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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 61
October 31, 2012
HTML5.tx: Single Day HTML5 Conference in Austin, TX on February 2nd
A one day HTML5 conference in Texas for designers and developers. Speakers include Estelle Weyl, Pamela Fox, Rey Bango, Garann Means, Cody Lindley and more.
W3C Proposes 'Push API' Specification The spec defines a way for webapps to receive server-sent application data (or 'push messages') whether or not the webapp is active in a browser window. Seems to be a more abstract, general API on top of technologies like Server-Sent Events and SMSes.
The CSS Working Group Votes on CSS Priorities: The Results The raw results of member organizations of the W3C CSS Working Group voting on which CSS specs and features to prioritize and work on next. CSS Transforms and Flexbox head up the list but there's not much love for 'CSS Speech'.
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Roost: A JavaScript Training Conference Brought to You by Bocoup
Learn how to write DRYer and better organized code, improve your web application's performance, and make your development process more efficient at Roost, a 2-day event in Boston December 3-4 featuring Rebecca Murphey, Ben Alman, and Dan Heberden. Register by midnight Nov 1 (tomorrow) for 31% off!
Playing HTML5 Games On Your Xbox 360 We covered the latest development with HTML5 on the Xbox 360 last week but just in case you missed it, Lost Decade Games now has a post about it. Great stuff.
Save For Later: A Walkthrough of How Mozilla Does UX Research Brian Groudan of the Mozilla User Experience team shares a great story of how their team does research and prototyping of a new approach to bookmarking within the browser.
Experimental CSS Exclusions 'shape-inside' Feature Debuts The WebKit implementation of the draft 'CSS Exclusions' spec for defining shaped areas that text can flow within is forming nicely. It can be enabled in Chrome Canary. This post shows what it's all about.
Improving HTML5 'autocomplete' The Google Chrome team presents some ideas to the WHATWG.
New W3C Draft Spec: CSS Collision Module Level 3 Contains features to avoid collisions between layout boxes in CSS.
PhoneGap Advice On Dealing With Apple Application Rejections Andrew Trice offers useful advice on avoiding Apple app rejections for your PhoneGap apps.
Infosecurity: Web Scanners Not Keeping Up With HTML5
HTML5 Canvas: Simple Per-Pixel Image Picking
So, You Want to be a Front-End Engineer David Mosher digs into 'the most volatile programming platform the world has ever known'.. .NET? Nope, the browser :-) A well produced talk that walks through how browsers and client side technologies work.
Leave No One Behind with HTML5, A Talk by Mozilla's Robert Nyman
A 6 Minute Talk about How 'CSS Flexbox' Helps Web Developers
code and tools
BootMetro: Windows 8 Metro Styling on top of Bootstrap
A bundle of HTML, CSS and JavaScript on top of Twitter Bootstrap for anyone who wants their webapps to use Windows 8 Metro UI/WinRT styling without having to use Windows 8.
EaselFL: HTML5 Animations Now Renderable in IE8 and Older Browsers EaselFL is a tool that ties together the EaselJS and FlashCanvas libraries to provide Flash-backed animations from HTML5 code in browsers without serious HTML5 support.
YAAK.js: Yet Another Audio Kit An HTML5 game audio libraries both for browsers and native HTML5 app acceleration platforms.
PaintbrushJS: HTML5 Canvas Image Processing Library A lightweight browser-based image processing library built with JavaScript and HTML5 Canvas. Includes a live demo up front and center.
SheetClip.js: Copy/Paste From Your HTML5 Web App to a Spreadsheet Transforms 2 dimensional JavaScript arrays into clipboard strings compatible with spreadsheet apps.
youtube-video: YouTube Video URLs for HTML5 Video Elements A JavaScript library to access WebM and MP4 sources for YouTube videos so they can used in HTML5 video elements.
Bootstrap 2.2.0 Released
Front-End & Mobile Web Developer (New York City, NY) Collaborate on a frontend unlike any other news site - one that places emphasis on the reading experience, seamless interaction, and values content over traditional business needs. An opportunity to shape and redefine the news reading experience.
JavaScript Trainer at appendTo (USA) How would you like to have an impact on the next generation of front-end developers? appendTo is currently looking for a trainer to create and deliver top-notch learning experiences to developers all over the world via onsite, remote, and other modern formats.
Für alle, die nicht nur ein Rädchen im Getriebe sein möchten - wir suchen agile Softwareentwickler.
Digital Bits: Art Students Drawing with HTML and CSS An art school professor asked his students to find an object in their home and 'draw' it using just HTML and CSS. Good results. (Thanks to Giles Bowkett).
Major Earthquakes from the Past Month An attractive D3.js powered visualization of earthquake data.
jscii: getUserMedia + ASCII == Your Webcam as ASCII Art
Method Draw: A Graphics Editor Built using HTML5 Technologies
Mr Doob's 3D / WebGL Periodic Table with Three.js
last but not least..
Network Service Discovery API Support in Opera Opera has submitted a draft specification to the W3C that eases discovery and data sharing between devices by letting Web pages communicate with devices advertising themselves on the local network. Plenty of explanations and a 3 minute video here.
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