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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 55
September 19, 2012
from the editor
Welcome to issue 55 of HTML5 Weekly. A pretty mega issue today and I just want to direct your attention to the 'Tools' section in particular. One (a Web font converter for OS X) is only free for the next few hours, and another (a drag and drop online page designer) has 250 limited instant invites for HTML5 Weekly readers only. Enjoy! -- Peter C
news and headlines
Web Crypto API Advances to First Public Working Draft Ryan Sleevi and Paul Irish share some info and links on this API for doing basic cryptographic operations in the browser.
Intel Announces New HTML5 Programming Tools
Google Apps to Stop Supporting Internet Explorer 8 in November
appMobi Unveils privateStack, a Full Enterprise HTML5 Backend Stack to Self Host
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HTML5 Web Storage - Cookies Are So 1994! Matthew Setter looks at Web Storage, the specification that allows for persistent data storage in the browser at a more advanced level than cookies.
Resizing Images Prior to Upload Using HTML5 Canvas Slurp pictures users want to upload into a canvas, resize, then upload the resized version, saving bandwidth. Not perfect yet but a clever idea nonetheless.
How Apple is Compressing Video on Its Site Using JPEG, JSON, and HTML5 Canvas Both ridiculous and genius at the same time.
CSS3 2D and 3D Graphics and Animation Effects Oswald Campesato shows how to use CSS3 transitions, keyframe rules and the functions scale3d(), rotate3d(), and translate3d() from his recent book "HTML5 Canvas and CSS3 Graphics Primer."
Writing HTML5 Multiplayer Games using Socket.IO Ron Reiter digs into why WebSocket is important for Web-based multiplayer games and shows off some basics of integrating it with a Python-based Tornado server. Comes with source and a demo.
Masking HTML Elements with Gradient-based Fadeouts
DOMless Inputs on HTML5 Canvas Want to build a form that doesn't use any 'input' tags or other DOM elements except 'canvas'? Here's how.
Creating Mobile Apps With PhoneGap: Lessons Learned
WebMatrix 2: Front End Web Developers Take Note
I casually mentioned its release last week, but here Scott Hanselman gives a screenshot-driven walkthrough of Microsoft's latest free front end Web development tool.
Divshot: A Drag and Drop 'Interface Builder' for Web Apps An interesting drag and drop tool that can export to responsive HTML5 and CSS. Still in private beta but the first 250 people to apply via this exclusive-to-HTML5-Weekly landing page will get instant invitations into the beta.
FontPrep: Web Font Conversion for OS X (Free for Next Few Hours) Converts TrueType or OpenType fonts into Web fonts (WOFF, EOT, SVG). Sadly their free offer is only for the next few hours(!) but I just managed to grab it OK and it worked well on fonts I tried.
GlowScript: An Online WebGL Animation Development Environment This 'Graphics Library on Web' (Glow) makes it easy to write real-time navigable 3D animations that run in the browser and is based on JavaScript and WebGL. By 'easy', you can have a rotatable and zoomable cube in a one liner! Online Editor for the reveal.js HTML Presentation Framework
CSS Lint v0.9.9 Now Available
code and libraries
gifsockets: Real Time Communication Library Using Animated Gifs A demo of how to achieve realtime text communication using GIF images as transport. Whoa!
Floating Headers for iScroll An implementation of iOS UITableView's floating headers using HTML5 for non-native usage. Aimed at mobile browsers.
Enquire.js: Media Query Callbacks in JavaScript
Shader Invaders! Space Invaders Implemented in a WebGL Shader A delight from the GLSL Sandbox. Clever stuff!
Rule 110 Implemented in CSS3 (with no JavaScript) Rule 110 is a cellular automaton known to be Turing complete and in this incarnation it's implemented entirely with CSS and HTML5.
500 Chrome Experiments and Counting In 2009, Google launched a 'Chrome Experiments' site to show off some of the most creative uses of the latest Web technologies. They've now reached 500 'experiments' and are marking the occasion.
A WebGL Globe Visualization of Traffic to Obama's Reddit 'Ask Me Anything'
js13kGames: HTML5 and JavaScript Gamedev Competition Entries js13kGames is a JavaScript and HTML5 game development contest where all entries have to fit into 13KB - assets and all. Play 61 of the entries here.
A Look At, An HTML5 Collaborative Brainstorming Tool Aims to become 'the Github of visual ideation.'
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