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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 60
October 24, 2012
The Xbox 360 Gets Its Own Internet Explorer
The Xbox 360 has notably lacked a built-in Web browser.. till now. With the latest Xbox Dashboard update comes an Xbox version of Internet Explorer. And while it doesn't support Flash, its HTML5 gaming support is supposedly not too bad.
W3C Publishes Draft Shadow DOM Specification The WAWG (Web Applications Working Group) has published a 'Working Draft' of the Shadow DOM spec, a way of establishing and maintaining functional boundaries between DOM subtrees and how they interact with each other.
Oracle Releases ADF Mobile, An HTML5 and Java Based Mobile Dev Toolset Oracle's 'Application Development Framework' is a long standing Java framework for building enterprise apps, but it has now been extended into mobile development, built upon HTML5. It's aimed at iOS and Android and is Java based.
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How To Design A Mobile Game With HTML5 A soup to nuts tutorial by Eoin McGrath over at Smashing Magazine's Smashing Mobile subsite.
Exploring HTML5 Web Audio: Visualizing Sound A walkthrough of building a volume meter, a frequency spectrum graph, and a time based spectrogram.
WebKit Adds Support for 'resolution' Media Queries It's still only on the cutting edge of WebKit, but the popular browser engine now has support for 'resolution' media queries (think testing for the dpi/pixel density of a screen rather than just the pixel resolution). Links to articles included in the ticket.
Fonts, Fabulous Fonts: How to Use The @font-face Rule With Popular Font Services Learn how to use the @font-face rule with popular web services like Google Web Fonts, Edge Web Fonts, Font Squirrel and Typekit from Janine Warner.
The Real Beauty of CSS3 Box Shadows A handy look at some of effects CSS3 box-shadows can perform, including live-editable examples.
Constraint Validation: Native Client Side Validation for Web Forms Over at HTML5 Rocks, TJ VanToll looks at client-side constraint validation for forms, as provided by HTML5. Goes into way more depth than most articles on the topic. Lots of code examples too.
Introducing CSS FilterLab Razvan Caliman shows how the new, Web-based CSS FilterLab can help you try, create and share CSS Filter Effects.
Create a Mobile HTML5 Farming Game Want to start the next blow-away social gaming experience? Take the first step with this tutorial about building a simple 'farming' style game using LimeJS.
Responsive CSS Framework Comparison: Bootstrap, Foundation, and Skeleton Don't know which responsive framework to use? Neither did Vermilion, so they tested them Bootstrap, Foundation, and Skeleton, and have put together this handy comparison chart.
IE10 Snap Mode and Responsive Design How to deal with a tricky situation in Windows 8 when IE10 windows are 'snapped' to the edge.
Image and Video Post-Processing with WebGL Over at Dev.Opera, an explanation and simple example of using WebGL to perform OpenGL-powered post processing on 2D sources.
How to Implement A Simple Parallax Scrolling Technique NetTuts+ presents a tutorial on using HTML5 and CSS3 to implement the trendy background scrolling effect. I'm not a fan, but many are :-)
Mozilla Plans H.264 Video for Desktop Firefox
Microsoft Announces IE 10 Will Come to Windows 7 in November
The Latest in Firefox Nightly: Viewport Percentage, canvas.toBlob() and WebRTC A quick update from Mozilla about some of the latest features in Firefox Nightly, including support for 'vh', 'vw', 'vmin', and 'vmax' length units, converting HTML5 canvases to raw blobs, and enabling WebRTC features.
The State of Mobile HTML5 Game Development
Interview With Jon Ferraiolo: SVG Past, Present, and Future Vincent Hardy interviews Jon Ferrailo, the 'father of SVG,' on his view of the past present and future of the technology.
Treehouse Interviews Paul Irish Treehouse's Nick Pettit sits down with front-end super star Paul Irish to chat about the complexity of front-end development, HTML5 Boilerplate, and the browser experience for developers.
The Promise of WebGL with Tony Parisi From O'Reilly Radar comes an interview with WebGL guru and father of VRML, Tony Parisi. He explains why WebGL is relevant and how to get going with it.
code and tools
Contrast Ratio: Easily Calculate Color Contrast Ratios for WCAG Compliance
A new tool from Lea Verou that gives you guidance on the contrast ratio of your color choices. Relevant in the context of the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
Wavy Jones: An Oscilloscope for Web Audio Projects
Abbey Load: An Asset Loader for Web Audio Projects
Star Wars 3D Scrolling Text using CSS3
JavaScript Hackers Wanted for Growing EdTech Startup in SOMA Interested in things like Node, Backbone.js, and scaling on AWS? At Pathbrite we've built an HTML5 stack and codebase that works on all devices and resolutions. We're a well funded EdTech startup looking for more smart JS hackers. E-mail our CTO at
Front-End Engineer at InVisioneer, Inc. (San Jose, CA) InVisioneer's passion is innovative products that people love to use. If you want to build the future of the entertainment and video space, we'd like to hear from you.
Front-End Engineer at Practically Green (Boston, MA) Practically Green is growing rapidly. We have built a beautifully-designed SAAS platform that's currently shaking up the Fortune 500. We're looking to expand our engineering team so we can deliver on our mission to help people live healthier, greener lives.
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly
Fishing Joy (Chrome Web Store) Claims to be the first 'commercial' game built on Cocos2d-HTML5, an HTML5 variant of a popular iPhone and desktop game development framework. It didn't seem to cost me anything though and it plays and performs well.
CSSDeck CodeCasts: Learn HTML5 and CSS3 in a New Way? CSSDeck is unique amongst code sharing/sandbox sites in that it focuses on being able to 'play back' the development of code (or 'codecasts', as they call it). Here, they present several handy HTML5 and CSS3 ones together.
Texter: A Canvas-Based Drawing Experiment Based on Text
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