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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 69
January 2, 2013
The Top 10 HTML5 Games of 2012 A roundup by .net magazine. Includes several greats from previous issues of HTML5 Weekly including Dune 2 Online, HexGL, and Cut The Rope.
How MDN and Web Platform Docs Align Since the launch of Web Platform Docs over at, where do things stand with the popular Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)? Mozilla's Janet Swisher explains.
Microsoft Security Advisory: Remote Code Execution Vulnerability in IE 6, 7 and 8
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Mobile Web Conference – Orlando, Florida – April 8-10
Join 200 other mobile website designers and developers at BDConf in Orlando for two days of mobile inspiration and a day of optional workshops. Speakers include Luke Wroblewski, Cameron Moll, Paul Irish, Rachel Hinman, Aaron Gustafson & more! Register by 2/21/2013 and use discount code HTML5 to save $100.
Conditional Loading of Resources With Media Queries Christian Heilmann experiments with the idea of using media queries as a basis for loading specific page assets rather than just styling them.
Progressive JPEGs: A New Best Practice Ann Robson makes a three point case that using progressive JPEGs is a good idea as support for them and the ability to show images before they're loaded is more popular than ever before and has few disadvantages for non-supporting browsers.
Accessibility in Modern Interfaces A look at the Web Accessibility Initiative’s Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) specification and how to use ARIA concepts in your code.
Animate your HTML5 with CSS3, SVG, Canvas and WebGL A great slide-deck by Martin Gorner that walks through CSS3 transitions and animations, Scalable Vector Graphics, Canvas and more, complete with code and examples.
5 Trends in HTML5 in 2012 Dan Rowinski rounds up some ideas for ReadWrite Mobile including the popularity of 'hybrid' apps and responsive design.
Unwrapping the Wii U Browser A look at testing the capabilities of the new Nintendo Wii U's Web browser.
Using CSS Click Events A look at various experimental approaches of using click events from CSS only.
Time Based Animations in HTML5 Games: Why and How to Implement Them
Dive into Flexbox The Flexible Box Model (a.k.a. 'flexbox') is a CSS box model optimized for interface design that provides extra layout features in CSS. Bocoup's Greg Smith gives a helpful intro to what flexbox is about, what it offers, and how to get started with using it.
How to Create a Windows 8 RSS Reader App with HTML5
Giving Content Priority with CSS3 Grid Layout Currently support for the CSS3 Grid Layout Module only exists in Internet Explorer 10 but this is a good introduction.
Vexing Viewports
Mozilla Hacks: A Tale of A CSS3 Animation Demo
Why Moving Elements With translate() Is Better Than position:absolute/top/left
Making A Simple HTML5 Game Using Box2D and JavaScript
8 Videos from the Ready to Inspire Conference Videos from a recent Dutch conference focused on the craft of Web design. Topics covered include typography, progressive design, and content strategy.
Talks To Help You Become A Better Front-End Engineer In 2013 Addy Osmani unearths a large collection of talks about front-end development topics. Mostly slide decks but some with video too.
code and tools
HTML5 Bones: The Template That Goes Back to Basics If you want something a little lighter than the powerful HTML5 Boilerplate project, you might love Ian Devlin's more easily digested approach.
6 Useful HTML5 Tools Several tools explained by Sonia Jackson of SitePoint.
Front-End JavaScript Engineer (jQuery/Backbone/Underscore) at Flite We are looking for a top-notch JavaScript Engineer. If you're wanted to build a web platform that is backed by top VCs and used by top-tier clients like SalesForce, LinkedIn, and P&G, while working with some cutting edge technology including Node.js, check us out.
JavaScript / Front-End Remote Contract Work @ RideAmigos Hey JS geek, we are seeking talented developers with deep portfolios and stellar references for mobile and web projects. AngularJS and PhoneGap experience is preferred. Dependability is a must. Click the link, submit your stuff, and join our team.
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly
Harmogram An audiovisual experiment made by Adrian le Bas and powered by the HTML5 Audio API.
last but not least..
How to Do Real Time Multiplayer in HTML5 Discusses client prediction, client interpolation, a simple lobby system, complete with a demo and MIT licensed example code. Uses Node.js,, Express, and HTML5 Canvas. A repeat from earlier in the year.
The Modern Web Observer A new newsletter I'm working on for appendTo that focuses on the current issues and trends in front-end Web development from a general, high level perspective (ideal for CXOs, business types and developers alike). It comes out every two weeks.
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