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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 72
January 23, 2013
Web MIDI API: W3C Editor's Draft This specification defines an API supporting the MIDI protocol (commonly used by music software, synths and keyboards), enabling webapps to enumerate and select MIDI input and output devices on the client system and send and receive MIDI messages.
CSS3 Layout Modules: A Pocket Guide An e-book by Rachel Andrew that digs into some of the exciting modules that are part of the CSS3 specification. Only a few dollars and the publisher (Five Simple Steps) has a reputation for only putting out quality work.
Microsoft Pushes Ahead With Its Own Take On WebRTC MS Open Tech has published an HTML5 Labs prototype of a customizable real time communication system showing interoperability between Chrome on the Mac and IE10 on Windows. However, the details of interoperability are still up for debate.
Opera Ice: A New WebKit-based Browser for Android and iPhone (coming February)
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The Importance Of HTML5 Sectioning Elements An in-depth exploration of div, section, header, footer, and similar tags by Heydon Pickering at Smashing Magazine.
What is SVG? A Guide to Scalable Vector Graphics: Part 1 A comprehensive, entry level walkthrough of the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format and how to use it on your Web pages for resolution independent images.
WebSockets: A Guide An article from 2012 that digs into some of the technicalities of WebSockets.
Sneak Peek Into The Future: Selectors, Level 4 Andrzej Mazur clears up what 'CSS4' really means, if anything, before looking at all of the goodies the CSS Selectors Level 4 spec provides. The 'parent selector' part is particularly interesting.
New Roles for Brendan Eich at Mozilla JavaScript creator and Mozilla CTO Brendan Eich announced that he will take on new roles at Mozilla. He previously worked on technical strategy, Web standards, influencing/partnering, Mozilla Research, public speaking, and talent-scouting. He will now also manage the product and platform engineering teams at Mozilla.
Understand the Favicon Jonathan T. Neal presents some tips, tricks, and realizations about how 'favicons' work.
How to Enable WebGL for Chrome Beta On Android (Without Rooting Your Device)
code and tools
Single Element Pure CSS3 Double Fold Ribbon
I've got a soft spot for this effect and it's great to see it implemented in pure CSS3 rather than graphics. Enjoy this walkthrough and code from 'Ruby on Tails' at TheCodePlayer.
Google Adds ARM Support to Native Client in Chrome 25 Native Client (NaCl) enables Chrome to run high-performance apps compiled from C and C++ code. A new step towards architecture independence has been taken with the Native Client SDK now supporting ARM devices in Chrome 25 and above. Later this year an LLVM-based 'Portable Native Client' will take things even further.
CSS Hat: Turn Photoshop Layer Styles to CSS3. Instantly. First mentioned in HTML5 Weekly almost a year ago but now actually available to buy.
GruntStart: A Grunt-Enabled Front-End Webdev Head-Start Building blocks to quickly get started with Grunt to create optimized Web sites. Includes the H5BP, jQuery, Modernizr and Respond and ways to integrate with things like Bootstrap and Sass.
PolyCrypt: A WebCrypto API Polyfill Funded by the US Department of Homeland Security
SpreadJS Alpha: Deploy Powerful Spreadsheets into your Webapps Based on HTML5, jQuery, and CSS3.
Pixate Debuts A Framework For Designing Mobile Apps With CSS
Review: Get Screenshots of Your Running Sites in Different Resolutions Uses Node.js and runs locally.
MathBox.js: High Quality Mathematical Diagrams with WebGL A still-under-development library for making presentation-quality math diagrams with WebGL.
Voxel.js: A Minecraft-like Block Based Game Engine Using Three.js, WebGL and Node
Recorderjs: Plugin for Recording the Output of Web Audio API Nodes
Web Developer at Webdigi (UK, London or Remote) We are a leading web agency in the UK and we are looking for the best web developers to join our growing team. Remote working from the UK is OK. Please send your details through the contact form on our website. Salary around £55,000 per year. ($88,000)
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Full Stack Web Application Developer (Mountain View, California)
Play the Magic Xylophone with your Webcam Uses getUserMedia() to allow you to play an onscreen xylophone with your own hands (or any appendage, really) over webcam.
Bejeweled: HTML5 Implementation of the Popular Casual Game
last but not least..
The Accessibility Project A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier by sharing easy to understand content on improving your own sites' accessibility. Already several interesting pieces to read.
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