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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 57
October 3, 2012
news and headlines
Mozilla Announces the First Beta Release of Persona, Its Identity System For the past year Mozilla has been working on an experimental login system that completely eliminates passwords on websites while being safe, secure, and easy to use.
Twitter Bootstrap Moves Beyond Twitter as Leaders Head Elsewhere The two creators of Twitter Bootstrap are heading off to new ventures but Bootstrap will live on and here they explain what happens next.
Speech JavaScript API Specification: Editor's Draft An editor's draft of a spec defining an API to enable speech recognition and synthesis within Web pages.
The New York Times Launches HTML5 Webapp for iPad
HTML5 Symposium (Nov 19-20, Toowoomba, Australia)
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Learn to use Adobe's new tools for designers and developers
Create the Web in San Francisco last week: Adobe announced a collection of tools for today's designers and developers including Edge Code, Edge Inspect, PhoneGap Build, Edge Animate and more. Get the details and get started with Adobe Developer Center tutorials and resources.
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Getting Started with CSS Custom Filters (CSS Shaders) An introduction to CSS custom filters, a new browser feature for applying complex visual effects to HTML elements. A lot to enjoy here from how they work to how to implement some filters of your own.
HTML5 APIs You Didn't Know Existed Includes Element.classList, the ContextMenu API, Element.dataset, the window.postMessage API, and the autofocus attribute.
Google Dart: For Building HTML5 Apps Fast Google's Seth Ladd gives us an overview of Google's new Dart language and why it's particularly well suited for HTML5 development.
Not Flash! The (Still) Angsty Zeitgeist Of HTML5 Technology Burnout The complications of HTML5 as seen from a Flash game developer's point of view.
iOS6 Hardware Acceleration Changes and How to Fix Them
IE8 Falls Below 25%, Firefox 15 Passes 10%, Chrome Loses Users The latest browser stats, as shared by The Next Web, show some funny developments.
Why Mozilla Persona is the Right Answer to the Question of Identity David Somers explains why another identity system is needed and so why Mozilla's Persona is a worthwhile project worth investigating.
You Can Now Contribute to Via GitHub
Vertical Showcase Slider with jQuery and CSS Transitions It's tutorial time! Learn how to create a simple and responsive 'product slider', well suited for an online portfolio or store.
The Current State Of Remote Debugging For Mobile Addy Osmani quickly summarizes and links to info about the state of doing remote debugging on mobile devices with Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Mobile Safari.
CSS3 vs jQuery Animations On the Dev.Opera blog, Siddharth Rao looks at how to create animations using jQuery or CSS3 and how the approaches perform against each other.
RTCWeb Explained: Real Time Communications for the Web What's going on at the IETF and W3C with the standardization of interactive voice, video, and data in the browser? Cullen Jennings explains all in 35 minutes.
Interview: How RIM is Using HTML5 in BlackBerry 10 With Adam Stanley, BlackBerry's HTML5 guru.
Thinkintags: Tool for Rapid Visual Prototyping of CSS Layouts
code and libraries
WebcamSwiper: A Photo Carousel Controlled by Hand Gestures An experiment to control a photo carousel using getUserMedia to watch for left and right swipes of the hand.
HappyEdit: An HTML5 Remake of Vim
pXY.js: Pixel Analysis for HTML5 Canvas
Some CSS Gradient 'border-image' Tricks (in code)
Cube-engine: 3D Engine for HTML5 Canvas (no OpenGL/WebGL) Has a Minecraft type look to it. All 3D is produced in software (no WebGL, etc.)
lazy-worker: Lazy Web Workers Only Work When Someone Is Watching
Turbulenz Engine: HTML5 Samples and Tech Demos Turbulenz is a system for building and deploying high quality HTML5 games and this set of samples and tech demos shows it off at its best.
Music Music Revolution A Dance Dance Revolution style game implemented using HTML5 technologies.
last but not least..
Limited-Edition HTML5 Dev Conf Tees!
They're not free or anything but this is a pretty good looking t-shirt for $16 if you want to get your HTML5 on. Profits go to fund the development of Browserling and Testling, handy cross-browser testing tools.
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