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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 56
September 26, 2012
news and featured
Chrome 22 Released as Stable: Includes Pointer Lock The Chrome team has pushed Chrome 22 out on the stable channel and puts support for Pointer Lock (a.k.a. 'mouse lock') front and center, encouraging you to test it out with Mozilla's Bananabread 3D FPS demo.
Plan 2014: The Plan for HTML5 to Reach Recommendation Status The HTML Working Group's plan to get HTML5 to W3C's Recommendation status by 2014. Covers progress, remaining challenges, and more.
The HTML5 Developer Conference Registration Open (SF, October 15-16)
CSS Dev Conference - Honolulu, Hawaii - Dec. 5, 2012
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Learn to use Adobe's new tools for designers and developers
Create the Web in San Francisco this week: Adobe announced a collection of tools for today's designers and developers including Edge Code, Edge Inspect, PhoneGap Build, Edge Animate and more. Get the details and get started with Adobe Developer Center tutorials and resources.
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iPhone 5 and iOS 6 for HTML5 Developers, A Big Step Forward Mobile Web development guru Max Firtman takes a look at what's new for HTML5 developers with both the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Very thorough. A ton to see here.
The Truth About Structuring An HTML5 Page From .net magazine comes an excerpt from Luke Stevens' 'The Truth About HTML5' which digs into the problems around structuring HTML5 elements on Web pages.
A Browser Benchmark That Has Your Back: RoboHornet Paul Irish talks about a newly open sourced browser benchmark that 'aims to use the collective efforts of the web development community and get browser vendors to fix real-world performance pain points.'
7 HTML5 Features That You May Not Know About I only knew about 2 of them so hats off to Aaron Lumsden!
WebSockets 101: A Technical Introduction Armin Ronacher presents a great technical introduction to WebSockets, digging into how the protocol works, how the handshake is done, how the payloads are split up, and more.
Browser Testing Across Devices With Adobe Edge Inspect Adobe Edge Inspect, formerly Shadow, hit 1.0 this week. Brian Rinaldi shows how to use it for testing mobile webapps across multiple devices simultaneously.
Live Web Audio Input Enabled (on Chrome Canary on OS X) Chris Wilson is excited about a new feature in Chrome Canary on OS X: the ability to get low-latency access to live audio input.
Screensharing A Browser Tab in HTML5? Over at HTML5 Rocks, Eric Bidelman claims that 'browser tab sharing is possible with today's web technology!' and shows off some ways to do it.
Record Audio Using WebRTC and Do Server-Side Speech Recognition using WebSockets
Drawing Pixels is Hard The creator of the Impact game engine looks at some of the issues involved in getting crisp retro-style scaled pixels on an HTML5 Canvas.
On Spinlocks and sleep() Geoffrey Garen of the WebKit project explains the recent WebKit patch that yielded a 3.7x garbage collection speedup by removing a call to sleep()
How to Create a CSS Flipping Animation David Walsh keeps it straightforward and his technique even works on touchscreens.
Code Editing with Edge Code Brian Rinaldi introduces Adobe's new Edge Code code editor for HTML, CSS and JavaScript developers based upon the Brackets open source project.
Oh Really, Why Is That? Web Performance for The Curious! Google's Ilya Grigorik digs into the architecture of the WebKit and Chromium engines and shows how pages come together, from receiving bits on the wire to painting pixels to the screen.
CSS Flexbox Please! A simple tool to play with the CSS Flexible Box Model live on the page. Note that only Chrome currently has full flexbox support (though many other browsers support it partially).
CSS FilterLab: Explore CSS Filters and CSS Custom Filters.
code and libraries
Ejecta: Fast, Open Source JS, Canvas + Audio Implementation for iOS Billing itself as a 'Browser without the Browser', Ejecta is specifically aimed at running HTML5-based games and animations fast on the iOS platform.
HTML5 Blank WordPress Theme A new HTML5-focused WordPress theme by Todd Motto. Up to date, well commented, and includes things like Modernizr and HTML5 Boilerplate.
Masking HTML Elements with Gradient-based Fadeouts
DHTMLX Touch 1.2: Unitlist, New Charts, and More New version of an open source HTML5 framework for building cross-platform mobile apps.
Camvas: Library to Stream Webcam Content to A Canvas
foreman: A Quick and Dirty Helper for Web Workers
Front End UX Developer at Econsultancy (London, UK) We're looking for an experienced and talented Front End UX Developer who loves to create beautifully crafted websites to join our friendly little development team.
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly
A Globe from Google Maps With CSS Shaders
Got the latest Chrome Canary? If so, head to about:flags, turn on CSS shaders, and check this out. If not, see the image to the right! This takes a regular Google Maps map and makes it into a sphere using the latest CSS shader support.
WebGL Voxel Demo in the GLSL Sandbox
Local Music Visualizer: Drag in an Audio File to Play and Visualize
last but not least..
HTML5 for Creatives: A Free Report by John Allsopp A free PDF that digs into the capabilities, use cases, strengths and limitations of HTML5 and related technologies.
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