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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 65
November 28, 2012
HTML5 Hacks: Tips and Tools for Creating Interactive Webapps
A new book from O'Reilly by Jesse Cravens and Jeff Burtoft. It includes 90 detailed hacks and intriguing uses of HTML5 and its related APIs. Looks at caching, reverse geocoding, push notifications, CSS transformations, and a lot more.
Font Custom: Generate Custom Icon Webfonts from the Command Line A tool that takes your SVG or EPS icons, converts them into a webfont, and generates the relevant CSS to use them. Very useful.
Mozilla Quietly Kills Firefox 64-bit for Windows?
OpenVis Conf: Bocoup's Open Web Data Visualization Conference An interesting new event from Bocoup taking place over May 16-17, 2013. Topics include SVG, Canvas, d3.js, and Raphael.js.
Firefox Beta Adds IonMonkey to Improve JavaScript Performance
from our sponsor
DOM Sprites: A Viable Alternative to Canvas Christer Kaitila (a.k.a. McFunkypants) looks at an alternative to the Canvas tag for building HTML5 games, DOM sprites.
How to Build Chrome Apps with AngularJS A guide to getting started building packaged Chrome apps with the AngularJS MVC framework. Uses a Google app, the 'Google Drive Uploader', to demonstrate the concepts involved.
Get Loaded with the File API The File API lets you read and write binary data objects that represent files in Web applications. You can read user-selected files into Web apps and download new data objects as files from Web apps. Andrew Dodson takes a look.
Microsoft Surface Vs The iPad Gen 4: The HTML5 Scorecard Sencha presents another of their great HTML5-oriented technical device reviews, this time comparing the HTML5 performance and features of the prominent Microsoft and Apple tablets.
Offline First - A Better HTML5 User Experience Joe Lambert shares some guidelines for ensuring 'offline is a feature' in your apps.
IE10 CSS Hacks Last year, Microsoft announced IE10 won't be supporting conditional comments (in HTML5 pages, older doctypes will still support them) but Louis Lazaris has some handy CSS workarounds for styling purposes.
Particle Systems From the Ground Up At Build New Games, Matt Greer presents a great JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas based tutorial.
Getting Serious About SVG A look at some of the performance issues when working with SVG in the browser, specifically in the context of iD, a browser-based OpenStreetMap editor.
Gaming: Battle on the High Seas, Part 5 The latest in a series of posts looking at the development of an HTML5 game called SeaBattle. This time including a look at its use of HTML5's Audio, Canvas, and Web Storage APIs.
Survey Says: Windows Phone 8 Support Strong, HTML5 Important for Multi-Device App Dev Sencha surveyed over 1,400 of their users on their HTML5 related development and device ambitions.
Configure Amazon S3 for Cross Origin Resourse Sharing to Host a Web Font
Chrome Devtools Cheatsheet
50 Performance Tricks to Make Your HTML5 Applications and Sites Faster At Build 2012, Microsoft's Jatinder Mann covered a wide array of tips and tricks in an hour.
Live Editing and Saving CSS to Disk from Chrome Dev Tools Paul Irish demonstrates a handy feature of the Chrome developer tools. The ability to edit and save CSS directly from the browser.
code and tools
Say Cheese! Cross Browser, Event-Based API for Taking Webcam Snapshots
Cosmo: A Free Metro-inspired Theme for Bootstrap
Test Driven JavaScript and Ruby Developer [San Francisco and Santa Monica, CA]
Carbon Five builds web and mobile products for startups, institutional companies and non-profit organizations using a finely tuned agile process with cutting edge tools and technology. Join a team of seasoned pros in a highly-collaborative environment and work on a new project every couple of months.
CSS / HTML Entwickler bei (Germany) Gestalte dein Mobiles Leben bei! Hilf unserem Visual Team bei der Umsetzung von Webseiten in validem CSS und HTML. Sei verantwortlich für den Aufbau eines wiederverwendbaren und automatisierbaren CSS-Frameworks. Entwickle einen flexiblen und dokumentierten Styleguide.
Web Developer at ribot (Brighton, UK) ribot are looking for someone special! If you're passionate about creating simple, beautiful interfaces, then we're the folks for you! Check out our Christmas-themed rhyme and associated pretty speakerdeck for more info.
JSViz: GraphViz Compiled for the Browser and HTML5 with Emscripten
FigurePool: HTML5-based Diagram Editing Tool
Laservex: An HTML5 Puzzle Game
Obsidian: A Striking Visualization
last but not least..
Hello! HTML5 & CSS3 by Rob Crowther
A new book from Manning that presents a fast, example-oriented introduction to HTML5 and CSS3. Possibly a good Xmas gift for your fellow Web developers who aren't yet on the HTML5 train? :-)
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