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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 63
November 14, 2012
from the editor
Welcome to issue 63 of HTML5 Weekly! I'm currently on vacation so fewer summaries than usual this week, but hopefully you'll find it useful anyway. Back to full service next week :-) - Peter C.
Chrome 23 Released: WebRTC Goes Public The latest Chrome release brings the 'real time communications' features of WebRTC to the public. Also includes GPU-accelerated video decoding on Windows which helps extend battery life.
Opera 12.10 Released The plucky browser gets a big update on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Now supports ICC color profiles, Mac Retina displays, pinch to zoom on Windows, SPDY support, Web Sockets, the CSS Flexible Box Layout Module and more.
W3C Pointer Events Working Group Launched A 'pointer' is an abstract form of input that can be any point of contact on a input surface (i.e. mouse, cursor, fingers). This new group is tasked with defining a single unified event model for pointer events in the browser.
IE10 Release Preview Now Available for Windows 7
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5 More HTML5 APIs You Didn't Know Existed David Walsh is back with a quick look at the Fullscreen API, Page Visibility API, getUserMedia API, Battery API, and link prefetching. I suspect most readers will have heard of these but a nice roundup nonetheless.
On HTML5 and The Proposed 'main' Element An HTML5 extension specification has been drafted proposing a new 'main' element should be added to HTML5.
A Web Developer's Guide to The Latest Chrome Beta Chrome 24 is out on the beta release channel. It includes datalist support in date and time input elements, MathML, CSS custom filters, and some new hyphenation features behind a '-webkit-hyphens' CSS property. Numerous APIs have also been unprefixed.
Introducing Wikipedia's New HTML5 Video Player
An HTML5 Doctor Interview with Robin Berjon, The HTML5 Editor Opera's Bruce Lawson speaks with Robin Berjon, the recently appointed W3C HTML5 editor, about what the job entails and some of the standardization processes.
Using the Page Visibility API Over at HTML5 Rocks, Joe Marini gives a overview of the Page Visibility API and explains its potential.
Case Study: JAM With Chrome - How We Made The Audio Rock JAM with Chrome is a new collaborative music demo (linked in 'demos' below). In this article for HTML5 Rocks, Oskar Eriksson explains how the audio effects were put together using the Web Audio API.
Scirra's IE10 Review: Still Disappointing for HTML5 Games
IE10 Is Incrementally Changing The Direction Of The Web
Simple Per-Pixel Image Picking On HTML5 Canvas
Internet Explorer 10 Brings HTML5 to Windows Phone 8
Financial Times Exec: HTML5 Is Not Dead
Chrome: Easier Web App Debugging With Multi-User Profiles A tip from Addy Osmani.
watching and listening
The WebGL Podcast: Episode 1 A new podcast all about WebGL. The first episode features a chat with Brandon Jones (creator of the Quake 3 WebGL demo).
code and tools
Shumway: A SWF (Flash) Interpreter Entirely in JavaScript Features a live demo to enjoy. Uses JavaScript and HTML5 technologies.
Responsive Img: A jQuery Plugin for Responsive Images
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Front-End JavaScript Engineer (jQuery/Backbone/Underscore) at Flite We are looking for a top-notch JavaScript Engineer. If you're wanted to build a web platform that is backed by top VCs and used by top-tier clients like SalesForce, LinkedIn, and P&G, while working with some cutting edge technology including Node.js, check us out.
Javascript Developer at Go Daddy (Multiple Locations) As a JS Developer, you will you will develop maintainable, scalable and highly-reliable applications. Perform code, unit test and integration testing Develop Enterprise level multi-threaded applications to scale with business needs. Strong Object Oriented C# and ASP.NET skills.
JAM with Chrome A collaborative live music experience in the browser powered by open Web technologies (though focused on Chrome).
Halfblock: Another Minecraft-style Demo (powered by WebGL)
Web Space Combat
last but not least..
Blackberry's 'Got Game Port-a-Thon' BlackBerry is running a 36 hour event to encourage game developers to port their apps to work on the new BlackBerry 10 platform (which includes HTML5 games running through PhoneGap and BlackBerry WebWorks). An interesting part to it is you can get paid for each game ported.
High-Res Browser Logos Get Updated Paul Irish has given his long running collection of high resolution browser logos an update and reorganization.
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