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HTML 5 - Please enable images? :-) Weekly Issue 48
August 1, 2012
Welcome to issue 48 of HTML5 Weekly. Our sponsor this week is giving away a free HTML5 themed t-shirt so check that out. I've been using their monitoring service for a few years now so it's great to have them on board. And, as always, it's great to have you on board too! :-) - Peter.
News and Headlines
Safari 6 Released
Apple's flagship browser gets a unified search/URL field, synced tabs, full ECMAScript 5.1 support, the Web Audio API, and SVG filters. Notably, Safari 6 is not available for Windows users, unlike earlier releases.
Google Wants WebM, Not H.264, for HTML5 Video Chat ZDNet reports that Google wants its WebM/VP8 to be a mandatory standard for real time communications on the Web and has recommended against the use of H.264.
Chrome 21 Released to Stable Channel Introduces getUserMedia API action for everybody, along with support for the new Mac Retina screens and extended Gamepad API support.
Lea Verou Joins the W3C! Great news. I think Lea could help kick the W3C even more into touch.
From Our Sponsor
New Relic Loves Developers
New Relic is on a mission to create app management that ANY organization with a business-critical web app can use. We think EVERY developer will benefit from a New Relic account. We’ve worked VERY hard to make our product an experience that developers fall in love with the moment they start using it.

We want you to have one of our shirts when you deploy New Relic. So go deploy us now and get your free shirt.
'HTML Canvas Deep Dive' E-book Released as Open Source Josh Marinacci has released his HTML5 Canvas tutorial e-book for free, including the source used to build it.
Using IndexedDB API Today - The IndexedDB Polyfills The IndexedDB API has matured into a stable spec but it's still not supported in all browsers, making it hard to use in production. This post covers some polyfills for getting it to work more broadly.
Why HTML5 Will Revolutionize Web Applications Amir Salihefendic has recently switched 350,000 users of the Todoist service over to using a new, rich HTML5-based UI. In this post, he shares his thoughts on what HTML5 offers to webapp developers.
Re-Introducing Canvas Nothing advanced but a gentle 'reintroduction' to the Canvas element by Christian Heilmann guest posting over at the Facebook HTML5 blog.
Emulating PhoneGap/Cordova Apps in the Desktop Browser
Make Your Web Pages More Legible With CSS3 Ligatures and Kerning Pairs
3D Flipping Circle with CSS3 and jQuery Circle with a handle that flips opens with a realistic 3D effect once its 'handle' is clicked.
HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners From Microsoft's Channel 9, over the course of 21 episodes Bob Tabor teaches the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3. Well recorded and free.
Zeno ­Rocha: Introducing Canvas, SVG and WebGL Well recorded presentation from JSConf Argentina about using graphic-oriented browser technologies like Canvas, SVG and WebGL to create next generation visualizations, browser games, and more.
FoxIE: Web Standards Video Training Series from Microsoft Mozilla's Chris Heilmann and Microsoft's Rey Bango joined up to shoot a series of videos about Web standards, graceful degradation, and more. Yet more goodies from Channel 9.
The CSS3 Test Put your browser through its paces and see how well it recognizes everything in the CSS3 spec. My beta version of Chrome comes in at a sad 60% but Firefox and Safari are further behind.
SCSS Toolkit: Personal Starter Toolkit for Sass/SCSS and Compass Projects
Dark Flow: Free Windows IDE for Building HTML5 Games Without Coding
ASCII Street View: Real-Time ASCII Art Version of Google Maps
Cleverly uses WebGL and Google's own photography as textures to render an ASCII art equivalent of Google Maps' Street View. Requires a browser that supports Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) to load the textures from Google. Chrome and Firefox are fine.
Space Invaders: Swat'em and Headbutt'em! An HTML5 space invaders game that you interact with using your webcam. Hold still and then attempt to swipe the red invader with your hand. Leans on the WebRTC getUserMedia API.
HTML5 Webcam Toy: Uploads Snapshots to Facebook and Twitter A simple yet slick webapp that uses the WebRTC getUserMedia API to take pictures of you. It can then upload them to your Twitter or Facebook profiles.
Fluid Simulation with Particles: A WebGL Shader Demo
Spelunky HTML5 Slick port of a game created in GameMaker to HTML5 using GameMaker HTML5. Only downside, no sound, but the game is fun to play.
Coverink: Canvas-Rendered Rich Text Editor Proof of Concept
HTML5 Game Developer Massively Fun is a small Seattle-based social gaming company looking for a developer to join their engineering team. Previous startup experience and a GitHub account to show off are required.
Skilled Frontend / JavaScript Engineer (Bay Area / Remote OK) Yap.TV is a well-funded startup that is defining Social/Interactive TV. Be our frontend engineer and build beautiful, high performance Web applications using Sencha Touch, Ext JS, CoffeeScript, AngularJS, Sass.
Place a job listing in HTML5 Weekly
Last but not least..
Turbulenz WebGL Engine Proves Quake 4 Is Possible in A Browser Turbulenz is a company that focuses on building social HTML5 games and they've strapped Quake 4's graphical assets onto their new WebGL based 3D engine to impressive effect. Includes a video demo plus a presentation about the engine itself.
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