staff Intel accelerates its rapid movement into the world of HTML5.
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HTML's New 'template' Tag: Standardizing Client-Side Templating Google's Eric Bidelman takes a look at the implications of the W3C HTML Templates spec along with its new 'template' tag and how to use it.
Confound Malicious Middlemen with HTTPS and HTTP Strict Transport Security Mike West looks at a mechanism for ensuring your users' data is secure while in transit, HTTP Strict Transport Security.
Implementing Virtual Swimming Lane Graphics using CSS3 Loved this explanation of a practical usage of CSS3 perspective.
Up and Running with Modernizr Chris Griffith explains how you can use Modernizr to detect support for cutting-edge features and adjust your site or conditionally load scripts accordingly.
How to Write Portable WebGL Code An interesting (and technical) look at how to make your WebGL creations portable across multiple devices, including techniques to work around the limitations you'll encounter.
How to Detect A User's Location with HTML5 Geolocation [Video]
code and tools
NetBeans IDE 7.3: NetBeans Introduces HTML5 Support NetBeans is a popular open source IDE, particularly in the Java world. With the latest 7.3 release, it introduces HTML5 rich client Web and mobile development support, with Chrome integration, a CSS3 style editor, a revamped JavaScript editor, a new JavaScript debugger, and more. There's a 10 minute screencast showing off the release.
NGINX Announces Support for WebSocket Protocol The popular open source Web server now has WebSocket functionality baked into the core.
Firefox Enables WebRTC, H.264 And MP3 Support By Default In Its Nightly Release Channel
Chrome 26 Beta: Template Element, Unprefixed CSS Transitions, and More Includes support for the ‘template’ HTML element (as used in Web Components), unprefixed CSS transitions, Encrypted Media Extensions, and support for the HTML ‘main’ element. Note that MathML support has been disabled due to ‘security and stability issues.’
HTML5 Based Game Engines and Frameworks A handy table with over 100 different HTML5 related game engines to compare.
Fancy Input: CSS3 Text Typing Effects for Input Fields A little bit over the top but I enjoyed this.
Emmet: The Essential Toolkit for Web Developers A plugin for many popular text editors which improves HTML & CSS workflow.
Cannon.js: Simple 3D Physics Engine Written in JavaScript
svg.js - A JavaScript Library for Manipulating and Animating SVG
A {Java,Coffee,Live}Script Terminal For Firefox
Senior UI Engineer - Front-End Developer Orbitz is looking for engineers to focus on front-end development for our global family of travel websites. You should have a passion for shipping client-side UI code which will be used by millions of people worldwide.
Full Stack Engineer at Divshot (Los Angeles, CA or Remote) Divshot is looking for multi-talented engineers who can help us build amazing tools that developers love. Want to work with bleeding edge browser tech and shape the future of web development? Drop us a line!
JavaScript Engineer at the Guardian (London) The Guardian is looking for a strong JavaScript developer to work on its content platform and new editorial tools. You'll be familiar with MV* JavaScript frameworks (Backbone, AngularJS, Knockout) and be confident using AMD patterns to organise your JS.
Find out how to post a job in the next issue of HTML5 Weekly
Bombermine: Massively Multiplayer Bomberman on HTML5 and AngularJS
Very striking. Uses HTML5 Canvas and AngularJS as its main technologies. Note that it may be under heavy load as Reddit and Hacker News have picked up on it today too.
Crypt Demo: A Striking 3D Demo Powered by UNIGINE and WebGL
quick links
HTML5: 10 Provocative Predictions For The Future
HTML5 Readiness: Browser Readiness for HTML5 Features Over Time
Irish & Manian
Upfront Podcast: A Podcast for Front-end Developers
Best Practices for Continuous Integration on an HTML5 Webapp
Fluent 2013: Web Browser Tech Conference ('Best Price' Closes Tomorrow)
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