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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 67
December 12, 2012
Firebug 1.11 Released with New Features The popular Firefox developer tools add-on gets an update with SPDY support, a new CSS query selector tool, autocompletion for built-in properties, and more.
HTML and CSS Advent Calendar 2012 A daily Web technology treat from Digitpaint for the Christmas season. All short, practical and to the point; they've really put some effort in.
WebRTC hits Firefox, Android and iOS Over at HTML5 Rocks, Google's Sam Dutton celebrates the recent strides in WebRTC availability to end users. He also looks at the intriguing 'DataChannel' API coming soon to Chrome 25.
CSS Fonts Module Level 3 Working Draft Updated
from our sponsor
Using Microsoft Blend to Develop HTML5 Windows 8 Apps
A 7 part video series by Doris Chen walking through building a lightweight, dynamic version of the 'Memory Game' in Blend using CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript.
Responsive Images: What We Thought We Needed Paul Robert Lloyd looks at two emerging approaches to dealing with the remaining problems with responsive images: the 'picture' element and the 'srcset' attribute for the 'img' tag.
Bleeding Edge Firefox Fetures: video.playbackRate and 'download' attribute Two new features are present in Firefox Nightly: support for custom video playback speeds and the 'download' attribute for 'a' tags that turns any link into a forced file download.
David Walsh on the Vibration API Unsurprisingly, this API lets you cause mobile devices to vibrate in various ways. A short and sweet intro.
How to Make A Simple HTML5 Game with Enchant.js An extensive introduction and tutorial for a DOM oriented HTML5 and JavaScript based game engine (which claims to be 'the world's most-used HTML5 game engine'.. not so sure on that one!)
Case Study: JAM With Chrome - How We Made The UI Rock JAM with Chrome was a recent musical experiment built for the Chrome Expriments project where you can play music live with friends online. This case study on HTML5 Rocks digs deep into how it works and the code behind its features.
Getting a Console Experience on the Web
The Pursuit of Simplicity Karolina Szczur discusses web developers try to achieve simplicity through the use of tools like frameworks and preprocessors and covers some of the benefits and drawbacks of each.
The Wii U Web Browser's HTML5 Gaming Capabilities Matt Hackett of Lost Decade Games looks at the Web browser available on Nintendo's new Wii U console to see if it's viable as an HTML5 gaming device. Short answer: not quite yet.
Writing High-Performance, Garbage-Collector-Friendly Code
11 HTML5 Game Development Tutorials
HTML5 Video for Retina Displays by Ian Devlin
code and tools
Firefox OS Simulator 1.0 Released A tool from Mozilla that lets you test out your apps on Firefox OS (Mozilla's Web technology oriented mobile OS) from the comfort of your current Windows, Mac, or Linux setup.
box2d-jquery: jQuery Plugin to Convert Your DOM into 2D 'Physical Objects' Not just a library but an amusing demo where every element on a page is turned into an object that's subjected to a basic physics model.
Literally Canvas: HTML5 Drawing Widget An open source Canvas-based 'drawing widget' you can use within your apps or to build new controls of your own. Possibly handy for drawing games or signatures.
Web Directions' HTML5 and CSS3 Tools A handy suite of online tools for things like creating video and audio tags, text and font effects, 2D and 3D transforms, gradients, and more.
HTML5 Checkbox Toggle Button Overrides the default WebKit-provided checkbox style in a crafty way to get a slick 'toggle button' effect without ruining accessibility.
Lead Front End Web Developer Summit Business Media is seeking a Lead Front End Developer who will manage our client side architecture as well as a team of frontend developers. The Developer will work closely with design, backend, infrastructure, and project management teams to deliver engaging applications.
Frontend Engineer at Wealthfront (Palo Alto, CA) We hire outstanding engineers with a passion for defining how people understand and manage their investments. We talk to real clients, make things they want and need, and ship well-tested code with modern standards-based markup dozens of times daily. Join us!
Data Visualization / UI Lead Leverage our rich analytics data and the latest UI technologies to create meaningful visualizations and a world class user experience. Lead our UI technology strategy and integrate suitable frameworks such as D3.js, RaphaelJS and Backbone.js.
Monkey Island's 'Insult Swordfighting' Game in HTML5
I must admit I never played Monkey Island back in the day (shame on me!) but I enjoyed this seemingly faithful reproduction of one of its popular portions.. even if it did take me almost ten minutes.
last but not least..
A Sneak Peek At CSS Media Type Emulation in Chrome's Dev Tools CSS media types allow you to apply different styles to a page depending on the medium it is being used through and the DevTools in Chrome Canary now support 'emulating' different CSS media types, allowing you to test more easily.
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