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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 64
November 21, 2012
from the editor
Welcome to issue 64 of HTML5 Weekly. Quite a light week it seems but given it's Thanksgiving, that might be a good thing. Happy Thanksgiving if you're celebrating.
Firefox 17 Released Firefox 17 has hit the general release channel. It includes click-to-play blocklisting for vulnerable or outdated plugins, SVG FillPaint and StrokePaint, developer tool improvements, and the 'sandbox' attribute for IFRAMEs.
18 Videos from HTML5DevConf on YouTube Couldn't get to HTML5DevConf October 2012 in San Francisco last month? Enjoy it from your armchair with these 18 recordings from speakers like Ben Vinegar and Gilad Bracha. Lots of enjoy over Thanksgiving.
Content Security Policy 1.0 Is Officially Awesome The W3C has advanced the Content Security Policy 1.0 specification from Working Draft to Candidate Recommendation and Chrome Canary and Webkit nightlies support part of it. It helps you reduce the risk of cross-site scripting.
Microsoft Begs Web Devs Not to Make WebKit The New IE6
from our sponsor
Web Gestures with getUserMedia Aaron Frost presents a fun little walkthrough of creating a system that allows you to move around a DIV element based on webcam input.
Native CSS Feature Detection With The @supports Rule Over at the Dev.Opera blog, a look at the CSS @supports rule, part of the CSS3 Conditional Rules Module Level 3. It allows you to selectively apply CSS to a document based upon the client's feature support.
Making MathBox: Presentation-Quality Math with Three.js and WebGL Steven Wittens explains the development of a tool for creating high quality mathematical diagrams in the browser with WebGL.
An Introduction to Particle Systems/Generators Using HTML5 Canvas
Jank Busting for Better Rendering Performance Over at HTML5 Rocks, Tom Wiltzius covers some techniques for getting a smoother experience in the browser with a focus on requestAnimationFrame.
Adapting your WebKit-optimized site for Internet Explorer 10 Microsoft's Charles Morris gives a five step process for supporting modern browser features in IE10 with a comparison of the existing WebKit approach and the IE10 or 'standards-based' versions.
W3C Workshop on Web Performance Logistics A collection of documents and slides (but no video, alas) from a recent W3C summit looking at Web performance issues from memory management to page loading times.
A Proposal for Using Canvas in Web Workers Ian Hickson, editor of the HTML spec, has proposed a way to let web workers use Canvas. Dr. Axel Rauschmayer explains.
5 Reasons to Be Excited About Firefox OS
Build Smoother Web Apps With Chrome Developer Tools
Contributing to The WHATWG
Practical WebSockets with Richard Clark A 42 minute talk that reviews the WebSocket protocol, looks at how to deploy it successfully, how to debug WebSocket traffic, and more.
Lostcast 26: The Lostcast Podcast Celebrates Its 1st Birthday Matt Hackett and Geoff Blair of Lost Decade Games celebrate a year of HTML5 gamedev related podcasting with a look back at their prior 25 episodes. This remains a must-listen for anyone interested in HTML5 gamedev.
code and tools
Remote Preview: Tool to Load a URL on Multiple Devices Simultaneously Let's say you have 10 mobile devices you want to test on simultaneously. Remote Preview will help with that. Works on platforms like Android, Blackberry, iOS, Maemo, Meego, Symbian, Windows Phone and WebOS. Built for the Helsinki Device Lab.
How to Detect DOM Changes in CSS An interesting trick from the hackers at Streak, a Gmail-based CRM system.
Building a Sleek CSS3 Pricing Table Includes code as well as a playable walkthrough of writing the code from scratch.
Senior JavaScript Developers/Consultants (SF Bay Area – Telecommuting ok) Work with the latest technologies! We’re looking for sharp developers to build rich JavaScript applications (also called Single Page Applications (SPA)) for the next generation of web and mobile apps.
Modern Javascript Developer (Node.js, Express, q, etc.) Want to work with Node.js full time? Xobni is hiring modern JavaScript developers to build both client and server side components.
Javascript Developer at Go Daddy (Multiple Locations)
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly
Soundslice: YouTube + Synced Guitar Tabs + HTML5 With the claim that 'tabs have never sounded so good', Soundslice uses the latest in Web technologies to sync tabs with video so you can see and hear them in real time.
100,000 Stars: Google's Latest Chrome Experiment 100,000 Stars taps NASA data to visually explore the Milky Way. It uses Chrome’s WebGL, CSS3D, and Web Audio API support.
last but not least..
The HTML5 Security Cheatsheet A huge categorized run down of different security attack vectors that make use of HTML5, JSON, JavaScript, and other browser technology features.
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