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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 7
October 5, 2011
Welcome to issue 7 of HTML5 Weekly. It's a short issue this week as my 2 year old daughter passed on a nasty stomach bug to me and I'm writing this from my sick bed (where, sadly, I don't have access to many of my links). I'm not one to let you down though, but we'll be back to full service next week! :-) - Peter
News and Latest Developments
Introducing Aurora 9 (a.k.a. Firefox 9) Mozilla has pushed out Aurora 9, planned to eventually be Firefox 9. There are lots of additions and changes, primarily to JavaScript and the DOM (plus a CSS feature request from 1999!). See the laundry list within.
Chrome Poised to Take #2 Browser Spot from Firefox (In November?)
ComputerWorld points to data from browser usage tracking company StatCounter that suggests Chrome will soon pass by Firefox to take the number 2 popularity spot. A Mirror of Mark Pilgrim's 'Dive Into HTML5' The much esteemed author Mark Pilgrim seems to have committed some form of 'info suicide' by taking all of his projects offline. Thankfully, his most useful work, including the fine 'Dive Into HTML5' is already being mirrored.
Articles and Tutorials
HTML5 Techniques for Optimizing Mobile Performance Wesley Hales, a senior developer at Red Hat, presents an in-depth article about optimizing mobile performance on HTML5 pages by leaning on hardware acceleration, caching, and network profiling and detection.
If HTML5 Kills the Blog Format, I Won't Shed a Tear
How to Easily Create Charts using jQuery and HTML5
Layer Styles: A Photoshop-esque CSS Style Creator (in the browser)
Layer Styles is a clever little Web-based tool that lets you stylize an HTML element using a Photoshop-style interface. Very clever, very effective, and a great imitation of the Adobe interface.
Screenfly — Test Your Site at Different Resolutions Screenfly is a simple, but elegantly executed, tool for viewing Web sites at a variety of resolutions.
HTML5 Expression-Based Music Generation Tool Recently, the idea of generating sounds using short formulas has been doing the rounds (again). Now, however, it's super easy to do right in the browser thanks to JavaScript and HTML5's audio tag.
PhoneGap Build: Upload HTML5 Apps, Get Back Native Mobile Apps PhoneGap Build is a new offering from the PhoneGap framework folks that lets you write your mobile app using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, upload it, and get back "app-store ready" apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and others.
10 Online HTML5 Tools for Web Designers
Code and Libraries
Notificon: Dynamically Updatable Client-Side Favicon Notifications Notificon is a JavaScript library that can edit and update your site's 'favicon' in real time - ideal for putting numeric notifications on top of your existing icon.
A Wolf3D-esque HTML5 Raycaster This small 'raycaster' demo isn't going to blow your socks off. It's a (not very fast) Wolfenstein 3D-style demo but, notably, the code behind it is short, simple and easy to read.
Dynamic Cube Reflection in WebGL (a.k.a. Drive A Bugatti)
Want to drive your own Bugatti Veyron? Now, thanks to WebGL, you can, in this pretty striking demo. How long till we get a full Gran Turismo-style game in the browser?
CSS3 Animation Demo
What sort of visual demo could you build without using any JavaScript? This sort! Check out this demo - it's simple but pretty striking for a pure CSS3 approach.
Wormz: An HTML5 Canvas Experiment
Last but not least..
Jonathan Neal's IE6 Song A lighthearted look at Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 in song form.
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