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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 66
December 5, 2012
IE10 Grabs 0.51% Market Share, Firefox Passes 20% Again, Chrome Dips The latest browser market share numbers from The Next Web and Net Applications.
Notch's Minecraft-style Experiment on JSFiddle Minecraft's creator, Notch, has created a tiny Minecraft-themed JavaScript and Canvas demo. The most interesting part for me is how he created the textures in such a short amount of code. A video about how it works is in the 'watching' section of this issue.
Firefox Gets Social with Facebook using the new 'Social API'
from our sponsor
Building the Atari Arcade with CreateJS
A teardown of how Atari, Microsoft and Adobe collaborated to build the stunning HTML5-based Atari Arcade. A followup article digs right into how to build your own HTML5 game with CreateJS. There's also a short 4 minute video giving a feel for what was involved.
5 APIs That Will Transform The Web in 2013 Stripe's Alex MacCaw covers CSS Custom Filters, Autocomplete API, Google Chrome Apps, ECMAScript 6, and Web Components.
HTML5 Video Bumpers To launch the popular 24 ways web developers' advent calendar, Drew McLellan shows us how to dynamically add 'bumpers' to HTML5 videos (i.e. other videos that play before and/or after the main content).
Introduction to the HTML5 Datalist Element A handy way to add supporting data to an input field. Somehow I had no idea about this but it's supported in IE 10, Firefox, Chrome and Opera.
W3C Web Performance: Continuing Performance Investments A quick summary of what the W3C Web Performance working group have been talking about and are now focusing on. "Prerendering" seems like the next step on from prefetching.
How to Directly Upload Files to Amazon S3 From Your Client Side Web App Now that Amazon's S3 storage service supports CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing), it's possible to upload things directly to S3 from the browser (though a server side aspect is introduced for request signing, for security).
Using CSS3's Substring Matching Attribute Selectors
How to Record Audio in Chrome With Native HTML5 APIs It seems Chrome's new Flash player can have some audio recording issues, so here's a tutorial demonstrating how to use the Web Audio API and getUserMedia to record audio in a more native fashion.
IE 10 Web Performance Quick Check on Windows 7
Draft IETF Spec for HTTP 2.0's SPDY Protocol A draft of a new spec for the SPDY protocol that forms the base of HTTP 2.0. Look in our 'watching' section for a more accessible presentation about this technology.
Using Inline SVGs With HTML5
Is localStorage Performance A Problem?
Desktop Apps: The Final Frontier for HTML5
The WebRTC Announcements Week Tsahi Levent-Levi sums up some of the announcements from last week's WebRTC Conference & Expo which he believes is now the WebRTC conference of record.
SPDY and the Road Towards HTTP 2.0 A talk from HTML5 Dev Conf by Google's Ilya Grigorik. He really knows his stuff and is always good to watch.
Making Things With Maths Steven Wittens demonstrates why and how technologies like Canvas and WebGL can get us thinking more about using math when putting dynamic visualizations together.
HTML5 Air Hockey with Canvas, CreateJS and Node.js No code yet but it looks pretty smooth to play. A lot of potential with ideas like this.
How Notch's JS Experiment Generates Its Textures in Code
code and tools
Noduino: Control Arduino with Node.js, WebSockets and HTML5 A flexible JavaScript and Node.js framework for accessing basic Arduino controls from webapps using HTML5 and Socket.IO.
HTML_CodeSniffer: Bookmarklet To Check HTML Code Meets Standards Comes ready with a set of 3 standards that enforce the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.
HTML5 Flash Warning Fix for YouTube A Chrome extension to automatically replace the Flash warning message on YouTube with an HTML5 version of the video if you have Flash disabled.
nativeColorPicker: Polyfill for HTML5's 'color' Input Type on Internet Explorer
css3-github-ribbon: A CSS3 GitHub Ribbon for your GitHub-based Projects
PhantomCSS: Automated Visual Regression Testing
Lead Front End Web Developer Summit Business Media is seeking a Lead Front End Developer who will manage our client side architecture as well as a team of frontend developers. The Developer will work closely with design, backend, infrastructure, and project management teams to deliver engaging applications.
User interface engineer in Amsterdam. Join our small team on a mission. We believe that web apps can be delightful. Do you have experience with MVC-style UI programming for the web or other platforms? Do you love new cool stuff like CoffeeScript, AngularJS and modern browsers? Read our story after the click.
Blazing Cloud is looking for software artisans to join us in handcrafting beautiful mobile experiences. We are looking for people who believe in a whole product-approach and agile development practices, and have a strong sense of quality.
Node.js developer for an open source project at Zendesk [San Francisco]
Dr. Mojo by MojoTech
A Dr. Mario-style game created using HTML5 and Canvas technologies by MojoTech. Has a pretty authentic retro feel to it.
Dune 2 Online: Ported from DOS to the Web with Emscripten Another great demonstration of how powerful Alon Zakai's Emscripten LLVM-to-JavaScript compiler is getting.
last but not least..
O'Reilly Fluent 2013 CFP Closes in 5 Days; Submit Your Talk Now I'm a co-chair of Fluent, an O'Reilly conference dedicated to Web browser technology with a focus on JavaScript and HTML5. We've already lined up some great speakers including Lea Verou, Brendan Eich, and Estelle Weyl but would love to have more proposals to consider :-)
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