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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 76
February 20, 2013
Firefox 19 Released: Gets Built-in HTML5-powered PDF Reader The release notes for Firefox 19 which was pushed to release channel users yesterday. It includes a long awaited HTML5-based PDF viewer, Canvas elements can now export their content as an image blob, a Remote Web Console is available for connecting to Firefox on Android or Firefox OS, CSS viewport length units are now implemented, and more.
Edge 2013 Videos Now Online Edge 2013 was a cutting edge Web development conference that took place in London earlier this month. Videos of all Edge panels are now available online. Topics covered include networking, performance, responsive layouts, and testing.
Why Mozilla Matters Brendan Eich, CTO of Mozilla, has written an essay in response to last week's news from Opera.
Just Released: 'The Definitive Guide to HTML5 WebSocket' By Vanessa Wang, Frank Salim, and Peter Moskovits. Published by Apress.
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The 'progress' Element HTML5 Doctor takes a look at an HTML element that provides a handy progress indicator/bar.
Making An Accessible Dialog Box Nicholas C Zakas demonstrates how to avoid accessibility disaster when creating dialog boxes. It's surprisingly simple.
Creating a Logo using Custom Fonts A look at an interesting technique which lets you have a totally unique and custom logo built around custom fonts, allowing a copy and paste of the logo to resolve to the correct text.
Game Console Browsers A handy reference of different games consoles, their included Web browsers, and the support for Web standards that they offer.
CSS3 Transitions and Animations An excellent introductory tutorial / set of examples of CSS3's transitions and animations features.
code and tools
PeerJS: True Peer-to-Peer Data in The Browser PeerJS completes WebRTC as an API abstraction, connection broker, and binary serialization format.
vminpoly: A Polyfill for the vh, vw and vmin CSS Units 1 vh, vw and vmin represents 1% of the viewport's width, height or the smallest of the two respectively.
Anima: CSS Animations with A Soul Uses CSS transforms and 3D transforms together with JavaScript to create and control animations. You can start, stop, cancel animations and even create event-driven flows.
Game Closure Open Sources DevKit, Its Battle Tested HTML5 Mobile Game Development Framework Game Closure's HTML5 and JavaScript-based game development framework has been proprietary until now, but last week they open sourced it. Battle tested with dozens of games already, this is ready to use out of the box for production-ready mobile games.
Sass Media Queries: Useful Media Query Mixins for Sass Goes well with Compass or Bourbon.
metro-bootstrap: Twitter Bootstrap with Metro style Or, as Microsoft now calls it, the "Microsoft design language."
glsl.js: JavaScript + GLSL Library A subset of a WebGL library that focuses on making the GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) easy and accessible for visualization and game development purposes in both 2D and 3D.
Simple Frontend Boilerplate A starting point to develop websites or web applications without forcing a specific MV* framework or modular loader.
dropzone.js: Provides Drag and Drop File Uploads with Image Previews
Groundwork CSS: A Responsive HTML5, CSS and JavaScript Framework
HTML5 Character Entity Reference Chart
Front End Developer for National Geographic Society Want to help create the next engaging phase of digital storytelling? Are you JavaScript, HTML, and CSS centric? We're looking for people who are versed in our industry and are excited to keep learning. Django experience a plus!
JavaScript Engineer @ Tastemaker Interested in interior home design? We're looking for a talented front-end engineer with the ability to hand code rich interactive front end designs for web apps with JavaScript. Help us push the limits of what can be done in web browsers and mobile devices.
JavaScript Engineer at the Guardian (London) The Guardian is looking for a strong JavaScript developer to work on its content platform and new editorial tools. You'll be familiar with MV* JavaScript frameworks (Backbone, AngularJS, Knockout) and be confident using AMD patterns to organise your JS.
Find out how to post a job in the next issue of HTML5 Weekly
WebQuake: An HTML5 WebGL port of Quake The demo crashes my Chrome Canary just after the level appears but it's an interesting attempt. Chrome and Firefox on Windows are recommended by the author.
SVG Pie Timer A cute demonstration of how easily it is to produce and manipulate SVG (vector graphics) from JavaScript. Includes editable code.
ASCII Camera: Webcam + getUserMedia + ASCII Art
last but not least..
HTML Dog: HTML and CSS Tutorials and References A pretty good general resource for HTML5 tags, CSS properties and short tutorials on both.
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