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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 52
August 29, 2012
from the editor
HTML5 Weekly is one year old! Thanks for being part of the journey. Back in issue 1, the first headline was Firefox 6's release and today Firefox 15 is out. At this rate, I'm hoping the release Firefox 42 will coincide with our 5th anniversary! ;-) - Peter Cooper
news and headlines
Firefox 15 Released: Background Updates, SPDY v3, WebGL Enhancements
The latest Firefox release brings a handful of new features to the table including optimized memory usage for add-ons, a background updating system, the HTML5 'audio' and 'video' elements now support the 'played' attribute, and native support for the Opus audio codec has been added.
Adobe's Create The Web Tour: Free Events in SF, London, Tokyo and Sydney Adobe is hitting the road in its mission to 'move the Web forward' and running 4 free one-day events with several speakers a-piece. Dates so far include September 24th in San Francisco and October 2nd in London.
Unpatched Java 7 Vulnerability Exploited in Targeted Attacks, Researchers Say Slightly off our usual beat but an alarming new zero-day vulnerability in Java being exploited via the Web is one to be aware of.
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New W3C Draft Released: HTML Responsive Images Extension Includes 'picture' and 'source' elements for specifying different sources of images based on browser and display characteristics.
W3C Releases Updated Working Draft of CSS3 Text Module
CSS Values and Units Module Level 3 now a 'Candidate Recommendation' We're already using values and units all over our CSS but this rounds out their specification for CSS3. Being a Candidate Recommendation essentially means this spec is considered ready for implementation by browser manufacturers.
Getting HTML5 Ready: ContentEditable Brian Rinaldi looks at the ContentEditable attribute and how it can be used to allow you to make document regions editable.
4 Tips for Porting Your Game to the Web With Native Client (NaCl) Lots of detail here on porting existing games to run in Chrome's Native Client system (a sandboxing technology for running a subset of native x86 or ARM code).
CSS Media Queries for Ambient Light Sensors Media queries can help you style based on medium and screen/device size, but what about ambient light? An interesting idea, for sure, and could lead to contrast and color schemes suitable for different lighting environments.
Developing and Hosting an HTML5 Game with MongoDB, Node.js and OpenShift
A Survey of WebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks) Support in Browsers The W3C's Silvia Pfeiffer looks at WebVTT support (mainly used for captioning video content) in the major browsers.
Optical Zooming in Legacy Document Modes with Internet Explorer Due to legacy whole-pixel based text metrics versus modern sub-pixel metrics, text on sites running in IE5, IE7 and IE8 legacy modes will not scale smoothly in Windows 8. The IE team explains.
The Innovations Of Internet Explorer Once upon a time, says Nicholas C Zakas, IE was 'the driving force of innovation on the Internet'. He takes a dive into some of the history and Web technologies that IE helped promote.
Using Chrome://tracing to View Your Inline Profiling Data in Chrome Chrome://tracing offers an intimate view of the browser's performance, recording Chrome's activities across every thread, tab, and process. Ideal when working on resource-hungry browser games.
How to Disable Java in All Your Browsers On OS X Christian Heilmann shows us how to disable Java quickly in the wake of the zero-day vulnerability in Java 7 (above).
Doodle Jump Game using HTML5 A recreation of the popular Doodle Jump game on iOS devices but in HTML5 for the Web. Given it seems to use the original game's assets, it might not be around long, but it's a clever clone/port.
Cocos2d-HTML5 v2.0 Released (2D Game Engine)
Animated Radio Button Inputs Clever example of a set of radio buttons where the selected option highlight flies between the buttons you select.
Simple HTML5 'Placeholder' Attribute Fallback using jQuery
A Gently Swinging IMG using CSS3 Transforms By Christian Heilmann
nginx_tcp_proxy_module: TCP Proxying for nginx Makes WebSocket Proxying Possible
Unfolding 3D Thumbnails Concept: Demo and Code A 3D thumbnail view concept for image slideshows where the current image gets opened up with a thumbnail view appearing from beneath.
BigScreen: Simple Library for Using The Full Screen API
Software Developer at Matrix Solutions (Pittsburgh, PA) Wanna develop software at a progressive, agile company with an established customer base? Matrix Solutions, the leading provider of sales management solutions for the media industry, is looking for a developer with great JavaScript chops to join our team.
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly here
WebCamMesh: A Webcam 3D Depth Map Experiment
Bringing together Three.js, getUserMedia (for capturing your webcam), and CSS3 filters comes this demo where a 3D depth map is created of your webcam's view. Interesting effect.
getUserMedia + WebGL with three.js = Another Great Webcam Visualization A bit like the mesh visualization above but even more striking IMHO. More CPU intensive though and have had browser crashes reported so be warned :-)
Canvas-Powered 'Wind Map' of the United States
Bangarang Boomerang: Play with Dubstep Beats using the Web Audio API
last but not least..
SpritePad: Smart Online Tool to Create and Edit CSS Sprites
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