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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 54
September 12, 2012
news and headlines
Mark Zuckerberg: Our Biggest Mistake Was Betting Too Much On HTML5 People on Twitter have read too much into this soundbite, especially as Zuckerberg followed it up with "It's not that HTML5 is bad. I'm long-term really excited about it. [..] We have more people on a daily basis using mobile web Facebook than our iOS or Android apps combined."
HTML5 Is Dead. Long Live HTML5! For CNET, Stephen Shankland presents a more balanced picture of Mark Zuckerberg's opinion and how far it really matters.
IonMonkey JavaScript JIT Now Enabled in Firefox 18
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Improving Site Performance with YSlow
New Relic's Chris Kelly discusses how to improve site performance with YSlow. A great reminder of how app performance can be improved in the outer edges of the application.
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Standards for Web Applications On Mobile: Current State and Roadmap The W3C presents a state of affairs for Web standards and their application on mobile devices. It digs into graphics, forms, data storage, sensor integration, and more.
Clearing Browser Data: A Study by Steve Souders Google's Web performance guru, Steve Souders, looks at the extent to which browsers' 'Clear Cache' functionality works.
Create Fluid Layouts With HTML5 and CSS3 Ben Frain, author of 'Responsive Web Design with HTML5 & CSS3', shares an excerpt of his book with .net magazine readers where he demonstrates how to convert pixel-based designs to proportional, fluid equivalents.
Windows 8 Apps with HTML5, An Entry Level Guide In Visual Studio Magazine, Michael Crump offers a step-by-step guide to using the HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 functionality in Visual Studio 2012 and Windows 8 to build modern Windows apps.
Yeoman: Tooling and Frameworks for Apps Andy Matthews walks through getting started with the just released Yeoman, a set of tools, libraries and workflow for quickly building web apps.
Full WebRTC Support Is Soon Coming to A Web Browser Near You! Mozilla's Robert Nyman explains.
Using CSS3 Transitions: A Comprehensive Guide
HTML Editing and other improvements in Firefox 17 Developer Tools
CSS-Only Sticky Headers for Tables, Using 'position: sticky' Charlie Park shows off the new 'sticky' positioning feature found in the latest Chrome Canary build (it seems to work in my Dev build too).
Simple and Fast CSS Page Transitions in Your Hybrid Mobile App
Six Strategies for Building A Great Google Chrome Extension
No App Store? No Problem. Grooveshark Rolls Out Full HTML5 Site for All Devices
Exploring the Use of bbUI.js for Building a BlackBerry UI with HTML5 A recorded webcast from Blackberry about building a Blackberry app with a native look and feel using HTML5 technologies and bbUI.js.
Yeoman Released: A Stack'o'Tools for Webapp Developers
A wonderful bag'o'tools covering fast scaffolding for new projects, automatic compilation of CoffeeScript and Sass, automatic linting, image optimization, manifest generation, PhantomJS unit testing, and more.
Twitter's Bower: A Package Manager for the Web Twitter has released Bower, a 'package manager for the web' that lets you structure the process of installing assets like images, CSS and JavaScript and managing dependencies.
CSS Values: A Handy Reference to Valid Values for CSS Properties
WebMatrix 2 Released: Microsoft's Free Webdev Software
Adobe's Flash Professional Toolkit for CreateJS 1.1 Released Adobe improves its Flash to HTML5 support some more with its latest free, extra tools for its Flash Professional IDE that are designed to help you 'make the transition to creating HTML5-based content' from Flash.
Introducing Element Finder for Sublime Text 2 A tool for web developers to find which HTML files in a project contain elements matching a specific CSS selector.
GL-Shader-Validator: A WebGL GLSL and ESSL Validator for Sublime Text 2
code and libraries
Bourbon Neat: New Sass-Powered Fluid Grid Framework from Thoughtbot
Enquire.js: Media Query Callbacks in JavaScript
Gorgeous 360 Degree Car Visualizer Made In WebGL
'Pong' Gets A Physics Boost, by Way Of HTML5
Helveticards: 100% CSS Playing Cards
Creating a Single Element iPhone using CSS3
last but not least..
The Web Behind: A Forthcoming 'Web History' Podcast Eric Meyer is starting a 'web history' podcast in association with Jen Simmons of The Web Ahead that will focus on interviewing the developers, hobbyists, and architects behind the modern Web and its technologies.
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