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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 58
October 10, 2012
featured Launches in Alpha: 'Your Web, Documented'
A community and vendor-driven effort to centralize documentation for front-end Web developers and browser junkies. Supported by and populated by folks from the W3C, Adobe, Apple, Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Opera, Microsoft and HP.
Paul Irish: Why I'm So Excited About Web Platform Docs
Firefox 16 Released to Public: More HTML5 Features Made Prefix-Free Lots of unprefixing work makes it out to the general public with Firefox 16, covering areas from CSS3 Animations, Transforms, Transitions, Image Values, and Values and Units over to the Battery and Vibration APIs.
from our sponsor
RoyalSlider: The Super Flexible Image Gallery and HTML Slider Plugin
Create responsive and touch-friendly sliders with this script. Its modular architecture lets you build your own version of the script including only the features you need - all using a simple online tool. CSS3 transitions with fallbacks are used for all animations.
Using the HTML5 Fullscreen API for Phishing Attacks Feross Aboukhadijeh shows off an interesting way of using the Fullscreen API to trick visitors to your site (or worse, a scammer's site.)
Wait, DevTools Could Do THAT? At the recent O'Reilly Velocity conference, Google's Ilya Grigorik gave a talk about what Chrome's developer tools can do. Lots of detail on these great slides.
One Small Step (for An introduction to, what the motivation was, why it exists, and where the site is hoping to go.
MDN: Firefox 16 Changes for Web Developers An entry over at the Mozilla Developers' Network summing up some of the changes in Firefox 16 from a Web developer's point of view.
6 More HTML5 Questions Answered by the HTML5 Doctor Another interesting question and answer round up with the HTML5 Doctors. This time looking at defining sections on a page, using HTML5 within a legacy site, hidden headings for accessibility, and more.
On DRM in HTML5 Bruce Lawson ponders the clash between open standards and business demands and whether having Digital Rights Management features in HTML (and related technologies) would actually be a good idea.
Drawing Things with CSS3 Box-Shadow By using mul­tiple 'box-shadows', you can draw com­plex images with only a single ele­ment. Joshua Hibbert demonstrates how.
CSS3 Regions and Flow If you've done any desktop publishing, CSS3 regions may feel familiar to you as they allow you to associate elements with one another and flow content between them. They're still cutting edge but this articles introduces the concept well.
ArchiveAPI: Mozilla's Proposed API for Reading Archive Files An introduction to Mozilla's ArchiveAPI, which provides the ability to read the contents of an archive file through DOM File objects.
Contre Jour: Behind The Scenes Contre Jour is an iOS game that Microsoft has had ported to the browser using HTML5 and JavaScript as a way to show off IE10's updated JS engine and multi-touch features. This post explains some of what was involved.
Building an HTML5 Game? Don’t Shrug Off Atlases Google's Colt McAnlis looks at 'texture atlasing', something similar to a sprite sheet (but not quite!), and the performance benefits available to HTML5 game developers.
WebGL: How It Works A look at how WebGL ties vertex and fragment shaders together with Gregg Tavares.
Ilya Grigorik on SPDY for Faster Web Sites Google's Ilya Grigorik talks about the SPDY protocol with O'Reilly's Courtney Nash and how its development is progressing with SPDY v2.
code and tools
Firefox Metro Preview for Windows 8 This preview marks the beginning of community testing for the Windows 8-focused Metro-styled version of Firefox. Looks nice although you do need Windows 8 to give it a try.
Opera Mobile 12.1: Includes SPDY, WebSockets, Flexbox and More Opera's latest Android-based browser is out and features lots of new technology under the hood, including support for SPDY, WebSockets, contenteditable/designMode, CSS animations, and the CSS Flexible Box Layout Module.
A Web Server Within Chrome (Canary)? Code demonstrating Chrome's new networking stack which allows ports to be opened from within a Chrome app or extension.
NetBeans 7.3 Beta (Open Source IDE) Gains HTML5 Development Features
Front End UX Developer at Econsultancy (London, UK) We're looking for an experienced and talented Front End UX Developer who loves to create beautifully crafted websites to join our friendly little development team.
Bring Home the Bacon with Hubbub Hubbub change how people shop, and support local high streets, by providing a pioneering delivery service for independent shops. We're looking for two super-smart developers to join us - and we’re offering a year's free bacon to successful applicants AND the person that refers them too!
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly
Powderkeg: A Realtime, Multiplayer HTML5 Bomberman-Style Game Essentially a tech demo of the impressive Artillery platform which runs a simulation on every client to give a fast, seamless experience (seriously, this is very slick). Requires Chrome or Firefox.
A Dive in Music: HTML5 + WebGL Experiment A very pretty music visualization. Drag around for movement. (Warning: Music autoplays.)
Pure CSS Under Construction GIF If you were on the Web in the 90s, you'll surely remember 'Under Construction' animated GIFs? :-) Here's a reproduction of the concept in pure CSS on a single element.
last but not least..
DOM Enlightenment: Exploring The Relationship Between JS and the Modern HTML DOM A draft version of a book under development by Cody Lindley for O'Reilly.
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