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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 51
August 22, 2012
News and Headlines
Twitter Bootstrap 2.1.0 Released Now publicly one year old, Twitter Bootstrap has had its latest update. Dropdowns can now have submenus, there's a new navbar, and it's moved from a 13px base font size to 14px, amongst many other things.
Google Pledges $2 Million in Prizes to Hackers Who Exploit Chrome
A Look at Multi-Optics, An HTML5 3D Modeling Tool Multi-Optics is a fully-featured HTML5 powered 3D modeling tool that allows artists and clients to work together in real time. Naturally, it leans heavily on WebGL too.
From Our Sponsor
An Intro to Pointer Lock and First Person Shooter Controls for HTML5 Games The Pointer Lock API helps us to implement first-person shooter controls in a browser game by 'locking' the pointer into the browser. In this guide at HTML5 Rocks, John McCutchan looks into the Pointer Lock API and how it can help build FPS style controls. With inline demos.
HTML5: Don't Believe the Hype Cycle Gartner, the IT research company, claims HTML5 is close to the 'peak of inflated expectations' and is still 5-10 years away from being a 'suitable basis for businesses.' Happily, ReadWriteWeb disagrees.
Support for HTML5's 'sandbox' Attribute for IFRAMEs now in Firefox Nightly First starting as a feature request back in 2006 and then standardized in HTML5 in 2008, Firefox (Nightly, for now) now supports the 'sandbox' attribute that imposes security restrictions on scripts within IFRAMEs.
When Milliseconds Are Not Enough:
YC-Backed SpinPunch Aims To Build Faster, Prettier HTML5 Games SpinPunch, founded by an ex-Microsoft developer and an Emmy winning animator, is trying to be 'faster-paced, and more visually rich' than the rest of the HTML5 game engine world. Their engine is private/in-house but getting a lot of interest.
Dolphin Browser Proves It's Ready for an HTML5 Future The most recent beta of Dolphin Browser for Android claims to be the first mobile browser to have two full rings in the popular Ringmark browser functionality benchmark.
Styling Your Apps with Twitter Bootstrap Holly Schinsky presents a code and screenshot-heavy introduction to using Twitter Bootstrap and its key features to style your apps quickly and easily.
Chrome Developers: Web Audio (Part 1) The first in a two part live series where Google developers and Web Audio API experts showed how to use Web Audio and answered audience questions. Very well recorded and presented.
High Performance HTML5 Google's Web performance guru Steve Souders gave a talk at Google I/O about which HTML5 features to seek out and which to avoid when it comes to building fast HTML5 web apps.
An Introduction to WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) Several Google developers got together to talk about WebRTC, its implementation, how different parts of it work, and its effects on the Web.
Firefox OS Running on Raspberry Pi (with WebGL Demos)
Code and Libraries
FTColumnflow: Polyfill That Fixes Inadequacies of CSS Column Layouts FT Labs, part of the Financial Times, have open sourced FTColumnflow which lets you get more interesting column-based layouts with configurable column widths, gutters and margins, elements that can span columns, and more.
MacBook Pro Using Pure CSS on a Single HTML Element Some clever CSS3 shenanigans come together to render a representation of a MacBook Pro on a single HTML element.
A CSS-Only Pinterest Style Columns Layout
Underscores: An HTML5-based Starter Theme for WordPress
Front-End Developer at CareZone (Seattle and San Francisco) Do filenames like frighten or excite you? We're a small, well-funded software startup where you can have a big impact working with smart, thoughtful folks on a truly helpful product.
Rails/NodeJS Engineer at Chute (San Francisco, CA) We're looking for a badass full-stack engineer to join our growing engineering team. We have a fast-paced, fun team and a highly collaborative culture. You're versed in all things Ruby, Rails and Node. You relish solving problems at scale.
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly here
HexGL: A Futuristic Racing Game using HTML5 and WebGL
A futuristic, fast-paced racing game built using HTML5 technologies, JavaScript, WebGL, and three.js.
(Web)Socket Racing A simple WebSocket based multiplayer racing game in your browser. Imagine Micro Machines but without any graphics ;-)
Avgrund: A Modal UI Concept A modal dialog concept that offers a sense of depth between the page and modal layer using CSS transforms.
Last but not least..
Ludum Dare 24 (Gamedev Contest) Starts This Friday The ever popular Ludum Dare 48 hour online game development contest kicks off this Friday. HTML5 and WebGL are becoming increasingly popular technology choices with participants.
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