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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 73
January 30, 2013
Developing A Responsive, Retina-Friendly Site Paul Stamatiou has put together a superb bumper-packed tutorial on building a responsive, resolution-independent site with a focus on the back-end tools (including Grunt and Jekyll) as much as the front-end tech. So much to enjoy here.
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Spec Becomes W3C Candidate Recommendation
An HTML5 Game Development Course on Udacity First mentioned back in H5W #62, Peter Lubbers, Colt McAnlis and Sean Bennett's free HTML5 game development course is now just several days away from starting.
Overdrive Demonstrates HTML5 Reading on Nintendo's Wii-U
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What's your mobile strategy?
The best minds in mobile converge at BDConf this April in Orlando. Join 200 other mobile website designers and developers for two days of mobile inspiration and a day of optional workshops. Speakers include Luke Wroblewski, Cameron Moll, Paul Irish, Rachel Hinman, Aaron Gustafson & more. Register by 2/21/2013 and use discount code HTML5 to save $100.
DRM in HTML5 Microsoft, Netflix and Google are trying to take their Encrypted Media Extensions spec to the next stage of standardization at W3C and, naturally, a fierce debate has begun over the role of DRM in modern, open Web standards.
HTML 5.1 and the 'main' Element The new 'main' element currently hovers between inclusion in the final HTML5 spec and 5.1, based upon how quickly it gets implemented in browsers. Dudley Storey looks at what's going on with it.
A First Look at Chrome 'Workspaces' Simply your 'find and fix' workflow with Chrome DevTools latest feature, Workspaces, an in-progress experimental feature that's just landed in Chrome Canary.
Front-End Performance for Web Designers and Front-End Developers Harry Roberts presents "a load of quick, simple and intriguing bits of performance knowledge as a primer for web designers and front-end developers alike."
Responsive Design with Twitter Bootstrap An informative post from Burke Holland.
Implementing Off-Canvas Navigation For A Responsive Website
Data-Driven Documents, Defined
WebDriver API Draft Published, Enables Remote Browser Control For Automated Tests
code and tools
Canvas Query: jQuery-like (Chained Methods) Wrapper for Drawing on Canvas A fan of jQuery-style chained methods? Imagine if drawing on a canvas were as simple as cq(640, 480).drawImage(image, 0, 0).fillStyle("#ff0000").fillRect(64, 64, 32, 32).appendTo("body"), etc. That's what Canvas Query provides.
HTML5 Virtual Game Controller An easy-to-implement, customizable virtual game controller for HTML5 games.
RoughDraft.js: Using Enriched HTML for Further HTML Generation Quickly create and prototype a full interactive HTML mock-up without duplicating markup, server-side loops/code, or having to source fake content (lorem ipsum text/images).
CSS Trashman A simple online tool that crunches up your site's CSS and makes it more efficient. I've heard it's not a fan of media queries yet though..
Want to Run Windows Through An HTML5 Browser? Mikogo Has You Covered Mikogo Cloud Desktop provides a managed Windows desktop that 'runs' in an HTML5 browser without need for any plugins, Java or special client apps.
Extra Strength Responsive Grids
css-animations.js: Library to Work With CSS3 Keyframe Animations From JS
Cube Engine: An HTML5 + JavaScript 3D Engine Without Using OpenGL/WebGL
Slowy: A Real-World Connection Simulator and Bandwidth Limiter for OS X
Bower Components Repository: An Easy to Scan List of Available Bower Components
Back-end and Front-end JavaScript Developer (Paris, France) We are looking for a talented back-end and front-end JavaScript developer to join our team at a renowned customer (banking industry). You have good skills with both front-end and server-side technologies like Node.js; Backbone.js; Bootstrap.
Software Engineer with WaPo Labs, part of the Washington Post Company Want to help us tackle the future of news? We're looking for a talented software engineer with JavaScript chops. Backbone and knowledge of modular client-side applications required. Don't want to work in DC? We've got an office in SF too.
Front End Web Developer Front End Web Developer with VitalSource Technologies (VST)in Boston, MA. This role will be responsible for building & maintaining interactive games & other web products using HTML5/Javascript for the education industry.
The Globe
A live 3D visualization of the visitors to the official Team Fortess wiki projected onto a globe using WebGL. Sure it might be a promo for the GoSquared analytics service but I'll let them have it :-)
CSS TARDIS: A CSS Replica of Doctor Who's Time Machine
Smurf Jump: An HTML Doodle Jump-Style Game.. with Smurfs
last but not least..
Ouroboros: Attractive CSS-based Spinners
You can adjust the size, opacity, colors, and speed. If you're running IE 9 or below you'll see a fallback animated GIF. I love the look and simplicity of this.
Postgres Weekly: A New Weekly Coming Soon from Us
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