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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 50
August 15, 2012
RIP Adobe Flash on Android From today, Flash for Android will be gone from the Google Play store meaning any Android device without Flash already will be unable to download it. Adobe is now putting more effort into investigating HTML5-based approaches.
Canvas Conf: Colourful Ideas for The Web - Sep 7, 2012 (Birmingham, UK) A single day developer conference focused on building the next generation of the web. Includes speakers from Twitter, Opera, and the BBC.
'CSS Masking' Editor's Draft Released CSS Masking describes how to use another graphical element or image as a lumniance or alpha mask for another. Lea Verou noted that it specs out 'SVG masks for HTML content and [is] an attempt to standardize -webkit-mask'.
Normalize.css 1.0.0 Released
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Making A Multiplayer 3rd-Person Shooter with HTML5
A networked multiplayer 3rd-person shooter built in two weeks as a technology demo. Give it a go or enjoy Dave Evans' explanation of how it was built. It uses many of the latest HTML5 and browser APIs including the Web Audio API, Pointer Lock API and Gamepad API.
The HTML5 Doctor Answers Your HTML5 Questions #19 The latest roundup of HTML5 questions and answers from the HTML5 Doctor, including putting text on a canvas, choosing the best tags to use, and marking up a price.
How to Build a Windows 8 Netflix App with WinJS and HTML5 A step by step guide to creating a Netflix Movie Explorer Metro app for Windows 8 using WinJS, HTML5, and Visual Studio 12. It seems Windows 8 will prove an interesting platform for HTML5 developers.
Getting Started With Kendo UI Mobile Over at the Adobe Developer Connection, Kendo UI's Burke Holland shows us how to use Kendo UI Mobile, a framework for building native-looking HTML5 apps. It works particularly well with PhoneGap.
Learning to Love the Boring Bits of CSS Peter Gasston shows off several of 'the best of the new boring bits in CSS' including relative size units, viewport relative lengths, calculated values, and new pseudo classes.
Creating a Complete HTML5 Drag and Drop File Uploader with jQuery
The Evolution Of Chrome Packaged Apps Chrome's packaged application platform will help apps break out of the browser, work offline by default, and have richer, more immersive experiences. Google presents an update of progress and unveils added support in developer builds of Chrome.
WebRTC Is Almost Here, And It Will Change The Web Arend Naylor of gives a quick, high level explanation of WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) and some examples of how it will enrich the Web.
How I Built A WebGL Canvas Visualization With No Graphics Knowledge Nothing deep but Ian Webster provides some handy links if you're in the same boat.
Remote Debugging on Firefox for Android Firefox's new debugger lets you connect Firefox Desktop to Firefox on Android so that you can use your roomy desktop monitor to troubleshoot code running on your mobile device.
Developer Survey Results: Libraries and Cross-Browser Usage On Mobile? Mozilla surveyed 590 developers on what platforms they're targeting, what visual editors they use, and whether or not they target Webkit browsers only on mobile.
HTML5 Rubik's Cube Tutorial Learn how to build a Rubik's Cube using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, with interactive examples along the way.
Code and Libraries
Sketch.js: Simple Canvas-based Drawing for jQuery An easy-to-use jQuery plugin that allows you to create canvases upon which visitors can draw.
Glazing Ribbon Screensaver Effect with HTML5 Canvas Randomly moving invisible particles connected with colored lines produces a cool effect. View the code or play a walkthrough of its development.
How to Target Android Devices with CSS Media Queries
DownloadBuilder.js: Concatenated Single File Builds Using HTML5 Filesystem API A JavaScript library that uses the HTML5 Filesystem API to create concatenated single file custom builds for front-end projects.
Interactive Canvas-Based 'Text Banner' Effect
Rails / NodeJS Engineer at Chute (San Francisco, CA) We're looking for a badass full-stack engineer to join our growing engineering team. We have a fast-paced, fun team and a highly collaborative culture. You're versed in all things Ruby, Rails and Node. You relish solving problems at scale.
HTML5 Opportunities with Amazon (London, UK) Amazon Development Centre London is hiring a large number of HTML5 and JavaScript developers. All levels of experience needed.
Post a job in a future issue of HTML5 Weekly here
The Small Arms Trade Visualized with WebGL An attractive interactive visualization of the world's small arms and ammunition trade.
Scirra's 'Rain Demo' Game with Falling Rain Effect using WebGL
MacBook Pro Rendered on a Single HTML Element using Delightful CSS3 Shenanigans
Last but not least..
The Evolution of CSS Layout: From the 1990s to the Future An interesting walkthrough of some Web design and CSS history, in both written and screencast formats.
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