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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 53
September 5, 2012
news and headlines
Google's Chrome Turns 4 Years Old
Google released Chrome 4 years ago in 2008 to a scene where IE6 was still popular, HTML5 support was in its infancy, and JavaScript performance was in the pits. To celebrate, Google has created a 'Chrome Time Machine' you can enjoy.
Firefox Aurora 17 Released: More Support for New Standards Aurora, the edgy developer's release of Firefox, reaches version 17 and adds support for the new @supports pseudo-class, the :dir pseudo-class, sandboxing for IFRAMEs, and ECMAScript 6-related JavaScript improvements.
Adobe's CSS Shaders Now an Official W3C Editor's Draft
Tony Parisi and O'Reilly's 'WebGL: Up and Running' Book Now Available
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There Is No Such Thing as CSS4 Tab Atkins Jr of the CSS Working Group wants to set the record straight: "There will never be a CSS4. CSS4 is not a thing that exists."
Introduction to XMLHttpRequest Level 2 Over at Dev.Opera, Tiffany Brown looks at improvements made to XMLHttpRequest, the cornerstone of Ajax, in its level 2 spec. Opera 12 has now implemented XMLHttpRequest Level 2 support but it has been in most other browsers (except IE) for a while so is worth reading about if you're not yet familiar with it.
W3C on 'The Flowing Standard' Robin Berjon, the new full-time HTML5 technical editor for the W3C, explains how development of various specifications are moving onto GitHub and adopting the 'git flow' model of development.
Amazon S3 Gets Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Support Means you can now build webapps that use HTML5 drag and drog to do uploads direct to Amazon's popular file storage service.
HTML5 2D Game Development: Introducing Snail Bait From the author of 'Core HTML5 Canvas' comes the first in a series of posts on IBM developerWorks about building a 2D game from scratch using HTML5 technologies.
Make Disaster-Proof HTML5 Forms An example of using localStorage to store form data prior to submission in case the browser crashes/user leaves the page. A library called Sisyphus.js can do all this for you too but it doesn't hurt to see things done from scratch.
High DPI Canvas Over at HTML5 Rocks, Paul Lewis looks at some of the unique challenges of drawing images on canvas elements in the context of high DPI screens.
'position: sticky' Lands in WebKit 'position: sticky' is a new way to position elements with some similarities to 'position: fixed' but with the fixing only occurring once the element reaches a certain place in the viewport.
Playing Sounds on Hover Events using the Web Audio API
10 Tips for Getting That Native iOS Feel with PhoneGap
Developing Responsive Designs with the Opera Mobile Emulator
Integrating input[type='file'] with the File System API
Asynch JS: The Power Of $.Deferred for HTML5 Applications
code and libraries
HTML5 Boilerplate 4.0 Released The web's most popular front-end template becomes MIT licensed, updates to the latest versions of jQuery and Modernizr, switches to a neutral text selection color (from hot pink!) and gets documentaton bundled in.
Painting the DOM to Canvas with Domvas Lets you 'take arbitrary DOM content and paint it to a Canvas of your choice.'
(Twitter) Bootstrap 2.1.1 Released (73 bugfixes, 1 new feature)
TiltShift.js: jQuery Plugin Using CSS3 Filters to Create Tilt Shift Effects
Modernizr 2.6.2 Released
Make Gauge Charts using Canvas and JavaScript
WAB: 90s-style Demos, Recreated with HTML5 Old school Amiga demoscene demos reconstructed for the Web using HTML5 technologies. Lots of nostalgia and hideously dated music to enjoy here! Warning: automatically plays music.
100% Client Side QR Code Reader using getUserMedia() + Webcam
last but not least..
FontPrep: Convert Your Fonts for the Web on OS X A forthcoming OS X app that lets you drag on your TrueType fonts and get Web-ready WOFF, SVG and EOT versions back. The authors tipped me off that you can get it for free later this week if you register an interest now.
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