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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 62
November 7, 2012
Ratchet: iPhone App Prototyping with HTML5, CSS and JS Use HTML5 to connect 'components' that produce convincing iOS protoypes. Tech aside, the way the home page shows off Ratchet's features is awesome (keep scrolling down).
HTML5 Adoption Hype: Results of an HTML5 Survey Kendo UI surveyed over 4,000 developers regarding their usage, attitudes and expectations surrounding HTML5 and its adoption. Enjoy the results in this PDF report.
A Forthcoming 'HTML5 Game Development' Course on Udacity Googlers Peter Lubbers and Colt McAnlis will be teaming up with Udacity's Sean Bennett to run a free HTML5 game development course in 2013. It's possible to enrol now.
from our sponsor
Ready, Steady, Grow: Use New Relic and we'll donate $10 to Movember
Help us raise awareness for men's health issues (and women's too). For the month of Movember, we're donating $10 every time a new customer tries New Relic. Beyond the per-account donations, the New Relic teams in Portland and San Francisco will be sporting the most awesome facial gift: The moustache. Join Us!
Programming Windows 8 Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript A free PDF book from Microsoft Press by Kraig Brockschmidt. Well produced but will demand patience as it weighs in at over 800 pages.
Mission: Impossible - iPad Mini Detection for HTML5 The new, smaller iPad is out but Max Firtman seems to have hit a brick wall with trying to specifically detect it from the browser.
Introducing TCP Listen, A New API for Chrome Packaged Apps Chrome's 'packaged apps' provide HTML5 apps with the ability to get native appearance and capabilities. Now, Google has added support for those apps to open TCP sockets and accept incoming connections.
Presentation: The Future of CSS Layout From the Future of Web Design conference comes a slidedeck by Zoe Mickley Gillenwater. Lots of interesting CSS tidbits on these slides.
Chrome Canary for Developers If you're a Web developer and aren't yet running Chrome Canary, you should be, says Paul Irish. He shares some reasons why but since it runs cleanly alongside any other Chrome install you have, it's not dangerous to try.
HTML5 Mythbusting Insights from Mozilla's Chris Heilmann.
HTML5 Games Faster Than Native? The obvious answer is 'No!' but Scirra ran a benchmark that showed the performance of their Construct gamedev tool was faster on its new WebGL renderer than its old native C++ DirectX 9-based engine. As with most benchmarks, there are too many variables involved to make full conclusions but at least the Web is no longer miles behind.
Progress Update on WebRTC for Firefox on the Desktop
Simple SPDY and NPN Negotiation with HAProxy
We Need An Open Bug Tracker for Internet Explorer
Exploring the HTML5 Web Audio API: Filters
Loading External 3D Models and Geometry in WebGL
Pushing The Limits of Web Browsers (or Why Speed Matters) The lead developer of Google's V8 JavaScript engine talks about several virtual machines and how they influenced both V8 and Dart in the browser.
50 Performance Tricks to Make Your HTML5 Apps and Sites Faster An hour long talk by Jatinder Mann of the IE performance team at last week's Microsoft Build conference.
code and tools
webscript: Web-Accessible Scripting from the Browser An intriguing service that lets you write small Lua scripts in the browser that can respond to requests coming over the Web.
NimbusBase: A Serverless, Scalable Backend for HTML5 Apps using Dropbox Not a lot to play with yet but they're accepting people who want to try the beta.
CSS3 Flexbox Explorer
Bootstrap Live Editor: A WYSIWYG Editor Built for Bootstrap
Sr. JavaScript Engineer at VMware Socialcast (San Francisco) Socialcast is looking for a passionate, experienced JavaScript Engineer to join our growing Engineering team! Continue your career in a start-up atmosphere focusing on fast experimentation with the latest technologies and frameworks (Backbone, Node.JS).
JavaScript developer at dotDigital Group (London, UK) We need you to build the fantastic user interfaces which give our products their easy to use feel. Work on our pure JavaScript applications that seamlessly bridge the gap between client and server operations. Join our agile team to learn and build great things
Software Engineer, HPDD at Intel Corporation (Virtual/Remote) Work in a small virtual team (Americas/UK/Europe) in Intel Corporation's High Performance Data Division to develop and maintain the web interface of our enterprise storage management solution, Chroma Enterprise. E-mail for more info.
Media Query Mario: Mario 3 with HTML5 and CSS3 A reproduction of Super Mario 3 using media queries, CSS3 animations and embedded HTML5 audio elements. An inventive and quirky approach that uses browser resizing to control the action.
Kort: A New Thumbnail Preview Concept by Hakim El Hattab
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