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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 74
February 6, 2013
Microsoft Launches Testing Made Easier in Internet Explorer
Microsoft has worked hard on making IE10 compatible with open Web standards but earlier versions vary in their support. Recognizing the issue, Microsoft has launched '', a site dedicated to helping developers support modern and older versions of IE with their sites.
Hello Firefox, This is Chrome Calling! For the first time, Chrome and Firefox can 'talk' to each other via WebRTC using RTCPeerConnection. WebRTC is a set of technologies bringing real time voice, video and low-delay communication to the browser. Mozilla also has a post that goes into more depth.
from our sponsor
O'Reilly Fluent: A Web Technology Conference in San Francisco (May 28-30)
Now in its second year, Fluent is an O'Reilly conference dedicated to JavaScript, Node, HTML5 and browser technologies. The program has now gone live and includes folks like Brendan Eich, Lea Verou, Heather Arthur, Ben & Dion, and Ilya Grigorik (who's giving a workshop on Web performance). Over 900 people came last year and it looks to be even more exciting in 2013. See you there.
Five Things You Can Do to Make HTML5 Perform Better Mozilla's Christian Heilmann shares five quick mostly visually oriented HTML5 performance tips.
Introducing Web Activities: An API to Delegate Tasks from One Webapp to Another Mozilla's Robert Nyman introduces Web Activities, a new API Mozilla is working on that acts as a counter-proposal to Web Intents, as championed by Google.
Why You Should Use WebGL Lots of useful stats, rationale, and useful links.
High Performance Networking in Google Chrome A draft chapter from the upcoming "The Performance of Open Source Applications", a collection of essays about performance optimization. A lot to enjoy here.
2012 into 2013: Web Standards in Perspective Chris Mills looks back at most exciting web standards developments of 2012, and looks ahead to what we can expect in 2013.
Web Audio on iOS By default, Web Audio is muted on Mobile Safari until there's a 'user activation'. This blog post digs into what you can do to mitigate the issue.
Basic Canvas Animation Using JavaScript If you still haven't played with HTML5 Canvas elements yet but fancy giving it a go, this is a nice entry level tutorial demonstrating how to perform some basic Canvas operations in JavaScript.
A Peek at Internet Explorer's Developer Tools Rey Bango looks at the developer tools in IE10. A lot of developers aren't aware of these, despite offering handy features like emulating prior versions of IE.
Writing Modular Frontend Components in 2013 A .net magazine feature on using the concept of encapsulation in front end development to produce modular components.
Rapid Templating: Designing in the Browser with Sass, Compass, and Serve A slide deck.
5 Reasons A CEO Should Champion Responsive Web Design
In Defense Of 'rem' Units
Creating an HTML5 Responsive-Ready Contact Form with JavaScript Detection
code and tools
Conditionizr: The Conditional Free Legacy, Retina, Script and Style Loader Conditionizr is a fast and lightweight (3KB) javascript utility that detects browser and pixel ratio, allowing you to serve conditional JavaScript and CSS files. Rebuilt from it's jQuery predecessor, it's now 50% faster.
howler.js: Modern Web Audio JavaScript Library Defaults to Web Audio API, falls back to HTML5 audio. Includes automatic caching, fading, playback of multiple sounds simultaneously, etc.
Lazy Line Painter: jQuery Plugin for SVG Path Animation The demo on the homepage says it all.
Vague.js: Experiment Script to Blur any HTML Element Using an SVG Filter
Smooth Scrolling to the Top of the Page Using CSS3 Animations
Hint.css: A Tooltip Library in CSS
Making Internet Explorer Testing Easier with new IE VMs
Grow with the cloud at Amazon Web Services Want to influence thousands? Here's your chance: AWS is seeking Node.js / JavaScript engineers to build the suite of tools and SDKs thousands of developers will use to create their applications. Apply now and grow with the cloud at AWS.
Platform and Open Data Developer at State in London We're looking for a talented and creative individual to join our team. As well as great front-end web experience (JavaScript, CSS) you're an enthusiast for open data and APIs. You'll be creating tools and services for partners, developers and our core site.
Back-end and Front-end JavaScript Developer (Paris, France)
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly
Find Your Way to Oz: Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful
A new Google Chrome Experiment built by Disney and UNIT9 that takes an interactive journey through a Kansas circus. It's really pushing the limits of browser technologies but more interesting, IMHO, is the epically in-depth HTML5 Rocks post about how it works and was built.
last but not least..
A Spreadsheet of 2D Canvas Libraries A summary of 22 different HTML5 Canvas libraries including license info, whether they have unit tests, if they support IE 8, and other useful bits.
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