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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 6
September 28, 2011
This week's big news is the release of Firefox 7, although given the new rapid release schedule, it might not be as significant as it once was. Nonetheless, the world of Web browsers and browser technologies isn't slowing down and 'HTML5' continues to be cropping up everywhere. Long may it last!
News and Latest Developments
Firefox 7 Released: And It's Lean and Fast Mozilla has released Firefox 7 and it now uses significantly less memory than Firefox 6 and is more responsive.
appMobi's Integrated HTML5 Game Development and Deployment Environment appMobi has built supposedly the world's first integrated HTML5 game development and deployment environment. There's a free version available to try but, essentially, it's a commercial product. Looks interesting enough though.
Mulberry: A Development Framework for Native JS and HTML5 Mobile Apps Mulberry is a forthcoming framework for Web developers to build rich native mobile applications. It's built on top of the popular PhoneGap framework which supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and others. It looks promising.
GTK+ 3.2 Adds HTML5 Rendering - GTK Apps Can Render in the Browser GTK+ is a cross-platform toolkit for creating GUIs and GUI-based apps. An interesting new addition is the 'Broadway' backend which renders GTK-based apps in HTML5-capable browsers. It's experimental but pretty exciting.
Seb Lee-Delisle's 'Creative JS and HTML5' Training Seb Lee-Delisle runs a series of popular 'Creative JavaScript and HTML5' workshops and the latest run has tickets available in New York, Washington, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia.
SlideShare Ditches Flash for HTML5
Articles and Tutorials
Loading Large Assets in Modern HTML5 Games As Web games grow in size, asset management becomes a sticking point. Boris Smus looks at some of the issues involved with using AppCache and designing a game asset loader.
Browser Market Pollution: IE[x] is the new IE6 Paul Irish looks at the problem with increasing versions of Web browsers and Microsoft's policy of maintaining older versions for 10+ years. How could you need to support 72 versions of IE at once? Paul explains it all.
Browser Speed Tests: Firefox 7, Chrome 14, Internet Explorer 9 and More At LifeHacker, Whitson Gordon has been doing some speed tests using the latest browsers. Curiously, Opera 11 does best with Chrome 14 way back in 4th place..
Building Offline Experiences with HTML5 AppCache and IndexedDB
The Make Up of the Open Web Stack
SPDY: What I Like About You Patrick McManus is working on implementing Google's SPDY protocol in Firefox and shares what he likes about the protocol.
onGameStart Retrospective: A Bright Future for HTML5 Games onGameStart was an HTML5 game dev conference that took place in Poland last week. Phil Leggetter takes a look back at what happened and links to talk summaries for each day of the conference.
Code and Libraries
Pulse: A Pulsing Pin-Point Effect
'Pulse' is a simple but effective 'pulsing' element effect. It's all done in CSS using CSS3 specific features like CSS animation and transforms, so it degrades well.
Sassy Mother Effing Text Shadow Crazy title for some crazy effects. It's a tongue-in-cheek page with some pretty far out text-shadow effects, built using Sass functions.
10 HTML5-Ready Blank, Bare-Bones Themes for Wordpress Over at the Speckyboy blog, Paul Andrew has collected together some info on HTML5-based blank / naked / starter themes for the popular WordPress blogging system.
Drag and Drop Website Editing (in 10KB)
jsprobes: Cross-Platform Browser Instrumentation using JavaScript jsprobes is cross-platform, portable, and flexible browser instrumentation framework. It follows the event-driven idiom common to DTrace and many browser components: certain locations in the code (“probe points”), when executed, can run custom bits of instrumentation.
HTML5 Video Face Detection with Canvas and Javascript
Wes Bos shows off a fun mashup of the CCV JavaScript face detection library and the HTML5 canvas and video elements that overlays a fake moustache and glasses over a face in a live video. Frame rate is slow but a great demo.
Volkswagen Beetle's HTML5 Concept Site
Volkswagen has put together a pretty far out HTML5-driven site packed with interesting effects and contest, digging into their all-new new new Beetle.
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