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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 68
December 19, 2012
from the editor
Welcome to issue 68 of HTML5 Weekly. This is the final issue of 2012 as I'll be taking a break next week (do you really want to be reading newsletters on Boxing Day? :-)) I hope you have a festive holiday season. See you again on January 2, 2013 - Peter C.
HTML5 Definition Complete, W3C Moves to Interoperability Testing and Performance The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has published the complete definition of the HTML5 and Canvas 2D specifications. Though not yet W3C standards, these specifications are now feature complete giving us a stable target for implementation and planning. Early drafts of the HTML 5.1 and Canvas Level 2 specs are out now too.
Mozilla Launches Game On, a Web Technology Game Development Contest Submit your Web technology based game prototype by February 24, 2013. The grand prize is an all expenses paid trip to San Francisco for GDC 2013, a tour of Mozilla, and more.
Sencha's 'HTML5 is Ready' App Contest An HTML5 app development contest with a few large prizes with the main criteria being that you use a Sencha framework.
from our sponsor
A Draft HTML5 Extension Specification for the 'main' Element The 'main' element is intended to be used to identify the 'main content area' of a document.
Deploying New Image Formats on the Web Ilya Grigorik is back with another of his superb technical explanations, this time looking at the techniques that could be used to deploy new image formats on modern Web sites.
Creating a 'Hello, world' Windows Store App using JavaScript and HTML The first in a series of tutorials about building a simple Windows Store app using JavaScript, HTML and CSS3. An interesting use of custom media queries here.
Flashless Animation with CSS3 Cartoonist and front-end developer Rachel Nabors demonstrates how you can use CSS3 transitions and animations along with HTML5 to put together cartoon style animations.
Canvas-Driven Background Images on WebKit Over at HTML5 Rocks, Eric Bidelman shows off a 'non-standard' WebKit-only API for making a canvas (2D or WebGL) element the background of another element. Interesting but tread carefully.
Why HTML5 is More Semantic Susan Smith explores what makes HTML5 more semantic than its predecessors and what this means for Web development now and in the future.
HTML5 Server-Sent Events (SSE) with AngularJS, Node.js and Express
The Making of Fastbook: An HTML5 Love Story Sencha took offense at Mark Zuckerberg's assertions at HTML5's unreadiness and has set out to prove HTML5 is more than ready to be a primary platform for mobile apps by building an HTML5 powered Facebook app that performs well against the native ones.
Ten Things Developers should know about the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)
Sencha's HTML5 Progress Report HTML5 tools company Sencha notes that it's 'been almost three years since HTML5 entered the mainstream' and shares some insights into HTML5's penetration and status.
Giving Content Priority with CSS3 Grid Layout
Record, Examine and Fix Performance Issues with Chrome DevTools Google's Addy Osmani presents a very visual walkthrough of using Google Chrome's DevTools to measure and improve performance, frame rate, and responsiveness of your pages.
Course: Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Jump Start A no cost online course from the Microsoft Virtual Academy that focuses on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with an end target of building Windows Store or IE10 apps.
code and tools
Brython: Using Python to Interactive with the DOM An intriguing way to write Python to manipulate the DOM and HTML5 elements instead of JavaScript.
ScrobMaster: Master Your Scroll Events Allows you to attach events to scroll points based off registered DOM elements.
CSS Toggle Switches
JavaScript Developer on NOOK Study Applications (New York City) We are Barnes and Noble's Digital Education development group. Here we are all about JavaScript, but we don't build web sites (no cross browser headaches on this job). You'll be working with the bleeding edge features of ECMAScript 5 that you always wished you could use in your current job. We dabble with WebKit, fiddle with Windows 8 and poke around with Node.js.
Lead Front End Web Developer (Hoboken, NJ) Summit Business Media is seeking a Lead Front End Developer who will manage our client side architecture as well as a team of frontend developers. The Developer will work closely with design, backend, infrastructure, and project management teams to deliver engaging applications.
Front-end Engineer at Edlio Edlio hosts 1500 school websites across the US. You'll join our devteam writing production code but also do tons of design prototyping and experimenting. We aim to bring consumer-like tools and experiences to teachers, students, and parents.
Asterank: A 3D Asteroid Orbit Space Simulation
Asterank is an economic and scientific catalog of over 580,000 asteroids in our solar system. This is a WebGL-powered solar system simulation that focuses on said asteroids along with their estimated value in terms of their mineral compositions. Bagsy 241 Germania.
SublimeVideo Unveils New 'Horizon' HTML5 Video Player Framework An interesting development in the world of HTML5 video players where everything you see is drawn with vector graphics identically across all browsers and platforms by automatically using an appropriate drawing engine (SVG, Canvas, VML, Flash, etc.) Check out this demo for a closer look.
The Top 20 HTML5 Sites of 2012 (as judged by .net magazine)
last but not least..
Issue #2 of The Modern Web Observer As well as producing newsletters like HTML5 Weekly and JavaScript Weekly, I'm also beginning to do them for other companies. The Modern Web Observer is a new newsletter for JavaScript consultants appendTo and gives a bi-weekly high level look of the front-end development scene. Enjoy today's issue which includes an interview with Rey Bango and/or subscribe here.
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