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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 5
September 21, 2011
News and Latest Developments
Acid3 Test Tweaked: Firefox Now Scores 100%
The famed 'Acid3 test' built by the Web Standards Project and commonly used to measure browser adherence to standards like CSS and the DOM has been tweaked to meet modern expectations. Firefox now gets a score of 100 (as do most other browsers). Time for Acid4? :-)
Forget Apps, Carbyn Has Built A HTML5 OS TechCrunch's MG Siegler takes a look at Carbyn, an HTML5-based 'operating system.' To me, it's a bit of a stretch to call it an OS, but I'll let that argument rattle on in the comments section..
W3C Conference 2011: November 15-16, 2011 in Seattle
W3C, the web standards organization, is holding its first conference. If you're a developer or designer wanting to hear the latest news on HTML5 and the open Web platform, save the date. It'll be live streamed online too.
Twitter's 'Bootstrap' CSS and HTML Boilerplate Updated to v1.3
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Articles and Tutorials
The CSS3 Flexible Box Layout Explained (In Depth) Over at the always excellent Smashing Magazine, Richard Shepherd looks at the W3C's Flexible Box (or 'flexbox') specification, a CSS box model optimized for interface design by providing flexible, self-scaling functionality to elements. This is seriously useful stuff.
The Internet Explorer 10 Developer Guide
The Internet Explorer 10 Guide for Developers (from Microsoft itself) gives an early look at the dev features coming in the next version of IE, as well as the latest HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 features available to developers of Metro apps for Windows 8.
Touch Input for IE10 and Metro style Apps
Box2D, Web Workers and Better Performance Seth Ladd of Google digs into how to check out and profile performance aspects of Chrome's rendering while improving a Box2D physics simulation. It turns out Chrome has a GPU profiling system built in which you can access.
What Came Before WebSockets? Phil over at Pusher quickly runs through 9 different technologies and approaches that were used for Web page interactivity and page/server communications before WebSockets came along.
How to Build A Slick HTML5 and CSS3 Powered Login Form Red Team Design demonstrate a way to create a slick HTML5 and CSS3 powered login form. It's pretty simple but the code's all explained and it even gracefully degrades.
A Farewell to CSS3 Gradients
Alex Walker loves CSS3 but doesn't like its gradients system. He demonstrates how to use SVG to create gradients instead and the benefits SVG will give you (like lighting effects and dynamic radial gradients).
Best Practices for Web GL Buffers and Typed Arrays
Code and Libraries
Mercury: A Fully Featured HTML5 Editor in the Browser Mercury is a full-featured HTML5 editor aimed at content editing use in the browser (for client use with your webapps, say). You can use it independent of any framework but there is a Rails Engine version too.
Smoother Fonts with Windows ClearType using CSS3's text-shadow
Thanks to how Windows' ClearType rendering works, users have had to suffer rough Web font rendering in certain situations for a while, but this demo shows off a CSS3 technique using text-shadow to smooth off the rough edges.
cwebgl: A WebGL Stack in JavaScript + Canvas cwebgl implements a WebGL stack using pure JavaScript and a Canvas element. This allows apps to support browsers that implement Canvas but do not implement WebGL (IE 9) or client machines that do not have sufficient graphic drivers.
MelonJS: A Lightweight HTML5 Game Engine MelonJS is a game engine specifically focused at tiled map-type games. If your game is tile based, MelonJS provides layer and tile-type abstractions out of the box.
Browser Hash: HTML5 and WebWorker Powered Hashing Browser Hash quickly calculates file digests (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256) in your browser from files you drag on to the page (without uploading them). Source code is available.
Recursion Toy (an interesting graphical effect)
A WebGL 2D Ink Droplet Demo
Migrations Map: An HTML5-based World Map of Human Migration
Last but not least.. (the fun items)
HTML for Babies (It's real!)
Squarely in the 'fun item of the week' category is HTML for Babies published by Code Babies. It bills itself as 'the first web design code book for babies.' If you want to start them young..
The Web Standards Hoedown - A Song about HTML5 From the 'what were they thinking' department comes the entertaining Web Standards Hoedown, an HTML5 themed country song performed at the Opera Developer Relations Team annual meetup.
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