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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 75
February 13, 2013
Opera Switches to WebKit and V8 (And Reaches 300 Million Users)
A big day for the browser ecosystem with Opera announcing it'll be using the open source WebKit browser engine and Google's V8 JavaScript engine in its future browser products. There has been a lot of discussion about this today, some choice opinions coming from John Resig, Tristan Nitot, Christian Heilmann, Opera's own Haavard, and others.
Intel's Tool to Port Native iOS Code to HTML5 Not a 'click and go' solution by any means, but Intel's 'HTML5 App Porter Tool' is designed to help with converting Objective C into JavaScript, iOS API calls into the equivalent HTML5 API calls, XIB layouts into HTML and CSS, and Xcode project files into MSVS project files. The tool itself is available from Intel's HTML5 developer zone.
The CSS Grid Layout Spec Reaches W3C Editor's Draft
W3C Declares DRM In-Scope For HTML
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Cross-Browser Camera Capture with getUserMedia/WebRTC Daniel Davis notes that as Firefox is now adding support for getUserMedia, three of the major desktop browsers have the ability to get data from cameras without the use of plugins. He shows off how to make it work.
Making the Move to HTML5 as a Console Game Developer The first of a three-part series where two seasoned console game developers look at the process of moving to HTML5 development, including the differences between working in C and JavaScript and how the browser fares as a target environment.
Detecting Redirects with the Navigation Timing API It doesn't work cross-domain but Adam Prescott shows off an interesting feature of the Navigation Timing API nonetheless: the ability to detect redirects and how long they took.
A Simple Look at Web Workers An introduction to 'web workers', JavaScript scripts that are executed in a separate thread behind the scenes and unlinked to the current page's DOM.
Introducing Collie: A High-Performance Animation Library for JavaScript Sangmin Shim demonstrates how to create animations for the web that perform well on desktop and mobile browsers using his Collie JavaScript library.
Dissecting Gmail's Email Attachments A dig into Gmail's elegant e-mail attachment upload system and how it leans on modern browser technologies.
Using Web Debugging Proxies The latest from Microsoft's Rey Bango.
Why don't Web sites immediately display their text these days?
watching / listening
Front-End Tooling & Testing Panel at EdgeConf Paul Irish, David Blooman, Remy Sharp, and Simon Stewart are featured in this recent panel on front-end tooling and testing techniques at the recent EdgeConf event in London. Paul's handy slidedeck is also available to navigate for yourself.
Upfront Podcast #3 - CSS Layouts with Phil Nash Upfront is a new podcast which features discussions on the latest front-end tooling and best practices. It's by Jack Franklin and Ben Howdle and this week digs into CSS layout technologies with Phil Nash. One to add to your subscription list.
TheCodePlayer: Video Style Walkthroughs of Building Things with HTML5, CSS3 and JS
A Walk with Paul Irish
code and tools
Adobe's Polyfill for CSS Regions An experimental polyfill that uses JavaScript to bring CSS Regions functionality to browsers that don't support the feature. CSS Regions is a feature Adobe are particularly keen on that can lend itself to 'magazine-like' layouts for the Web.
CSS-Filters-Polyfill: Get CSS Filters Early This polyfill takes the official CSS filters syntax and translates it to the different techniques that existing browsers can use to produce the effects.
Sassaparilla: A Fast Way to Start Responsive Web Design Projects A quick-start template based around Sass and Compass.
cmdrslog: A Chrome Extension for Automatic Screenshots on Refresh A developer focused extension that can take automatic screenshots of certain Web pages whenever you refresh a tab.
Street Fighter II's Ken using CSS3 Animation and Sprites
Mostly a bit of fun, but the code is live and ready to be edited and uses JavaScript and CSS3 animation techniques. There's also a blog post about how it works.
MIHTool: The iOS Web Debugger
Senior Front-End Developer at The Beans Group, London (UK) We're looking for a senior front-end developer with experience in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (both hand-crafted and libraries) to join our team undertaking a range of projects on a full-time basis. Rails, HAML and mobile apps are desirable, but not essential.
Platform and Open Data Developer at State in London We're looking for a talented and creative individual to join our team. As well as great front-end web experience (JavaScript, CSS) you're an enthusiast for open data and APIs. You'll be creating tools and services for partners, developers and our core site.
Front End Developer (Amsterdam) - Now hiring 10 Devs Join the world's #1 accommodation website: We are looking for 10 sharp User Experience experts to join our Front-End team of Designers, Developers & Researchers in Amsterdam. This position is open to worldwide candidates– visa and relocation package incl. Join our international team.
Hello Chrome & Firefox, meet server-less WebRTC! An interesting demo from Firebase that lets you do server-less browser-to-browser video calls. This links to the code but click through to the demo and talk to fellow HTML5 Weekly subscribers, perhaps? :-)
Responsive Typography Demo An intriguing demo that marries WebRTC's getUserMedia feature with responsive design to get text that scales depending on how far away you are from the webcam. A bit flaky but cool.
Gestures + Reveal.JS: Webcam-based Gesture Recognition A new Chrome Experiment by William Walter Wu that allows one to navigate a slide deck by waving at one's computer.
Motion Blur via Non-Zero Exposure Time Rendering You need WebGL to check this out.
last but not least..
Using WebAPIs to Make The Web Layer More Capable A comprehensive look at the suite of modern Web APIs we have available to us.
Issue 6 of The Modern Web Observer The Modern Web Observer is a newsletter we publish for jQuery and responsive Web design consultancy appendTo every two weeks. It's suitable for front-end developers but is also aimed at CEOs, CTOs and managers in our space. So check it out, and if you like it, consider passing it up the hierarchy as a sort of 'HTML5 Weekly for CEOs'? :-)
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