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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 59
October 17, 2012
Audiograph: Yahoo Pipes-esque Graph Audio Filter Editor
It's not immediately apparent what to do but this is a pretty powerful way to build audio filters. Drag on a source box to get going, drag on some effects, join the boxes together, and enjoy. Reminds me a lot of Yahoo Pipes.
Click-to-Play Plugins, Blocklist-Style (Coming in Firefox 17) Over on the Mozilla Security Blog, get a glimpse at how Firefox's approach to 'click to play' plugins looks in the latest Firefox Beta.
Broken Promises of HTML5 From this week's HTML5DevCon comes a presentation by Mozilla's Christian Heilmann about pushing the HTML5 standard forward, along with lots of interesting demos.
Support Canvas 2D API From Workers For Background Image Rendering, Etc. Some early discussion around giving HTML5 canvas-based image rendering and processing a boost by allowing it to take place in separate worker threads.
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HTML5 Ranked Headings for Screen Readers HTML5 introduced the concept of relatively ranked headings, but where do they stand with regards to screen readers? Not well, it seems.
Splash Vector Graphics on your Responsive Site HTML5 Rocks is back with a tutorial from Alex Danilo about using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) for efficiency gains on sites designed to work across a wide range of resolutions.
Security Vulnerabilities in Firefox 16 Now Fixed in 16.0.1 Within 24 hours of Firefox 16's launch (as announced in last week's HTML5 Weekly), the release was pulled due to security issues. 16.0.1 is now out with the issues fixed but you can learn more here.
Google Awards $60,000 Prize to Hacker for Chrome Exploit
Responsive Image Proposals Gather Pace .net speaks to Mat Marquis about the 'picture' element and srcset attribute and the benefits they could bring to Web developers (when eventually implemented).
Using the Pointer Lock API to Restrict Mouse Movement to An Element
GET /browser.exe "What if a web request didn't just download a web page, but the browser too?" is the premise for an intriguing idea.
Cache is King (for Web Site Performance) Google's Web performance guru, Steve Souders, wondered what has the most effect on real Web sites' load times: a fast network, no JavaScript, or a primed cache. The title gives away the result but the analysis is interesting.
A Crash Course On CSS 'line-height'
33 Fantastic Chrome Extensions (for Web Developers) In a feature for .net magazine, Ryan Olson runs through some interesting Google Chrome add-ons aimed at Web developers. Includes a cookie editor, performance analyzers, GitHub extensions, color pickers, and more.
An Update on HTML5 Video from Brendan Eich Mozilla's CTO shares some quick updates on OS-based support for the HTML5 'video' element in Gecko, Firefox for Android, and Firefox OS.
Making the Firefox Logo from HTML (for Fashion) The Mozilla WebDev team needed a cool t-shirt to wear so Greg Koberger set out to create one using HTML and the Canvas element. Reveals More Details About Its HTML5 Turbo-Charger is working on a not yet released HTML5 framework for building high performance, cross platform 2D and 3D gesture based apps. TechCrunch gets a little more info about what it's all about.
OOCSS + Sass = The Best Way to CSS
The Breakpoint with Addy Osmani and Paul Irish (Sort Of..) Google appears to be boosting its developer engagement efforts and The Breakpoint is a brand new video show dedicated to developer tools and time-saving techniques - mostly in the cutting edge Web developer space.
GDL Presents: Make Web Magic (with the real Paul Irish) Another show from Google, this time with the real Paul Irish at the helm! It's the first of a three parter speaking to some of the people behind the creative Chrome Experiments that use the latest open Web technologies to striking effect.
iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S III: HTML5 Support Comparison An interesting side by side comparison of various sites using HTML5 technologies on these two popular smartphones.
code and tools
SPDYCheck: The SPDY Lint Tool Checks if a site properly supports the SPDY protocol (the performance-oriented protocol for transporting Web content) and helps you troubleshoot any problems with the configuration.
Responsivator: View & Share How Sites Look At Different Screen Sizes A handy tool if you want to test responsive Web designs quickly.
CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons Easily get your own Microsoft-style buttons using this light-weight CSS/JS library that uses CSS3 styles.
WebModular (An HTML5 + JavaScript Modular Synthesizer)
Music and sound generation continues to be a dominant theme amongst the most interesting HTML5 demos of late. This is no exception as it provides a modular synthesizer with lots of wires and knobs to play with.
WebGL Globe of Google Search Volume by Language
A WebGL-powered 3D globe that shows the search volume on in different regions of the world, colored by language.
WebGL Tornado: Control a 3D Tornado Effect in the Browser
last but not least..
HTML5 & CSS3 Workshop with Estelle Weyl (Bath, UK in November) HTML5 and CSS3 guru Estelle Weyl is running a workshop in the UK next month. There's another in Paris a few days later (see below).
Estelle Weyl's CSS3 Workshop in Paris (November 15)
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