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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 49
August 8, 2012
News and Headlines
The Graphical Web 2012; September 11-14; Zurich, Switzerland
A conference for discussing what is aesthetically possible on the Web. An incredibly diverse range of talks and workshops are on offer covering WebGL visualizations through to satellite image manipulation, charting, D3, and SVG maps.
HTML5-Centric Artillery Raises $2.5M to Make the Browser the Console TechCrunch reports on a new startup called Artillery who've raised money to solve the problem "that real games don’t exist in the web browser." Seems like early days but interesting to see more movements in the HTML5 gamedev tools world.
Microsoft Commits to WebRTC - Just Not Google's Version
From Our Sponsor
Five Things You Didn't Know The Web Could Do In a feature for .net Magazine, Google's Eric Bidelman shows off some clever browser functionality made available through JavaScript, new HTML5 specs and other APIs. Much to enjoy.
Status Update on the 'Picture' Element in HTML5 The 'picture' element is tentatively slated for inclusion under the HTML5 umbrella and Mathew Marquis of the W3C says he's about to begin work on a formal specification of it with members of the HTMLWG.
Jumping the Hurdles with the Gamepad API The Gamepad API defines a low-level interface that represents gamepad devices. Currently it works in Chrome 21 and Firefox support is on the way. Marcin Wichary demonstrates how it works and how to use it.
Forrester Report Urges HTML5 Adoption, Says Most Browsers Can Support It
Magazine-like Layout for the Web with CSS Regions and Exclusions Adobe's Christian Cantrell shows off CSS Regions and CSS Exclusions, attempts by Adobe to spearhead the effort to bring the power of desktop publishing to modern browsers.
Support for CSS @supports in Firefox Nightly '@supports' comes from CSS Conditional Rules Module Level 3 and lets you condition CSS rules based on whether particular property declarations are supported or not. It's coming to Opera soon too.
Getting HTML5 Ready: CORS Adobe's Brian Rinaldi looks at HTML5's support for CORS (cross-origin resource sharing), functionality that allows safe cross-domain requests in the browser.
Quick FAQs on input[type=date] in Google Chrome Chrome engineer Kent Tamura answers questions about Chrome's new date picker control (available on INPUT elements with type='date').
Combining HTML Hypermedia APIs and Adaptive Web Design
HTML5 Multimedia Troubleshooting Ian Devlin, author of 'HTML5 Multimedia: Develop and Design', rounds up some gotchas you may encounter when working with HTML5 audio and video.
CSS's 'transparent' May Not Be Transparent, Especially On Diagonal Borders
Adobe: Introducing CSS blending
CSSComb: Tool for Sorting CSS Properties in Specific Order Available online or as add-on for Sublime Text 2, Textmate, Vim, and others.
PixelPlant: An Online SWF to HTML5 Conversion Service
Code and Libraries
Piecon: Pie Charts in your Favicons
A small JavaScript library that can dynamically generate pie charts within your page's favicon. The demo is pretty striking in Chrome, at least. Please use this if your page does something that takes a while, like page uploads!
MetaQuery: Declarative Responsive Web Design Syntax Using META Tag Allows you to define your responsive design's 'breakpoints' (the viewport sizes your design changes at) in 'meta' tags. You can then lean on these in your CSS.
Holmes: Highlight Potentially Bad HTML5 with a Diagnostic CSS Stylesheet Holmes is stand-alone diagnostic CSS stylesheet that can highlight potentially invalid or erroneous HTML(5) markup. It surrounds errors with red outlines, warnings with yellow, and deprecations with grey. Clever idea.
HTML5 Opportunities with Amazon (London, UK) Amazon Development Centre London is hiring a large number of HTML5 and JavaScript developers. All levels of experience needed.
Senior Web Developer at eBay Israel Social Center (Tel Aviv, Israel) At the ISC we look for expert developers who are passionate about the web, love open-source and are excited about code. Join us in building beautiful, high performance social Web applications using Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, RoR, SCSS and HAML.
Post a job in a future issue of JavaScript Weekly here
HTML5 Port of SuperTux A Canvas-based port of SuperTux, a GPL-licensed Mario style platformer from the open source world.
Radar: An Audio-Visual HTML Experiment If you like little music / synth experiments, Radar will be right up your street. Lay down dots, choose scales, and enjoy the flow.
Accessible, Unobtrusive 'Slider/HTML5 Range Polyfill' Demo
Meny: CSS 3D Fold-in Menu Concept
Last but not least..
Where The Term 'Polyfill' Came From Remy Sharp shares some insights into the origin of the term 'polyfill' for describing things that can patch over functionality gaps in Web browsers and how they differ from 'shims.'
Curated by Peter Cooper and published by Cooper Press.
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